Working with St. Michael- With a Loving Exercise of Peace with St. Michael and the Angels


Greetings all, I am here to offer all who are willing to receive it, a message of peace and of love for you today. This is St. Michael the Archangel and I am here with a many angels and Archangels who are here with me to help you this day. We would like to be with you throughout your day today and every day you ask of us, to help you in lifting your harmony, your vibration, your light body in frequency. This could mean releasing unwanted emotions for some; or lifting your heart in others. Still it simply mean to expand your light body. We are happy to help you dear one, in all matters. Today, we will help you by lifting away old emotions that you are unknowingly carrying or uplifting your heart where needed, or both. Allow us now to come close to you simply by asking us,

” St. Michael and the angels who will be assisting me today- will you please be with me and help me uplift to my highest awareness, my natural loving state of joy, love and peace.”

and we , St. Michael and countless angels, will be with you immediately and right now- each time it is said and we will help you uplift now and always. We lift you now. Ask for this also within your home. Ask for the loving angels , the guardian angels, St. Michael and peaceful protection angels to be with your home and help to lift the energies around you. In your home or office or both. Within your vehicle if this applies to you, or your new home you are moving into. Loving angels will be happy to help you dear one. I , St. Michael will be here with you daily sweet child. I will always help you when you ask of me. In fact, I will also be with your family also. Your loved ones are protected and safe and so are your children. Be willing to ask us to help you. For in doing so, you will be asking angels who serve God and Jesus into your lives and this my friend, will assist you in Heavenly ways- which are unlimited and aligned with God’s Will. We bless you and are happy to help you.

Uplift now, in breath. Breathe deeply and ask for me, St. Michael the Archangel to be with you and I will be the second you ask. Without hesitation. My presence is loving  and you may feel a shift in love when you call upon me. Do this often, and you will begin to notice the feeling of my energy body, which is always loving and peace filled. Do this now beloved, and notice the shift when I am with you. Thus, you will become acquainted with my energy body and angelic uplifting and you will begin to notice the vibrational shift when you do this exercise. I will shield you from further negativity and from lower emotions. My shield is fashioned with Wisdom and is surrounding you now, and your home. You will feel a slight uplifting with my shield too. For it too, is filled with love and peace. Shift your awareness now to your own energy and notice the peaceful feeling within and around you now. This is the high vibration of the angels and we are helping to lift your own energy , removing what was not serving you beloved, and helping you see that it is easy to feel your angels. We are with you 24/7 and we love you dearly. We are protecting you and helping you from Heaven and are always with you. We are helping you now, with what you are asking us. We are loving you for doing so beloved. We are helping you to become aware of our presence and we are happy you asked and are willing to participate in this loving exercise of peace and harmony. We love you and so it is, ask for us always and enjoy your blessings of love and harmony and peace this day. and so it is , amen, amen , amen. 

A channeled message of love from St. Michael with the angels

A Channeled Message with St. Michael the Archangel


Greetings dear beloved this is St. Michael the Archangel,  and I’m here with Archangel Chamuel and St. Gabriel and I am blessed and honored to be with you in angel protection and in your daily lives. I come to you with a message of peace, for this is being asked daily; regularly from Yvette.

Dearly beloved all, Ask for me, Archangel St. Michael, in with you daily; clearing you and shielding you from negativity.  I am uplifting your energy body. Ask for me often; daily, hourly, even 24/7!  I’m here for protection and here for your children.  I’m here for your family and I’m here for you beloved and every moment that you ask me- 24/7, daily, or even by the minute, or by the instance. However you wish, ask for me more often, ask for me regularly! I’m with you now and always and in this increasing of your energy body. This is being done with St. Gabriel and St. Rafael and the Archangels and Angels who love you the most. Lifting and expanding of your auric field is being done, cleansing you free from many stress related emotions negativity and this is worth clearing for your light to shine in this fifth dimensional frequency.  

You, dear beloved, have the Holy Spirit within your heart and of course you shine through the Holy Spirit. It is when errs in thinking,  emotions that are upsetting-and that are being focused on,  tend to increase stress-related emotions. This can be easily cleared with my assistance or with the assistance of St. Raphael or St. Gabriel or any Archangel you choose. I St.Michael, will clear these lower energies with my sword, like a flashlight, and shine this light into your heart, into your homes, your family, eradicating any fear-based thinking or lower emotions causing stressful emotions. Clearing these in this awakening energy,  for you have the Holy Spirit within your heart already revealing the Truth within. For you are one with your higher self, you are one with the Lord, and your higher self is brilliant and this light shines brightly within your heart. We are bringing this to your attention beloved,  revealing your true beauty within your heart and that of the Holy Spirit, which should be revealed, and is always brilliant.

I, St.Michael will shine the brilliant light of the sword that I carry, which will eradicate fear-based thinking from your heart. All you need to do is be willing.

Think to yourself, “Yes, I am willing for St. Michael to shine his flashlight, the light of his sword, into my heart revealing only truth!”

The Holy Spirit is brilliant,  yes indeed,  and you were given a portion of the Spirit,  each of you individually. The brilliant Love of the Holy Spirit radiates out into every cell naturally. For this is God-given.

Sometimes the human mind can focus on positive thinking or it can focus on stress related emotions. This will increase what it focuses on. There is a law of the universe;  the Law of Attraction and we say to you this beloved:  Focus not only on positive thinking, but on The Light Within. The Light will increase and Understanding for that is its true nature. Remain focused on the Light.

St. Michael’s sword like a flashlight will exercise or remove any unwanted or lower emotions that are not serving you any longer. You have carried this long enough and you need not carry them any longer for they are being eradicated gently. Removed, cleansed, and cleared and this is being done unto thee as a cleansing exercise this can be done daily. All you need to do is ask,

“St. Michael will you please help me remove and eradicate any fear-based thinking?”  

I will be with you beloved the instant that you ask. I will be with you. I’m here for protection. If you need help focusing on positive thinking then simply ask the Angels of Beauty to help beautify thoughts. Ask me to help you remain focused on your highest self and on God’s plan for you and for your family, on taking action steps if needed, on aligning with your souls plan.  Nothing you ask is too trivial or too small or too big or too great.  I’ll assist you and your family members;  each individual that asks of me anytime,  24/7. For I do increase peace among men. I’m happy to do so and cherish your friendship and your love and your peace.  You Are Holy instrument of God’s Peace you need only focus on this truth for the light that is inside you will increase. I, St.Michael the Archangel will help you to focus as needed I will be with you and protection and always.

St. Raphael and the archangels that are with me are also here for you 24/7 and are happy that you asked for them. This is being done in perfect timing,  Divine timing we say,  for you couldn’t have had a better time than now.

We the archangels, St. Michael, St. Raphael, St. Gabriel are all helping your energy to expand we are lifting your auric field ever so gently cleansing you are clearing you of the past,  including unforgiveness, loneliness, anger, frustration, or any stress-related emotions including worry that you may have felt.

Clearing you completely, gently, we lift you now and what is being removed will be replaced with the high vibrational light of Saint Michael’s sword,  and the Pure Loving Light of God.

We are always happy to help 24/7.  I, Michael, St. Raphael,  St. Gabriel and many archangels and Angels who love you the most, are always willing to help shift, protect, guide, guard, love, heal, pray with you, pray for you help you in all matters, for we are unlimited in the ways we can help. Heavenly help is needed at this time on Earth and we are happy you asked and so it is beloved we gently bless you.

We allow your auric field to expand in this light and when you’re ready we will enhance your field with the light of St. Michael’s sword. This High vibration will be felt and it will help to dissolve, dissipate, and ward off lower energy. This is immediately done! We give thanks to you beloved for allowing us to gently expand and remove what is no longer needed and for it to be replaced with the Pure Loving Light of God. Lift with us now and always and every time you read this, we will repeat this loving exercise or you can simply ask st. Michael St. Raphael and St. Gabriel to help your energy field expand and we will fill it full of light every time.  We will then shield you, dissolving away any negativity you may have encountered or absorbed unknowingly. We bless you this day, and so it is beloved beloved, Amen Amen Amen

St. Michael, Archangel Chamuel, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael and the Angel Team


Jesus Risen


We lift up your hearts this Easter to Heaven. Rejoicing with you in celebration of the Christ, who is Risen. Peace to all who read this , for you are blessed. All are at peace with the Lord. Lift up your hearts , all who are willing, and know you are blessed. May the Lord bless his servants. 

This Easter know that your heart is one with Jesus. Jesus lives in your heart now and always. His love endures forever. His peace , within each one of you !  On Sunday and every day, lift up your hearts to the one who loves you, who understands what you need, what you are asking. In prayer give thanks to Christ , and to God who loves you and know the One who is Risen is loving you and is always with you.  This Easter , join Heaven in rejoicing with love and joy in God Almighty and Jesus His son , and the Holy Spirit – who reigns with Them. One love , everlasting, omnipresent, Holy, Sovereign Lord. 

Heaven rejoices ! May all the Earth Rejoice! 

In Jesus Name !~ The Angels

Easter is a Time of Rejoicing !

Archangel Chamuel


Peaceful Greetings!

This is Archangel Chamuel and I am here to offer an Easter message of peace and good tidings for all.

Peace is always the outcome, and this should be your focus! Focus on the peace that surrounds you daily, focus on the peaceful outcomes of your choices as they occur.Focus on the tens of thousands Archangels and Angels that watch over the Earth. Focus on this peace. Peace is in the air around each of you now.

Breathe in a place where you will feel you would like to connect with us, do this daily if you wish , and ask for the highest , best , most loving, peaceful message that would help you today. This Easter, ask for angels and Archangels to be with you and your family. Ask for the Love of Christ to help you and your family rejoice in this Easter Blessing. Ask for each of us to help you in all ways. Ask for the Highest Blessings, the most favorable outcomes; Ask for the Love that is God-Given to pour into your hearts! Ask and it is given. Rejoice with us this Easter in Heaven, and on Earth ! Rejoice in the Goodness of God and His blessings, Rejoice in the Love that is Christ, the Love that is God- Given and then , rejoice again! For what is given to thee is eternal. You are eternally blessed, now and forever and may this be today’s message of love and good tidings. May The Love that is shared with you , be shared with all others! In this lifetime and any other! Look within yourself, and know this is the Love of God inside me! Look within your heart and know the Peace of the Lord is with you! Look within the hearts of others and know that this peace of God resides in everyone , now and always ! The Love , that is eternal will continue to blossom its Truth within all hearts , this day and in any other! May You rest in this peace.

And so it is !  Amen, Amen, Amen

Archangel Chamuel with the Angel Team of God’s Goodness

God’s Love is Healing-with an Angel Light Exercise with the Angel Team


Love is all there is in truth. The angels see you with loving eyes, and see the light within you. They see the good in all people. They see the love that God placed in you and in everyone. God Himself is omnipresent , and is always with you. He wants the best for you and for your family and is always helping you , even when you do not see it. He can see everything, future and past, for there is no time in Heaven. All  is one.

Shift your awareness now to Heaven, to the angel realm. Know that you are blessed, loved and always held. We angels love you and welcome you here. Bring your focus to the light inside you. Inside your heart. This is a brilliant light inside of everyone. It is God-given and is the Light of Christ. Know that the true Son of God, and God himself are loving you unconditionally, and so are we, the angels. Angels and Archangels surround you now as you open your heart to the angel realm , you will find only love and peace here. Feel this love over flow into every cell. This is the love of God. Ask God in prayer to overflow his Love within you often. This love is offered to you 24 hours a day, eternally. Lift up your hearts now , and feel the love as we lift your heart into a greater awareness of Love and peace. Divine Love of God and of Jesus is never ending. Feel this love overflow into every organ, every cell, throughout your whole body, overflowing from your heart where it is placed. You can envision it or just feel this love extend into every part of your light body and overflowing and never ending. This is the love that connects each and every person. With Love, you can do anything. Love is what makes the universe, the Heavens, the Earth, and is what created you. Feel this love and imagine a bright brilliant light within every cell, within your heart , within every chakra , illuminating this Earth. Feel this love grow as you connect your light within you to every place, person and thing- illuminating the planet completely. This light is God-given and the angels will help you strengthen your resolve to send this light everywhere, filling the Earth with love and light. Think World Peace as you do this. Intend love and Light and World Peace. You will feel a sense of peace and this will help dear one, brighten your day and those around you. The angels will help you, and you can repeat this as often as you wish. When you are ready, ask the angels to cleanse any aberrations, errs of thinking, or any effects of fear from within you. Uplifting your own light body now, we lift you, we cleanse you, and we celebrate your willingness for this light exercise. God ‘s love is very large for everyone and can fill everything he created . Lift now into love , now and always. When you are ready, thank the angels, and ask God often to fill your every cell with His love. Ask In prayer , ask in faith and ask for His love to overflow. Do this as often as you like. For His love is available always and is for everyone.  We celebrate your willingness and love you now, this day and always. And so it is , amen , amen , amen

The Angel Team

Guardian Angel Realm – A Message of Love from the Guardian Angels

Guardian Angel Realm – A Message of love from the Guardian Angelsangel

Greetings, we are the Guardian Angels who are with you daily. We are blessed to have been chosen to be with you, as we love being with you daily. We are all here in great numbers, as the angels have been working with you and your family and your loved ones eternally. We see you have been asking to speak to us more often. We celebrate this and wish to inform each person reading this that we are indeed easy to get a hold of. For we accompany you daily. Lift up your hearts to the Heavenly Realms and intend to speak with us. Ask for us to surround you daily, and ask us to be with your family- for we are never separate and are specially assigned to each of you. We know how you think, and know you are blessed. Open your heart daily to the Higher Realms of the angel Realm. 

We invite you to breathe deeply, call on us by name, or simply think the words, ” I now invite the angels to come be with me. Please surround me and my loved ones this day and help us hear your messages clearly.” Then, think of a question, ask for an angel to guide the answer, especially the guardian angels if you prefer, or any angel you feel close to and listen to the first thought or vision, idea or feeling, or knowing that comes to you. Notice if this brings blessings to everyone, notice if this feeling is uplifting in nature. If the vision looks like it come from the angels and guardian angels. You will know! Notice if there is a high vibration accompanying this message. Cleanse yourself of of any worry that you may not be able to hear the angels by asking the guardian angels and St. Michael to be with you. Ask them to clear away any old worry you may have carried unnecessarily about listening to your angels messages , or hearing them. You may have heard them before and not listened, or you may have been having trouble listening , or you may have noticed yourself trying too hard., There is no judgement beloved. For all is knowing that you tried and are learning to hear the high vibration of the angels. The angels will find a way to get through to you. Trust them with your question and ask again! Except this time ask ” Dear angels please help me hear you.” Trust then the message that comes to you and know that the angel realm will hear you! Ask again and this time , breathe softly and easily. Until you feel relaxed. This will help in hearing us. Write down any guidance you receive, and if needed , ask us to turn up the volume to your ear chakras. Ask us to work with your inner knowing , or clairaudience which is clear hearing, or clairvoyance which is clear seeing, or claircognizance which is mentioned above as inner knowing, or clairsentience which is clear feeling. We can also work with your ideas, impressing thoughts and epiphanies to your mind’s eye. We can also work with you in your dreams. Lif tup any concern to God in prayer of course, but ask us anything. Give thanks to God Almighty, for this work is blessed, and know that you are on your way to hearing us, effortlessly. Be patient with yourself and trust us with communicating to you. We love you. We always have, and we always will. We bless you this day and always. and so it is, amen, amen, amen. 

The Guardian Angels 

How To Hear Your Angels


The angels say the best way to hear them is to practice speaking to them regularly. Write down any guidance you receive and notice any feelings that are uplifting, ideas, thoughts, or uplifting messages, visions or an ‘inner knowing’ you receive that bring blessings to everyone. An angel message always feels uplifting in nature. This is because the angels wish to increase peace, and are always in a high vibrational state of love and joy and peace. Your angels can also send you physical signs they are with you. Such as lyrics that play audibly on a radio station or song that seems tailor made for you. Also a tailor made conversation in a store or next to you. A butterfly or a white feather. All of these can be physical signs from the angels. The angels are not limited in the ways they can speak to you. They can even send a message in your dreams. This is a little like a vision, but in a vision, you are actually wide awake with what seems like a movie or an “angel scene” playing in your minds eye. Talk to your angels often, you can tell them everything and notice the signs or communication you receive as a result. With practice, you can understand the angels’ messages to you. You can even ask them to help you understand the messages you are receiving simply by asking, “Dear angels, help me hear you. Help me to clearly understand the messages you are sending.” or by asking them to send you guidance. St. Michael says to ” pray for guidance when you feel unsure or need clarity.” 

Your guardian angels are always with you! There are many in number in the angel realm, and the guardian angels love to communicate with you.  

We are always with you dear beloved child of God. We , the angels are with you 24/7 and we love you always. Even if it seems like we are not with you, I assure you, we are – in every moment. Call on us daily and we will fill you with love from the angels.  We love you and do not wish to see you upset- only at peace. If you are in a time of your life, which you are experiencing joy, we bless you more ! Joy is what we the angels celebrate in you. Joy is love expressed. Joy is important in this day and age and we will help you lift your energy  field this day to help you lift to your natural state of being. This will be done with the help of St. Michael and the guardian angels who love you. 

First, allow yourself to sit quietly. Quietly with a loving intention of lifting with the angels. Breathe, and ask St. Michael to be with you and the guardian angels who love you to please be with you. Here, ask for an uplifting of your energy body, a clearing and uplifting with the angels who love you. There are many in number who love you. Listen to your heart for any guidance you receive from them. Ask them to clear you of anything that may be hindering you hearing them. Ask the angels to help you clear any chakras, and open your heart to higher awareness. To Higher understanding. To Love. 

We the angels are happy to do so, and we will help you regularly lift if needed. You need only ask! St. Michael will always help you when asked. The guardian angels love you and will always be with you. In this age and beyond, eternally. And so it is beloved, we bless you and your family this day, as asked. 

St. Michael, St. Gabriel and the guardian angels  with the Angel Team

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