Lift Into Greater Love- with Archangel Chamuel and a guided meditation with the “Angeles”

Archangel Chamuel

Greetings ! This is Archangel Chamuel. I bring good tidings from Heaven! Your spirit is bright young ones! I say young as you are still learning in spiritual harmony. We angels love to lift your spirit and we shall uplift yours now as you read this ! There are many angels in the universe, and in Heaven, who serve the Most High God the Father as you have spoken His name. We angels do not wish to step on any toes with love, for love comes in many forms. We angels just wish to help you in ‘love’-for ‘in love’ you shall be if you follow this universal law. Just sit back and relax and allow us to work on your light body, cleansing it off, and helping you to be cleansed. We angels love to help you in all matters, for this we were created, is to help with earth, man, and to serve God Himself. “Love one another” is the universal law, forgive one another is another universal thought we would like to impart to you. Love is everything. It, (love itself), is created with love. It is the universal language in the universe, in Heaven and on Earth. Love is what we were created with. The angels wish to help you understand this very meaning. Love is what you were fashioned with. Love is how you will succeed in life here on the earth plane, and what you will return to when you come home in the next. Love is how we see you. Love is how we wish for you to understand to see each other. Love is helping you right now, lift higher into a relaxed state of being, it is how the Heavens were made, the Earth. The skies, the water, the mountains around you, the volcanoes. The Earth is fashioned with love and all of its inhabitants as well. We angels wish to impart on you your loving ways are noticed , both in Heaven and on Earth. Whatever you shall forgive, will be forgiven in Heaven. Whatever you shall love, will be uplifted within your presence. Love is what uplifts. Peace is the outcome. Peace is how you shall live when you listen to our words. Love is not an emotion, but a presence unto itself. Love is stronger than any human emotion. Love is stronger than the universe itself. Love is stronger than any human can possibly see with their human eyes. Love can help you fashion your life, co-create with God the Father who loves you unconditionally. No human can love like the Heavenly Father can. We angels lift you now, in harmony with us, with our light and our love , helping you to lift your hearts now and always.

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Manifesting your Dreams Into Reality

Archangel_Ariel 2

Archangel Ariel is here with St. Michael and the Powerful protection angels. You need not worry about anything”they say. “God has everything handled in His hands. He knows when you would like to create , He knows the dreams in your heart and knows how to make them happen. Give God your dreams. Dreams do come true . For you, for your neighbor; not just the people around you, but you too beloved. This includes your dreams and let this be a sign to you. Your dreams in you heart are placed there by God Himself. There you will see that your spiritual gifts will be used when you seek your dreams into reality. Know that God loves you and wants to help you , now and forever, with all matters. This can include more peace, more faith, dreams coming true. more compassion , more education etc. God sees the innocence and beauty you were born with, for He created you with His own hands. You were fashioned before the world was created dear one. Ask God now:”

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Your  Loved Ones in Heaven Are at Peace

mother mary and rainbow

Do you have loved ones in Heaven? Do not be afraid, for they are well! They are helping you on an Angelic realm in Heaven. Most family members, soul mates , twin flames, offer to stay and help their beloveds on Earth. For good reason! They love God and want every one to be happy. In fact all souls in Heaven would always wish you peace on Earth. There is not one who would wish you different. Not one ! If you had a mishap before your loved one passed, it is forgiven dear one, do not blame yourself any longer. Let go of any guilt of not saying goodbye, or not being there as often as you could have. For this is suffering unnecessarily. No one wants you to suffer, no one wants you to unnecessarily grieve (in this way). Prayers are offered daily for the departed and they are blessed for they were offered with love, however, the ones that need prayer the most are the ones who are on Earth~ where there is suffering and pain. All are seen with God’s compassion and mercy. Do not choose suffering for yourself dear ones. Choose love always , even for yourself. For you cannot uplift others if you are unhappy inside. Inside of your heart lives the Light of the Lord  and the Holy Spirit. For you are blessed indeed ! God has sent His Holy Spirit to be with you, always , to guide you through your life path.

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Global Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness


For this message, the stars are included, they support cosmic consciousness as well as global peace. The Angels work with the universe as well as the earth, which is not separate, and want to explain how simple it is to affect the whole simply through thought. Higher Awareness is attainable, through insight, and you need only ask. Yvette had asked us the question: “What is the difference between global and cosmic consciousness? “

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The Goodness of God with a Meditation from the Angels of Abundance


God’s Goodness is not limited. God loves a cheerful heart, and He loves those who offer abundance, whether large or small. There is much to be shared~ for abundance is not withheld. Abundance can help multitudes! God knows what you need before you ask Him, he has supplied everyone abundantly and asks for us to be cheerful , be peaceful, be loving. For we all all heirs through Jesus. Jesus came so we can have life more abundantly. Abundance is not wrong, but is how God Creates. Love one another, and seek God with a sincere heart, in faith, knowing that God loves those who seek Him in Truth. In thanksgiving , offer thanks to God for all of His blessings, for He blesses abundantly, for generations, for family, for peace. Serve Him by using compassion, for those who use compassion will be rewarded, serve Him in gratitude, in alms giving and in love. Love is the highest gift, and unconditional love is what God loves. Forgiving one another as He forgives you. Loving one another as God loves you, for this is the way to serve and is blessed by the Most High. God loves honesty, sincerity, faith, love, peace, for He has created you in His Image, which is Love. Be bold in love, and serve Him in fortitude, for then you will create spiritual wealth, health of body,  clean bill of health, friends who are loving, spiritual family and favor from the Most High. Live as you would if there were Heaven on earth. As if it is so. Imagine yourself with Heaven on earth. With Peace surrounding you, eternal peace. Would we not all be praising? Praise the Highest , for He is Good and His Goodness is without measure. 

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Do Not Put Your Love on a Shelf- with a Guided Meditation for Staying Centered in Your Highest Self


One of my spiritual teachers always says we do our best spiritual growth in relationship; and the angels often say to not put your love on a shelf, meaning not to put your love on hold and to love with all of your heart in every moment. The angels encouraged me to research spiritual growth and I found a wonderful reference online to which referred to Jesus as the vine and without him we cannot bear fruit: I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. JOHN 15:5

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Do Not Let Your Heart Be Troubled… JOHN 14:1

Worry is a form of prayer, it’s just not a very good form of prayer.  One thing you can do to get out of the habit of worrying is to turn it into faith. If you feel yourself worrying about something, start thanking God for helping you with whatever is troubling you. “Thank you God in advance for helping me with  (_______) ” Jesus always reminds me not to let my heart be troubled. In fact his constant message of faith and compassion is throughout his gospels: Do not let your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in Me. JOHN 14:1 and also: Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. JOHN 14:27.  He means that ~ today, tomorrow and for all days to come. Continue reading “Do Not Let Your Heart Be Troubled… JOHN 14:1”

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