Healing with St. Raphael the Archangel


Ask St. Raphael to surround you with his healing emerald Green light anytime you wish to ask for it by saying, 

“St. Raphael, please surround me with your soothing and healing green emerald light.” 

You will notice a shift in frequency, an uplifting shift in peace. For his light is very soothing indeed. St. Raphael will help many at a  time, so you needn’t worry about burdening him. St. Raphael is happy to help all who call on him, anytime you call on him. St. Raphael is a healing Archangel, one who is very gifted at healing. He can heal from the physical, mental or emotional level and St. Raphael says all you need to do is ask. 

Asking in St. Raphael is heard the moment you intend it. All you need to do is think of this Archangel’s name and he can hear you. This can include healing angry feelings of resentment, or if something has become physical, like an emotion which has triggered a physical occurrence, or soothing that has manifested itself into the physical. There are no judgments. St. Raphael can be with everyone  who asks, and knows why you are asking. If there is sadness, or if you know someone who is in need of healing, send them love, ask in prayer for their healing and also ask St. Raphael if he will ask them on a soul level for a Divine healing. This can even include old emotional scars of the past and lift this up to this Archangel for healing. The moment you ask is the moment healing has begun. St. Raphael will work  with you day and night as long as needed- 24/7 even if you like. Healing is what St. Raphael does best, but is not limited to healing. St. Raphael can also help you and your family overcome trials, he heals animals and pets, and even from other lifetimes.

St. Raphael says that every healing is like a revealing of God’s Truth within you and knows why you are asking. Love is what heals in all cases. Loving words, thoughts towards yourself and others will help. Other times St. Raphael will guide you to take action, such as seeing a physician or any other action step that St. Raphael sees would help. Trusting in your Heavenly Guidance will help any situation from a Heavenly level and with the assistance of the Archangels and angels who love you and want to give you a helping hand. St. Raphael is always happy you asked.

Ask now if you wish, and notice the uplifting feeling of peace just by inviting this Archangel to sped time with you. This feeling of peace will be in your heart chakra and St. Raphael will help you lift now in his healing light. Just by intending, St. Raphael will be lifting you now as you read this and will stay with you as long as you wish or is needed. Thank this Archangel when complete, and know that all things can be healed. “For with God, All things are possible.” Healing is God’s Will. Lift all up in prayer, and release any worry to God about healing. God is happy to help in all healing. For you are blessed indeed and this is a question worth asking! Healing is what Heaven would like to assist with, so you need not worry about not being worthy or feeling guilty for asking. All healing comes from God. 

And so it is, beloved, amen, amen amen. 

A Channeled Message with St. Raphael and the Healing Angels and the Angel Team 

Healing From a Grief Cycle



Ask in the angels for any healing. Grief can be felt without knowing it. This can even be through loss of a job, a loving relationship, a friendship, and through the passing of a loved one. Help is given anytime you ask of us dear one. Know that we are with you throughout this time and always. St. Raphael the Archangel and Archangel  Azrael help heal all grief cycles and can help your loved ones also. Grief is normal for anyone to feel when something in your life had changed. This can even be from moving cities, or homes or neighborhoods. When dealing with grief, ask the angels to help you heal. Ask and it is given instantly. The loss of a loved one in physical form can be difficult to cope with, especially if there was love shared between you. This love is eternal and can never be broken. It is beautiful to see two souls love each other. Loving yourself is important.  It is hard not to reminisce about old times that were happy. Healing comes from knowing your loved one still lives in Heaven. Blessed are you and them for loving each other now and always eternally!

God understands your heart and hears you. God loves you and wants to help heal your heart  Lift up in prayer to God all matters, knowing that God loves you and knows how you feel. It is hard when a loved one passes, to say goodbye , even if temporary. God understands . God heals all hearts and mends every heartbreak. If in a relationship that is broken , ask God for his assistance. St. Raphael is a healing Archangel who loves to help any circumstance and is with all who ask of him always. Archangel Azrael helps heal from grief of any kind ,even if over a job loss. This is a question worth asking when you ask Heaven to help you heal. To ask , you need only intend it , or wrote a letter , or think to the angels,

” Dear angels , thank you for helping me heal.”

You can ask for St. Raphael, or Archangel Azrael or a healing team of angels (or all 3!) who love you. God is the mender of all hearts, and wants your heart to heal.

Know that of a loved one has passed, they are safe in Heaven  and are loving you ! They are with the angels and love you; praising God’s name for His Glory.

“Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for blessing me with [name the person or circumstance]. Thank you for loving me Lord, may you help my heart to mend and may you help my family too. We give thanks for our blessings and for this time. Even though it is hard, I know that with your love and help , I will heal. Thank you God Almighty for Your love and for your Divine Healing Nature within my heart and that of my family. In Jesus ‘Name. Amen .”

The Angels with St. Raphael , Archangel Azrael  and the Angel Team

Heavenly Message from St. Gabriel and The Angels on “Transitions to Heaven”

St. Gabriel 2

All are on a spiritual journey. These times, you can see the grief of some posted on social media, the newspaper, the news media. St. Gabriel is helping us to understand how we can ask for spiritual assistance when we have a loved one who has passed over to Heaven. 

“All are at peace I assure you. Blessed are they who transition to Heaven. I assure you all will be loved unconditionally now and always. For they always were and so are you now. Ask the angels to surround you, your loved one and your home. They can see your heart when you pray to the Heavenly Father. They help you when you are unaware. They can help in the Heavenly Realms with the angels. If you would like to communicate with them,  ask the angels to help you send a message if you like. I promise your loved one will receive it. You can write to them in a letter- they can see your intention. Sometimes it is best to understand that saying goodbye does hurt emotionally at times, but try to remember that we are all with you at all times. You are never alone and you never will be. God loves you very much and will always be there to help you. Your loved ones are in Heaven, without a body, but are very much alive with the Heavenly Father on a plane of existence just above you- with the angels. They are learning in Heaven now- still on a spiritual journey- but in this way, can learn at a peaceful existence. The spirit self is high vibrational. It is the spirit that is eternal and lives on eternally. They are well! And so- we are here to help you lift any sadness you may be experiencing from this physical incarnation you have spent with your loved one. Focus on your heart and remember the love that was shared. if even only a brief moment in time- if even only a glimpse- but I am sure there was many times you remember. Your loved one has kept all of the love with them and will bring that with them always. You and your loved one have lifted the planet with your love- with your laughter and there is more to come beloved. Just because they are in Heaven now does not mean you cannot live still and love and laugh while you are here. They will honor your wishes if you do not wish them close- for we know that a spirit can seem scary in your house. But if you are willing, your loved one will visit you in your dreams, in your life, and will be a guardian angel to you and your loved ones if guided to do so. The angels will help you heal your heart now and always for everything you ask. Even if to say goodbye to your loved one temporarily in the physical-which is not easy. Your loved one does still exist in the spiritual realms in Heaven and is praying for you  to be well. To feel peace, to feel love and laughter again. To share in many more memories to come. They will share your love still in Heaven and they will share their own. Each one will always wish you peace from Heaven. Every spirit and angel will always wish you peace from Heaven. We are with you and we love you . We the angels realm lift your heart to a higher state of love. A higher loving realm – this is Heavenly Help and we will help you in this way every time you ask us.  Ask the angels to guide you  if you feel lonely- you are never alone. Ask the angels to help you heal any circumstances if there were arguments. We understand human nature and so does your loved one who forgives you and themselves. Ask the angels to help you uplift your heart if needed. If things seem heavy or sad, know that we will help you each time it is asked of us.  God is sovereign and will always help you when things feel low, sad or heavy. You are not alone. You never were. For you were always loved and you always will be. Let the past go if needed and allow the  Archangels to help you heal from any past circumstances surrounding the passing of your loved one. Just ask St. Michael  and St. Raphael for assistance in healing your heart- in any circumstance. For you are blessed. Have faith and know your loved one is in Heaven, praising God in the Heavenly Realms. And so it is, beloved, we lift you now, uplifting your heart and helping you heal from your loved one’s passing, from saying goodbye-from saying ” I will be with you soon…” For the love remains now and always.

Ask St. Michael to help you with your life purpose. For this is why you came and this is important. Allow yourself time to grieve and when you are ready–(you will know when) ask St. Michael to assist you in your life purpose. This can be easy if you allow Heaven to help you- even if it seems like you are alone. I promise , you are loved now and always. St. Michael will wait for you and wrap his angel wings around you and waits for you to ask beloved. For you are blessed.”

St. Michael, St. Gabriel and the Angel Team – 

Your Heart CAN Make a Difference

Guardian angel 3

Your heart has the Light of Christ. Everyone does. Even if it appears as if they do not. In fact, all are God’s children- man or woman, child or elderly. All have the Holy Spirit inside of their hearts. Therefore, choose to be aligned with the Spiritual Truth- which is God-given. Spiritual Truth is Wisdom, is Love, is Truth, It is a way to see- through the eyes of love. As how the Heavenly Father sees – with love and integrity. Your heart is One with God Almighty in Truth. Focusing on this Truth will help you always. The Holy Spirit has been sent to everyone and resides in your now- for you are blessed. Choose to remain  focused on the Most High, which consists of the Holy Trinity-God the Father, Christ His Son, and the Holy Spirit of God. Have Faith in them always. Trust God in all matters. All prayers are answered and your love can help others and is needed at this time. Trusting is important. Faith can move mountains and your love is healing to others. Others can feel your love, your heart, your sincerity. Be heartfelt and sincere in all matters , knowing the Holy Spirit is guiding you. You can trust this- the Holy Spirit guides you always and always will- for you are blessed beloved. You are God’s Masterpiece and are here to make a difference. 

Ask the angels to help you lift your heart to love, to a higher love of the angels everyday. This will help in everyday matters. Lifting away unwanted stressful emotions and replacing them with love and truth. Your Divine Truth is that you are already one with God, His Son Jesus and His Holy Spirit- who loves you. And so it is, we lift you now beloved. Ask St. Michael to help you lift anytime you could use one. He is happy to assist you with everyday matters and do not  feel like you are taking him away from more important matters. The angels are unlimited and be with everyone at the same time.  We love you and so it is, amen, amen, amen.

The Angel Team

 Love is Healing 

Guardian angel 3

Spiritual Healing is a little like emotional healing, but spiritual healing happens on a soul level, in addition to helping the emotions or mental body uplift. Love is always the answer in healing. Loving yourself, loving a loved one, forgiveness where needed, all can lift the spirit. The angels encourage forgiveness, for forgiveness is an act of love. It is with God’s mercy that all have been forgiven, and this is why Jesus has spoken these words ” Forgive one another as the Heaven Father forgives you”- for with mercy, there is love. With gratitude, there is love. Love spoken expands. Truth spoken expands. Love in truth, is all there is, and peace is knowing this. When the angels assist with a spiritual healing, St. Michael will sever cords of discord- replacing it with the pure loving loving light of God, because love is what heals. Divine love is different, in the sense that Divine Love is holy and perfect- and loves you more than you know. The Holy Spirit will help you love like no other. Jesus is the Holy Living Word, who sent the Holy Spirit  when he went to Heaven. He asked God to send the Holy Spirit to everyone- who helps us understand the love the Father has for us. In that , there is healing. Where there is Love, Holy Love- there is no suffering  there is no pain.

Feel this love now- allow yourself to sit in a relaxed position, asking God to send His love to your heart. Open your heart to Him as you ask and ask God to love you. This is something that is normal and God does every day. Ask Him to fill the areas that need forgiveness with His Love, the areas in your heart that need to forgive others, the areas in your mind that need to love yourself. Ask God to help you love, unconditionally- as He loves you- as the Father loves the Son- so also  He loves you. That is Truth and this will expand in your heart, and glow brighter this day. Every time you read this , you can ask God again and again to help you love. I promise you, God within your heart will respond with a resounding yes! God is omnipresent and is in your heart daily- and is within the heart of others. Love Is what heals , love is what magnifies love, love is all there is. You can ask God now for His love, now and always. And so it is beloved- we thank you for allowing us to lift you- and so it is , amen amen , amen 

The Healing Angels with the Angel Team 

Spiritual Healing with the Angels 


Spiritual Healing is uplifting, and can be enjoyed by everyone who asks the angels to assist them. Spiritual healing with the angels can vary with intention . In truth, the spirit is one with the Highest, with God Almighty and is perfect- however, simply asking the angels to remove any negativity from your body or aura can help us uplift to our natural state of joy, love and peace. This simple technique can be described as angel healing- which is also noticeably spiritually uplifting.  In Angel Healing, the angels do all of the work, they are unlimited in their ways of assisting. “All you need to do is ask” they angels say. They are happy to help. Angel healing isn’t always about removing negativity- it’s also about healing emotional scars, mending old wounds, severing adverse cords-the angels are unlimited in what they can heal.

We are not limited by time and space and can be with everyone  simultaneously. We are happy to help anytime you ask, in any given situation. Just intend for us to be with you- you can either think to yourself ‘angels! please be with me here in my home  [or anywhere you ask- ie office, family’s home, nature settings etc] – please surround me and infuse your energy with mine. Please help me with [describe situation] and help my loved ones also with [describe situation] (the angels cannot interfere with free will, but they can ask your loved one on a soul level if they can intervene celestially. The answer is usually yes!) Then thank your angels for their assistance and the angels will help you and your loved ones on a Heavenly level- which is always loving and peaceful. Then know your situation is being helped, guided, and assisted by the angel team who loves you. The angels wish you peaceful outcomes always, and always love to see you peaceful and happy. Your loved one, and you, deserve happiness, which is God-given. If it is helpful, ask for a multitude of angels to surround you. We are happy to do so!  Just ask! That’s all we ask, is for you to be willing to receive angel help. We are happy to do so! And so it is beloved. We bless you, we surround you, we love you and shield you from internal and external distractions. We infuse you now with angel light and love and lift you high. Just breath as we lift you into love and love is highest in vibration and frequency. Feel this now as we cleanse your aura – your auric field which is also known as your light body. This cleansing will continue until it is complete. St. Michael will help lift any debris you may have absorbed through your own emotions and thoughts or that of others. He will then replace it with Diamond brilliant light- the pure loving light of God, and guide you with any action steps you may need to take. Pray often as we pray with you! Give thanks to St. Michael, thanks to your angels who love you- and so it is…amen, amen, amen! 

The Angel Team with St. Michael and the Healing Angels 

Keep The Faith – with an ‘Angel Light Exercise’ with St. Michael and the ‘Angeles’

St. Michael

God is working with you in your life. He is working behind the scenes in Heaven with you now. He is always available to call upon, always lending an ear to those who are heartbroken, sincere, just, faith-filled- you are His child. He sees you with love and asks you to remain faithful to Him. Remain in faith when you ask in prayer for something. He has heard you from a high post. The Most High post in Heaven. He sees you with compassion always. He understands your needs and will help you now, at this time, without hesitancy, and always. He hears your heart, the rhythm, the sound, the intention, the desire, the longing, the understanding, the consciousness, the love- the way you pray was taught to you by Godsends, for He Heard you when you asked ,” How should I pray?” He loves you and your family very much and is helping them too ! Lift up your prayers with sincerity , love, and complete faith, knowing that God is the One you serve, who hears you and is close to you as He always has been. Lift high your prayers always to the One who is with you, God Almighty, maker of Heaven and Earth.

Greetings , we angels will help you lift – for we are here with St. Michael who will help you lift up your prayers, who will pray with you. Do not let your heart be troubled, ask in faith for what you are thinking, are hoping for. What your heart truly desires is oneness with the Most High in all circumstance. This is already done beloved. For you are already One with God. He has never left you, and never will. You are His beloved child and you are created with His understanding and love; Unconditional Love. Take a few breaths now and intend to just open your heart , open your heart to God; say to yourself, ” I am one with the Highest”  and ” I am one with the Highest Possible Outcome.” Pray first before all endeavors and we will help you open your hearts and lift up your prayer. Ask God in sincerity and faith for what it is you are asking Him for- For help with your loved ones? Health? Abundance? Physical Needs? Understanding? Lift them all up, if needed, then ask ‘How can I serve?” – “How can I serve you?” “How can I serve others with what you have blessed me with?” Give thanks Beloved, for you are blessed. To you much is given and to others, much will be also. Trust in God, in His Hands, In His Works. Trust in the Most High, and His Son, Jesus Christ who loves you. We angels will help you lift these prayers to Heaven, deliver them to God, and send you guidance if needed. We angels love you and so it is.

Allow you heart to open , as we lift you, we angels with St. Michael and the ‘Angeles’ surround you now, surround your heart, your loved ones and your home. The angels , Archangels are here to protect you, to open your heart and mind to the Oneness of the Love of God. Sit back in a conformable and relaxed position. Take a few relaxing deep breaths and listen for any guidance you receive. This will come in the form of insight, inner knowing, clear hearing, and audible voice, an idea in the form of an epiphany, a thought, a knowing, visions, a feeling- a loving feeling especially – that is how you know the angels are with you. The angels will always wish you peace, and never want you to feel anything other than love and peace. Your guardian angels are here with you also. They love you and always will. They are here to help you with your calling, your invitation, your guidance, your life purpose, higher understanding, wisdom, intellect, ideas, thoughts. They will even be with you in your dreams. When you are alone, there are many with you- for you are never alone. God loves you and so does the ‘Angeles’ who are sent here to love you. This is sent to you for a knowing to trust when you are feeling doubt, or in any circumstance of the ego. Trust in us now . The angels open your heart to love, feel God’s warm embrace as we open your heart further. He is with you, loving you every step of the way, and will always be there. and so it is beloved. We bless you  in this moment, we will lift your heart anytime you ask. Lift up your heart when you pray, knowing that God’s love is always available to you. Now and always. and so it is amen, amen, amen. 

The Angeles with St. Michael and the Angel Team

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