It’s About the Love – with an “Angel Light Exercise” with the Angels 

angel beauty

Love is all there is in truth. The angels see you with loving eyes, and see the light within you. They see the good in all people. They see the love that God placed in you and in everyone. God Himself is omnipresent , and is always with you. He wants the best for you and for your family and is always helping you , even when you do not see it. He can see everything, future and past, for there is no time in Heaven. All  is one.

Shift your awareness now to Heaven, to the angel realm. Know that you are blessed, loved and always held. We angels love you and welcome you here. Bring your focus to the light inside you. Inside your heart. This is a brilliant light inside of everyone. It is God-given and is the Light of Christ. Know that the true Son of God, and God himself are loving you unconditionally, and so are we, the angels. Angels and Archangels surround you now as you open your heart to the angel realm , you will find only love and peace here. Feel this love over flow into every cell. This is the love of God. Ask God in prayer to overflow his Love within you often. This love is offered to you 24 hours a day, eternally. Lift up your hearts now , and feel the love as we lift your heart into a greater awareness of Love and peace. Divine Love of God and of Jesus is never ending. Feel this love overflow into every organ, every cell, throughout your whole body, overflowing from your heart where it is placed. You can envision it or just feel this love extend into every part of your light body and overflowing and never ending. This is the love that connects each and every person. With Love, you can do anything. Love is what makes the universe, the Heavens, the Earth, and is what created you. Feel this love and imagine a bright brilliant light within every cell, within your heart , within every chakra , illuminating this Earth. Feel this love grow as you connect your light within you to every place, person and thing- illuminating the planet completely. This light is God-given and the angels will help you strengthen your resolve to send this light everywhere, filling the Earth with love and light. Think World Peace as you do this. Intend love and Light and World Peace. You will feel a sense of peace and this will help dear one, brighten your day and those around you. The angels will help you, and you can repeat this as often as you wish. When you are ready, ask the angels to cleanse any aberrations, errs of thinking, or any effects of fear from within you. Uplifting your own light body now, we lift you, we cleanse you, and we celebrate your willingness for this light exercise. God ‘s love is very large for everyone and can fill everything he created . Lift now into love , now and always. When you are ready, thank the angels, and ask God often to fill your every cell with His love. Ask In prayer , ask in faith and ask for His love to overflow. Do this as often as you like. For His love is available always and is for everyone.  We celebrate your willingness and love you now, this day and always. And so it is , amen , amen , amen

The Angel Team

Manifesting your Dreams Into Reality

Archangel_Ariel 2

Archangel Ariel is here with St. Michael and the Powerful protection angels. You need not worry about anything”they say. “God has everything handled in His hands. He knows when you would like to create , He knows the dreams in your heart and knows how to make them happen. Give God your dreams. Dreams do come true . For you, for your neighbor; not just the people around you, but you too beloved. This includes your dreams and let this be a sign to you. Your dreams in you heart are placed there by God Himself. There you will see that your spiritual gifts will be used when you seek your dreams into reality. Know that God loves you and wants to help you , now and forever, with all matters. This can include more peace, more faith, dreams coming true. more compassion , more education etc. God sees the innocence and beauty you were born with, for He created you with His own hands. You were fashioned before the world was created dear one. Ask God now:”

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A Peaceful Message with Archangel Chamuel and the Angel Team

Archangel Chamuel

Greetings- I am Archangel Chamuel, who will be assisting in your endeavors if you ask me.  I am an Archangel of peace, and good tidings. Just think to yourself , “Dear Archangel Chamuel, will you please be here with me for a awhile and help me with this decision I am making ” Know that I , Archangel Chamuel, will assist you. Cleanse your thoughts from negativity before making hasty decisions. This will help you in life’s choices. Clear your mind and you heart. Ask me to assist you, for I will if asked.  Think of the outcome you wish to desire to come to fruition. Ask for the highest possible outcome first in prayer, then focus on what it is you are trying to achieve. Are you seeking financial security? It is best not to worry about money, but to increase abundance of prosperity, one can focus on gratitude for what they currently have, asking the Heavenly Father to help with the physical and spiritual needs of you and your family.  Ask how you can serve using your spiritual gifts. Asking “How can I serve” will bring blessings to all, including yourself.

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Your  Loved Ones in Heaven Are at Peace

mother mary and rainbow

Do you have loved ones in Heaven? Do not be afraid, for they are well! They are helping you on an Angelic realm in Heaven. Most family members, soul mates , twin flames, offer to stay and help their beloveds on Earth. For good reason! They love God and want every one to be happy. In fact all souls in Heaven would always wish you peace on Earth. There is not one who would wish you different. Not one ! If you had a mishap before your loved one passed, it is forgiven dear one, do not blame yourself any longer. Let go of any guilt of not saying goodbye, or not being there as often as you could have. For this is suffering unnecessarily. No one wants you to suffer, no one wants you to unnecessarily grieve (in this way). Prayers are offered daily for the departed and they are blessed for they were offered with love, however, the ones that need prayer the most are the ones who are on Earth~ where there is suffering and pain. All are seen with God’s compassion and mercy. Do not choose suffering for yourself dear ones. Choose love always , even for yourself. For you cannot uplift others if you are unhappy inside. Inside of your heart lives the Light of the Lord  and the Holy Spirit. For you are blessed indeed ! God has sent His Holy Spirit to be with you, always , to guide you through your life path.

To connect with your loved ones, you can ask the angels to send them a message , or write to them daily on a piece of paper. Continue reading “Your  Loved Ones in Heaven Are at Peace”

Guardian Angels and the Angel Realm

Guardian angel 2

Everyone has at least one guardian angel. Most people have two or three that will be with you at all times and have been with you throughout every incarnation, and if this is your first incarnation, they have been with you from the time you were born, and will help  lead you to Heaven when you make your transition to Heaven.  They are really beautiful and are your best witnesses before God and Jesus. They intercede for you before the Heavenly Father and Jesus. They are your spiritual family and love you unconditionally, like the Heavenly Father. The angels serve both God and Jesus Christ and only do the will of the Father.  You need not be worried to ask for something too big or too small, for nothing is impossible for God, who will see what you are asking, everything is done with God’s approval. The angels are like friends, spiritual family , whom you can ask for help anytime. You need only thank  them as they do not want to be praised or prayed to. Only Praise the Heavenly Father, the angels say, and Give thanks to God in all ways.  Continue reading “Guardian Angels and the Angel Realm”

Following Your Guidance For Holy Orders and Being Called To Serve

angel holding light center

Holy Orders could be to join or lead a ministry This can include volunteering for an organization such as Peace Corps, your local Church/Synagogue/Temple, offering assistance in the community, or even gathering donations such as food or clothing or otherwise for those in need. Holy Orders is when you feel you are being called by God for service work. Being called can be as simple as listening to an announcement of where help is needed and knowing through inner knowing or a peaceful, uplifting feeling in your heart, following guidance from your angels, or listening to your heart, that you suddenly know you have a compelling feeling that you should be assisting there. Even a little interest in the subject can help a multitude of people if guided and acted upon. This is a little like life purpose, both are “chosen” and there are no coincidences in eitherIt is a special calling by God to serve the church. Life purpose is also a special calling by God. Both are chosen for you using spiritual gifts, insight, abilities, personality, heart. Both are blessed and bring blessings to you and everyone involved. Continue reading “Following Your Guidance For Holy Orders and Being Called To Serve”

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