Shifting Any Area Of Your Life Into Peace With Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel

Greetings beloved- this is Archangel Chamuel. I am here beloved with Archangels who love you. Who are right beside you and love you entirely, we are here with you beloved for now is the time of love and peace. Peace is with you beloved, and we are here to help you shift your situation , your circumstance, any area of your life beloved, to help you shift into higher peace. True peace. We are here beloved to help you love more deeply, bring peace to Earth, and cleanse any thought or emotion that is in err- to love, to peace, to harmony and love yourself in the process. We are here, and that is our message to you. We love you beloved dear one. We simply wish to honor your process and help you in a Heavenly way to lift your thought, your emotion, your heart, your life to peace. If there is more than one area of your life beloved, lift this to God, and ask God now for help in any area of your life. Ask in prayer dear one, and know that God loves you entirely, unconditionally and with God’s love, all that is asked is possible. God’s love is Holy, infinite, loving, Divine, and you are His child. You are the peacemakers and we love you. Your hearts are filled beloved with God’s love and if you feel beloved, separate from God’s love, ask God now for His Love by asking God to help you feel His love- and we will help you in prayer:

“Dear God, May Your Goodness overflow into every area of my life. May Your Love be poured into every cell of my being. May Your Holy Love and Peace overflow into my heart and into the hearts of my family, my friends, countrymen and the world. May Your Love and Peace help me now and those around me.” 

Ask for me beloved, anytime you wish. I am Archangel Chamuel-I am here beloved and there are many on this day who love you and want to help you. For us, this is what we are here for, to help bring peace and love into your life- and to help you on this journey of love. We love you and so it is, amen, amen, amen. 

Archangel Chamuel, and the Archangels and Angels of Love and Peace- with the Angels of Peaceful Protection

Guardian Angels Channeled Message of Peace and Love

Guardian angel 3

Greetings beloved angels of the earth. You are our spiritual family, family in spiritual nature. God’s creation of Love and Light and this is a reason to give thanksgiving and praise to God Almighty, for His Love is with you. His Love , who created you, is helping you every day. And let this be a sign to you, that God’s Holy and Perfect Love is helping you with all that you have asked of Him.  We the guardian angels who love you and are always here for you are wanting you to know that we are helping also. And this is a sign for many. There are many going through transitions. This will turn out for the better as you have intended. God of Love who loves you has not forgotten you, and never will! It is written that he would never forget about His children, and this message is God-given, as He has a tender heart for all He has created and loves all that you are and all He has made you to be.  We are with you beloved in your home and when you drive or walk. We will never forget you either , and are with you constantly. Even as you read this we are with you. and we love you. St. Michael the Archangel is also here with many angels and Archangels. Hundreds surround you now  and we will assure you in your dreams, if intended, that we are with you at all times. Hundreds beloved, there is no reason to fear and there is no reason to worry about your future. God hears you call. God sees when you come to Him and why, and God knows what to do. In fact, has already orchestrated a plan on your behalf , that will Glorify Him in the end. So you need not be concerned any longer or dismay , but know in your heart that God is Loving and has heard your prayer. We are here beloved and we love you. And so it is beloved – you are loved and we are here. Amen, amen, amen

A Channeled Message With the Angels and Archangels


Greetings beloved children of God. we are here with you this season of love. This is being referred to as a season,  except this season is everlasting. Love is always available to you at all times we say and we are here to help you find the love within you. We are always here to help you for you are blessed and you are loved. We bring you good tidings this season  and beyond and we bring multitudes of angels this day to the Earth for an embrace of love for everyone who asks. Call on us often to help you shift any situation to peace and love. We will be helping indeed when you ask. Give yourself credit beloved, sometimes you are harping a little too hard on yourself for something little. Like belittling yourself for no reason. We say to understand that you are loved, blessed and we are here to help. You need not fret or worry, instead ask for assistance from St. Michael, St. Raphael, St. Gabriel, or a team of angels. Lift up any situation to God beloved, who loves to see you pray to Him and ask Him for His help. God loves everyone and you are loved very much by God. We the angels will always be here for you when you ask us to. We are here now surrounding you with Light , filling your home with love and peace, and cleansing you off from negativity you may have absorbed from others around you. Know you are blessed and you are loved and we are here. and so it is beloved, we bless you and we are here in great multitudes around you now. We are lifting you in spirit, and replacing what was taken with love, peace, harmony and the Pure Loving Light of the Most High, who loves you and is with you daily. God loves you and this is being repeated for all who will listen. We are with you daily and we love you. And so it is, amen, amen , amen. 

 The Angels and Archangels 

New Years Angel Channel – A Message for the Most Loving Outcome for Your Year of 2017 and Beyond with St. Michael the Archangel


New Years Angel Channel – A Message for the Most Loving Outcome for Your Year of 2017 and Beyond with St. Michael the Archangel

Greetings dear beloved all. This is St. Michael the Archangel and I am here with you on this special day of love when we all celebrate. This year is God-created, and therefore, we too celebrate this with you. This year to come is of peace for all nations and love for everyone. The Highest message I can bring to you is this: know that you are loved and cared for and I bring with me great tidings of peace for who listen. Know that you can focus on the highest blessing, or blessings of 2017 and beyond. Know that you are loved throughout every year and every moment of your life. Know that we the angels of peace, of love, and of joy will help you always. Know this dear beloved child of God now and always. Peace is assured when you remain focused on God’s Love and when you choose to trust in the Most High. Peace is with you even when there are stories on social media and in the news that tell otherwise. Peace is what we are asking you to focus on throughout 2017. Pray for those countries who are still not focused on Peace and Love. For there are some who, still remain focused on fear. Fear not we say! We are with you and we are to help you throughout your lifetime and others throughout theirs. We can help you in a multitude of ways, whether you are focused on love and peace is up to you. If you are moving, focus on a peaceful move, if you are with love, focus in it ever so more we say, the highest love is with you always. Peace is the outcome when you remember love first. Love is always the answer dear ones, and in 2017 we the angels and Archangels will help you . And this is our message- ask for us to help you in every situation. Ask for your loved ones and we the angels and Archangels will assist your loved ones who are willing to receive our assistance. Shift your thinking if needed to the highest outcome by focusing on Love and Peace. Ask for me to lift your thoughts, your emotions if needed. Ask for the angels to surround and help anyone in need. See 2017 as peaceful, see your future as bright, because it is. See your love growing because it does. See yourself doing well, see your love as one with God and know that you are blessed, guided and loved. Ask for us dear ones always. Ask for me personally, I am St. Michael the Archangel and I love you. Ask for blessings from God and Jesus who love you, ask and it is given. Ask and your prayer answered, and this is a question worth asking. Know that 2017 is blessed, and you are loved and you are with Heaven’s help now and always. And so it is, amen, amen, amen. 

St. Michael the Archangel and the Angel Team

Heaven IS Helping-


A Channeled Message with St. Michael, St. Gabriel, Archangel Chamuel and the Angel Team

“Greetings beloved, there are many angels with you , surrounding you each and every day beloved. Surrounding you in this moment, and in every moment you allow us to be with you, just by asking.  For when you ask God and Jesus to assist you even with something small, this is then orchestrated in an immediate fashion, for where we are, this is done without limits, without time as you know it. This instant immediate orchestrated event is done with God’s Wisdom and Love and knowing God helps all who ask beloved, just be willing to help your situation  and lift this situation God, who will help you immediately, without hesitation. Without a second as you know time to be. In a Godspeed moment beloved, this will be answered. We are revealing this to you now beloved , for the time has come to reveal all things , for nothing is hidden. God who loves you is working with you and has already answered your prayer. We the angels are with you beloved, in every moment and know that we understand why you are asking us to surround you. You can confide in us if you wish, and this is recommended beloved, although we do understand as we can see the intention of one’s heart. Beloved, we are happy to help you in every way. We will be happy to go before the Father in Heaven and simply intercede for you. We ask that you be willing to ask for our assistance and know that all prayers are answered beloved the moment they are heard by God and Jesus too. We offer you this information and know is your moment to lift any concerns to God and Jesus, right now if needed, or simply go to him and thank Him beloved for all He has done. God will bring you to the peace you are seeking- and these are prayers worth lifting. We love you beloved, we bless you and we lift you and any concern you have, we cleanse you if you have been experiencing worry, stress, or any other emotion or thought that is not serving you. We heal you of your concerns and we are helping you now beloved. As you have asked. and so it is, amen, amen, amen.”  

A Channeled Message from the Archangels 


Blessed be God forever! Blessed to all who hear. This is the Archangels and we are here beloved to lift your heart now and help you grow on this day. Grow in peace, in love and in joy. Peaceful blessings are upon you beloved. We are here to help you shift your awareness to God Himself who loves you beloved. May peace be with you always, and may you remember that we are always here to help you with this. We say to you this beloved, ask for what you need from God . For God can see why you are coming to Him and knows who He is going to use. He knows the exact and precise moment beloved, of His answers, for they go before Him. He sends out His answers beloved and they return to Him tenfold. Shift your awareness then beloved, to the Highest. God is overseeing your life, your loved ones, your families. He has gifted these to you beloved- each family member, each friend are all gifts from God. Give thanks for those you love everyday. Give thanks to God beloved in every day, thanking Him eternally for all He has done. You are blessed, you are one with God’s Holy and Perfect Love and Peace, and you are wanted, you are cared for. You, beloved, are a sweet libation and may your words be made of love and honey. 

Let us give thanks to God always. 

Trust in your heart, and know that God does hear you. Know this beloved as Truth. Pray with faith and ask for God’s love now to help you make decisions, make choices. Pray with faith about your life, your future endeavors. Pray beloved to God and allow God to handle everything. 

Shift your focus now beloved to your heart. Here, we will help you focus on God’s Divine and Eternal Love. Ask for God to pour His love to you. Ask for God to help you in all ways. Shift your awareness to Heaven. We will give to you a Heavenly passageway, of Peace, of Love and of Joy. We will lift your heart to the vibration of love and joy and peace. We will help shift your heart beloved, anytime you wish. Ask the Archangels who love you the most to please help you shift your awareness to this Heavenly Passageway of Peace anytime you wish to feel peace beloved. Ask for us and we will be with you -in great number. We are always happy you asked. May the peace of God be with you. and so it is, amen, amen, amen. 

The Archangels 

There is No Judgement 


A Channeled Message of Love with St. Michael and the Angel Realm 

Peaceful greetings beloved, I am with you as many times as you ask. Simply think of me, St. Michael and ask for me often. I am happy you did and I am always willing to be with you. I can hear you in your thoughts and intentions. We can always hear you and we are right beside you beloved. Shift your awareness beloved to the Angel Realm. Think to yourself,” Please be with me St. Michael, I am experiencing [and here name the situation].” You can call me for anything you wish. There is no judgement for why you call, in fact beloved, I would prefer you did call. Think of me when you are scared, feel anxiety, would like clarity, are making life choices, need guidance- I can remove anything fear based you may be feeling, even sadness, for there is nothing Heaven cannot remove and lift for you, when you ask us for assistance. You are always with us in Truth, there is nothing separating the angels from you beloved. We are here with you day and night, while you are sleeping and when you wake. Simply ask for the angels anytime you wish. Think of something now beloved that you would like for us to help with.

Ask for me beloved if you like specifically, as this is St. Michael – ask for any angel. We are helping you lift now beloved, as you read this you are being lifted by the angels who love you and the Archangels too! You will notice a gentle clearing if you will, as we gently remove anything heavy,  or emotion that has overcome your heart, and we are helping you heal your emotions as you read this also. You should feel the vibration of peace and love. Know that this feeling of peace can be felt anytime you ask St. Michael or any angel or Archangel- for we are all willing to help you. We lift you now beloved, with tender love and peace, we lift you into greater harmony and peace beloved. We are removing worry, guilt, sadness, even anger, for this can build up within your auric field and this does not help you or serve you. Yes, you are here with human emotions and we applaud you for signing up, for saying, “yes, I will come to Earth.” to God. However, these human emotions can be heavy upon carrying them beloved. We ask you this, why not experience joy while you are here beloved? All you need to do is ask us to help you in your endeavors, in your life choices. Ask us to help you find peace if you are not experiencing peace. Ask us to help you love again if this is needed. Ask us to help you heal, forgive, pray, beloved we will always help you pray. Ask us anything beloved. We are always here and there is no judgment when you ask us to help you. God so loves you and He wants you to know that He is helping you now. Spend time thanking God for all He has done for you and your family. Thank Him in silence if you wish or out loud. God can always see those who seek Him beloved. Enjoy your peaceful days and know that there are many more to come. God loves you beloved and so does The Holy Son, Jesus Christ, who is always here for you as well. We lift you beloved and we bless you and so it is, amen, amen, amen.

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