Ask In The Guardian Angels 


Greetings , this is the Guardian angels of God, we are here in great number. We are blessed to have been asked for this honor of love that we share with you today. We the guardian angel realm , assist ye in blessings daily. We are happy you are asking for a message of love and peace. We are happy to extend this to you. Our message to you is to lift up your heart to us now. Ask us in daily. Ask us in with the Archangels and know that we will all come every time you ask us. We are happy to bless you in this way. We are always with you dear beloved children of God and we are here to help you in all ways . Lift up your intentions to us also. We are happy to help you in every way we can, increasing your joy for we know that all would like to see you happiest. We can help with the Archangels and angels who are willing to assist you with your intentions. Every angel is willing to help, but some have unique and special gifts , that we use for this purpose: to serve you and to serve the kingdom of God, to increase peace and to help you in all ways. For instance, St. Raphael is a healing Archangel, while St. Michael is a protector Archangel. Your intentions will invoke the correct angels as we will see your intentions easily. You need only think your intentions to us and we will help accordingly in Heavenly ways. Lift up now, anything you would like to see us help with. You need only ask and we are happy to assist. Your own guardian angels are with you always and we are happy to help them and you in every way we can. For when the angels help, there is joy increased and we are happy to help you in this area of joy and love.

Angel Exercise of Light with St. Michael the Archangel and the Guardian Angels 

Allow your heart to open now to the Realm of the Angels and ask us to assist you in [you can name a specific intention here]. Breathe deeply and ask for St. Michael to be with you, as well as the angels who love you. Notice the feeling of peace that accompanies this action. Ask us to assist you in any instance, you can call on us anytime you feel you would like to ask for our help; feel the presence of Heaven, feel the presence of love, increase peace around you and your loved ones. The angels are unlimited and we are happy to assist. for you are blessed. And so it is beloved, we will spend time with you in your heart. Ask for guidance, ask for love, ask for anything you wish. Love is an important part of being human. Love is what you were created with and love  is what is eternal. Love is from the Heavenly Father and we will lift your heart. Lifting each cell around your heart., until your love overflows. allow us to shift your awareness to us, to the Realm of the Angels and you will notice the changes of peace this will bring daily. St. Michael will assist us now in opening your heart, and removing anything that feels heavy, negative or if you would simply like to feel the peace of the Angel Realm, then this is what will happen. State your intention and ask us in. We lift you and we bless you. We love you..and so  it is amen, amen, amen. 

St. Michael with the Guardian Angel Realm and the Angel Team

The Angeles and St. Michael the Archangel on St. Michael’s Sword of Light


St. Michael’s sword can help uplift when you are feeling low. His sword of light can help you shield from negativity if you feel you are in harm’s way. Allow St. Michael himself to guide his own sword, but you can ask for His presence to be with you at all times. This sword of light can shield all that is negative and help you lift your heart. Leave this up to St. Michael as to how he uses his sword of course, but you can ask for this Archangel to be with you. Silently think to yourself,

“St. Michael- will you please be with me now, shield me with your sword of light from harm, or anything negative or fear based. Cleanse me from anything not serving my highest and best good in all directions of time and space. Please use your sword of light to sever any cords that are not serving my highest and best good- shield me from further negativity and surround my loved ones also. Be with me and my family all of our days, and help uplift us to our natural state of joy , love , and peace. Thank you St. Michael for this assistance, this help and for being with us 24/7. ” 

St. Michael can help you lift anything that seems ‘heavy or low energy’ – even if it feel like “just energy” – it is important to ask for his assistance. After you have asked St. Michael to be with you, trust that he heard you, for all angels can hear your thoughts! You should feel uplifted, if needed, every time you ask. You can ask for St. Michael to clear with his sword , as often as needed. St. Michael’s sword of light is very powerful, and may only be needed every so often. Although a cleansing technique can also be asked for. In this way, St. Michael uses his spiritual vacuum to of light to suction away debris of negativity that you may have absorbed in your energy field. St. Michael is happy to do so, and waits for you to ask. All you need to do is ask, and your field will be cleansed each time you ask. Even if not needed, St. Michael will help you feel your natural state of joy, love and peace. This should be blissful, as your natural state is only love and peace. Your spirit is of love, and of light, and this should be known to all. Your spirit self is love, and joy and peace. Peace shall remain with you when you ask for your natural state. This is a very high vibration and can be felt by those that are sensitive to light. To Heaven, this is always. It is like bringing Heaven to your Earth Body-your holy instrument, which holds the Holy Spirit and your spirit self as one. Your holy instrument (your earth body) can absorb negativity as much as it shines. This can easily be cleansed by St. Michel who loves you. Your free will , will not be violated if you do not wish for St. Michael to help, but he is willing and wants you to ask for him to be with you 24/7. He is here to protect men, women, and children-even pets! He will protect your home, your belongings, and can also help you when you are stranded or alone, or afraid. St. Michael does not want his sword to be worshipped, or for anyone to praise him-for all praise goes directly to God himself. Instead , you can ask like you would a friend, and thank him for his assistance when you ask. He is a friend, is very friendly , loving and wants to help you.”Fear not !” Says St. Michael -“for Jesus has spoken these words and will also always be with you.” You are never alone and are always protected with the Most High, with St. Michael,  with His sword and with many countless angels who love you and want to help you. We are here with you now and always. We love you and so it is, Amen, Amen, Amen.   

The Angel Team with the ‘Angeles’ and St. Michael

Life Purpose – a Channeling with St. Michael and the Angels


Greetings beloved all! This is St. Michael the Archangel. I am here for a special message and am here to help you shift your awareness to your life purpose.  Your life purpose is a loving purpose beloved. Dear friend, your life purpose is why you came . It is God’s plan for you. At this time, there are many who are shifting into living this purpose. You are one of them beloved. You are on the right path. Ask yourself beloved this: Why do you question this life purpose? Is it because you are not aware that your life purpose is with you now even as you read this? Beloved, ask for me anytime in truth, but do ask for me if you are unsure of your purpose. I can guide you now if you like or when you are ready to the path of your holy purpose. Would you like to infuse your path with your love? Would you like to express yourself beloved through spiritual gifts? Through Love? Through Peace? Would you like to bless each other now? With your holy spiritual gifts and abilities that are God-given? Would your career benefit from this life purpose? Yes indeed! For this career as you have chosen may not be your life purpose if you are feeling like you do not belong where you are. And this is ok if this is what you are experiencing. You have a heart worth lifting and if you do not feel happy when you are at work, ask God for assistance in knowing what your life purpose is. Ask through the Holy Spirit to show you the way. This is a question worth asking! For when you decide to shift your career beloved, to serving your clients, co-workers and loved ones through your spiritual gifts and also through your love, there is always peace. These gifts are God-given ,  they are holy gifts you were given to love one another, to serve, to use as a vocation, for healing- to use beloved to help others and to encourage others to do the same for each other. A career firmly rooted in your life purpose , can be easy with God’s help, even if this requires schooling, a certificate, obtaining a license or certification- all can be easily obtained. You have a heart that is loving and it is through your heart that your life purpose comes to be. It is your heart in which God places His Spirit, your spiritual gifts, and your life purpose. A purpose is a plan – in this case beloved, we ask you to lift your heart to God, asking Him to guide your heart in knowing your life purpose, and what you came here to do. You are worth every moment of learning , of being yourself, of loving , of helping, of living through purpose. And so it is , amen amen, amen. 


A Channeled Message from the Archangels 


Blessed be God forever! Blessed to all who hear. This is the Archangels and we are here beloved to lift your heart now and help you grow on this day. Grow in peace, in love and in joy. Peaceful blessings are upon you beloved. We are here to help you shift your awareness to God Himself who loves you beloved. May peace be with you always, and may you remember that we are always here to help you with this. We say to you this beloved, ask for what you need from God . For God can see why you are coming to Him and knows who He is going to use. He knows the exact and precise moment beloved, of His answers, for they go before Him. He sends out His answers beloved and they return to Him tenfold. Shift your awareness then beloved, to the Highest. God is overseeing your life, your loved ones, your families. He has gifted these to you beloved- each family member, each friend are all gifts from God. Give thanks for those you love everyday. Give thanks to God beloved in every day, thanking Him eternally for all He has done. You are blessed, you are one with God’s Holy and Perfect Love and Peace, and you are wanted, you are cared for. You, beloved, are a sweet libation and may your words be made of love and honey. 

Let us give thanks to God always. 

Trust in your heart, and know that God does hear you. Know this beloved as Truth. Pray with faith and ask for God’s love now to help you make decisions, make choices. Pray with faith about your life, your future endeavors. Pray beloved to God and allow God to handle everything. 

Shift your focus now beloved to your heart. Here, we will help you focus on God’s Divine and Eternal Love. Ask for God to pour His love to you. Ask for God to help you in all ways. Shift your awareness to Heaven. We will give to you a Heavenly passageway, of Peace, of Love and of Joy. We will lift your heart to the vibration of love and joy and peace. We will help shift your heart beloved, anytime you wish. Ask the Archangels who love you the most to please help you shift your awareness to this Heavenly Passageway of Peace anytime you wish to feel peace beloved. Ask for us and we will be with you -in great number. We are always happy you asked. May the peace of God be with you. and so it is, amen, amen, amen. 

The Archangels 

World Peace & Inner Peace with Archangel Chamuel & the Angel Team- and an Angel Exercise of Light with the Guardian Angels and St. Michael the Archangel

Archangel Chamuel

Greetings! This is Archangel Chamuel. I am happy to offer a message on world peace. There is much suffering needlessly. Keep focused on the Highest possible outcome always. Keep focused on what it is you wish to obtain. Is it joy? Give away joy and joy is what you will receive. Is it love? Give away love and you will receive love . Is it peace? Be peaceful in your heart, act with gentleness, act with love, act with peace when you are angry with someone. Do not retaliate anger with more anger. Diffuse the situation with wisdom and love , holding the intention of positive outcome in any given situation. Granted, we are not saying to go find anger so you can practice this, on the contrary! We angels say you deserve to be around peaceful people, and know that you are one too ! You are always peaceful in your heart, for that is what we see, is your inner peace . The Light within you is more powerful than you know. Trust in God to help you attain inner peace. This is something you can pray for. Stay focused on God, His Son, Holy Spirit. It is through the Holy Spirit, and highest self  that you will understand the meaning of inner peace. For your heart is like an inner sanctuary, hosting the Holy Spirit of  God. You have God’s Light within you. Increase your awareness  of this by asking God to spend time with you. Setting time aside with God, talking with Him frequently. World peace is obtained first , through inner peace. Inner peace is easy. It is already within you now beloved. Peaceful outcome will ensue if you but only focus on peaceful outcome , now and always. Your thoughts of inner peace, and peaceful outcome will help increase peace around you and others will notice. Peace creates more peace. Love creates more love. Wisdom increases wisdom -all of which are easily obtained and inside you now.

Ask the Archangels to help you diffuse anger if it is presented to you. The angels know what to do. Even if you yourself feel angry, this is a normal emotion of humans. We the angels just ask you- do not act with anger. Ask us for assistance if you do not feel peace and we will help you! For world peace, ask God to help with His Holy Spirit. Ask for the Holy Spirit to help others feel His peace. Those that do not, surely will. It is of course up to God, on whom He sends His Spirit to and how, but leave that up to Him. Trust in the Mighty God for World Peace and inner peace. It all starts with you.

“Ask the angels now to surround you, to be with you now to help you feel peace, the peace of your natural state of being.  St. Michael and the guardian angels will surround you, helping you feel peaceful. St. Michael will help to release any unwanted stress, fatigue or any fear based emotion such as worry, anxiety or otherwise. This is what is called a “loving re-set” as has been referred to by Doreen Virtue. St. Michael and the angels know what to do. The guardian angels will hold you in their loving arms. St. Michael can also help you lift away any effects of fear, fear based thoughts or emotions you may be experiencing in your body.” Just breathe and ask them. “You need only be willing” The angels say, “Just breathe, be open to receive higher love, as St. Michael will replace what was unwanted ( not serving you) with diamond-brilliant white light, The pure Loving Light of God. Just relax and breathe and when you are ready- thank the angels for helping you. Do this as often as you wish ( you may find you will be asking less often once you are familiar with this angel exercise) , asking  your guardian angel team to surround you and help you feel peace. And so it is, amen, amen, amen.” 

Archangel Chamuel with the Guardian angels, St. Michael and the Angel Team

Almsgiving – A Channeled Message from the Angel Realm on Charitable Works 

Holy Spirit

Greetings beloved all- Almsgiving is with God’s favor. This is an act of charity, from you for another person. Charitable works are holy and favored with God and Jesus both. These works are acts of love for another, usually those in need. All are in  service to God and can involve charitable gifts of love or money, such as time spent with the elderly if their family is deceased. Loneliness can be helped by loving others around you.  Charitable donations of money to those that are asking for assistance for them or their families, whether food donation or money, can increase their peace for feeding their families. Loving each other increases peace for everyone. We the angels who love you are happy to help you in any act of service to God for one another- helping is what you came here to do. To help shift, to love one another , to increase peace on Earth. Heaven is here to help many who are asking for assistance in all ways. Allow us to guide your charitable contributions loved ones. Allow us to help you if you are the one asking for assistance.  We lift you beloved for asking, we lift you in love and cherish your willingness to ask for help from the angels. We the angels, who are with you always are always happy to help you whenever you ask us. We will help you shift your awareness to the Love of God, and know that all works of charitable acts of love are favored with the Lord. We will also help you shift your situation, beloved, to that of peace of needed. For those that are giving, we will guide you if you wish, for many are asking, and all will be helped by God Himself. Knowing that  God loves charity, be willing to help those around you this day. For if you feel guided in your heart to help someone, be willing to ask God to help you understand how you can be of service to this person or family. Charitable acts do include giving of your service, donations, love, time, peace, counsel, and acts of goodwill. We shift your awareness to the Love of God, the love that is healing, the Holy Love of the Most High. Ask God to please guide you beloved, ask for God’s help in all matters, even in almsgiving. Ask for God’s help and with all things. Ask for His Love to pour through you at this time, asking God for HIs love always. Lift up any concern if you are asking for help, for your family and loved ones too. Ask for the Peace of God to bless you and your family. We cherish your almsgiving beloved, you are blessed. And so it is, amen, amen, amen. 

Increasing the Love Within Your Heart – An Angel Exercise For All With the Cherubim

cherub angel

I wanted to ask the angels how we can increase the love within our hearts and the Cherubim also known as the “Romance Angels” would like to help each of us this message.

They said: 

“First be willing to let you heart be open. We are here with you beloved in great number. We the Cherubim are always available for you. We will help you increase the love within your hearts and help you open your hearts to greater love and harmony. If you are willing , we will now,  gently we say,  open your heart even brighter than it is now. First, ask for us to be with you, and notice the feeling of immediate peace as we surround you beloved. We will help you open your heart to God’s Love now. We will gently open your heart. This means, to help you understand, to open the heart to God. You are surrounded with many angels now. As we gently open the heart to God, we encourage you to sit silently and breathe. Close your eyes if you wish beloved, and imagine opening your heart to God. God loves you very much  and so do we.  We the Cherubim will help you now. Ask God for anything with sincerity. You are opening your heart to God’s Goodness and His Love for you, and this is a good thing. God loves to show His children how much He loves each of you. You are truly loved and you can access God’s Love now and always. For God always helps those who ask of Him. Lift up anything you wish, you can confide in God, asking Him for His assistance in anything beloved. God’s Goodness goes without measure and God understands the reason you are praying, He sees the reasons you are coming to Him and knows how you feel in your heart. Truly feel. God truly wants the best for you and for your family- for you are God’s family, all of you. For you are blessed and His Holy child beloved. Ask for us often. Ask for your guardian angels who love you. Ask for the beloved Archangels if you prefer. But ask. We are all here for you and your family. Beloved, imagine your heart now open to God, ask for His love to overflow within your heart, to overflow into your body, into every cell,  and to others. Ask for the Love of God in every moment if you wish. But ask often. Daily.  Making this a daily habit beloved will help you and your family always- and you will see your situations shift too ! As often as needed throughout your day. Lifting up your concerns to God the Most High. Silently thank God for all He has done and His Holy Love and Blessings, and when you are ready exclaim, Amen! Trust God with everything beloved. This help help and will change the outcome of your lives for the better!

And now beloved,  will help you now lift any stress, seeming fear or concern, worry or anything you may have felt previously from you, and it will be replaced with the brilliant Love of God- for this is God’s Holy Will. This will be assisted with the Archangels who love you. St. Michael is here now and is always available – as with any angel beloved. We are always with you. We are happy you asked and wait for you to ask for us often. 24/7 beloved. We surround your home now , and wherever you ask of us, such as your office or school or auditorium. We lift your surroundings also and we are here to help you always.  And so it is. We the Cherubim love you very much and we  bless you dear ones. We are happy to help. And so it is beloved, amen, amen, amen. 

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