Loving Angel Guidance-For Every Area of Your Life Decisions

cropped-cropped-angel-holding-light-center.jpgChanneled Angel Message From the Angels and Archangels  -for Guidance In Every Area of Your Life.

“As you remain focused on God for answers in any issue or decision regarding you and your family, work, income, moving, schooling, and so forth, God understands why you are asking and how to help. Listen to your heart in making decisions for you or on behalf of your family. The Holy Spirit is within all hearts who read this and even those who do not. Asking God to lift your heart and mind, asking for His Will in all matters will always ensue peace for all involved. Your family is in God’s Heart and as you ask God for His Will for your decision, your heart will know His Eternal Peace that is with you as you make decisions. God is with you! Lift your decision into God’s Hands. If more than one, lift all decisions into God’s Hands. God understands why you are asking and understands how to help! As you ask for His Will, the Peace that surpasses all human understanding will guard and guide your heart and mind in His Holy Spirit. And beloved, there is nothing Higher than God Himself. We are the angels and Archangels who are with you and as you lift your heart to God and Jesus His Son, in the Holy Spirit as One, you are blessed and welcomed as God is asking you to Trust Him. We love you and are with you as you are asking God for His Will in your life and in choosing decisions for you, your family or that you are responsible for. We love you and are with you in every decision you make. We love you and so it is ! We are the angels and Archangels of God who sends us and we love you! Amen, amen, amen.” received for all in every decision for you and your family from God’s angels and Archangels with love

“The Kingdom of God Is Like a Treasure…”

Jesus embraceAwhile back, the angels and Archangels asked me to dedicate Sundays to the Gospels. With Love and in Praising of the Goodness of God, here is the Gospel of Matthew 13:44-46
MT 13:44-52 OR 13:44-46

Jesus said to his disciples:
“The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure buried in a field,
which a person finds and hides again,
and out of joy goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.
Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant
searching for fine pearls.
When he finds a pearl of great price,
he goes and sells all that he has and buys it.”
“Greetings, I am St.Michael the Archangel and I am here beloved to offer a message of love that assists in understanding the Gospel as it is written. First, I am lifting your mind and heart as a gift to all who read this message. As you lift your mind to Jesus, ask Jesus to overflow His Eternal Peace in every area of your mind, your heart, and that He go before you in your life. As you do this, Jesus is listening!
Jesus loves as you listen to His Word of God that He Proclaimed for all to hear!
The Parables spoken are to remind all that the focus on Heaven is first.
The Kingdom of God lifts you as you focus on God. This is God’s Spirit in you. ‘I am here in the Kingdom as well’ says the Lord! As your focus is on the Lord, His Eternal Peace is always available to all. The Treasure in Heaven is unlike you have ever seen before. Jesus used “treasure” to help the human mind understand that this “Treasure” is unlike that you have ever seen. As you focus on God’s Kingdom beloved, you have found Everlasting life. And this Treasure is worth finding!
Lift your heart now beloved, asking for Jesus the Christ to lift your heart and mind to His Kingdom and remain focused on Him always! For it is through God’s Goodness, that this is revealed for the Son to reveal unto all who listen. As you are focused on God’s Word, you are focused on the Highest Treasure there is! God loves as you focus on His Word and Loves as all remember His Holy Treasure of Everlasting Life. This is Divine Treasure beloved. Remain focused on Him- on God, His Word, and the Word of Jesus – who has revealed the Everlasting Life of God is available to all who seek it! As you lift your heart and mind to God, ask God to lift your heart to Him always. In this way, you are seeking all that God has, and beloved you are very welcomed by God as you do this! I love you and I am with the Peaceful Protection angels as you are lifted in His Love through the Word of God the Most High in Jesus the Christ, and in the Holy Spirit, who is with you and calling all to lift your heart. I am St. Michael and I love you and so it is, amen, amen, amen.”
Channeled from St.Michael the Archangel and one million Peaceful Protection Angels

In church, I was listening to a homily from Father Mike at Prince of Peace Catholic Church. In his homily, Father mike disclosed that the only way Jesus could explain the Kingdom of God, were if He were familiar with God’s Kingdom; as Jesus used treasure and pearls to assist the people of God in understanding God’s Goodness. During the homily, Father Mike further explained the people of God the Father, at the time this parable was spoken, could identify with a pearl. The pearl at the time was considered something of great value, and could be considered as something that if one possessed, one could even heal with a pearl. The great value of such an item was treasured as not only something to offer of value to merchants at the time of this Gospel spoken but was something that Jesus knew could assist in understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven. For if the people knew of the Divine Peace of Jesus, this would have become their “pearl”. Jesus is the Divine Physician who heals and His Everlasting Peace is a treasure unlike any on Earth.
‘There is nothing more valuable you have on Earth beloved, than that of God’s Everlasting life. Nothing we say! Such a pearl would never be let go and as it is written! As you remain focused on this treasure, above all treasures, this pearl is the one treasure of God’s Goodness for all of God’s people. Ask God to lift your heart and mind to Him and offer the Goodness of God, His Word to all others! For the Kingdom of the Most High is far beyond a pearl’s value , as the kingdom of God is Everlasting life . We are here and we love you! And so it is , amen, amen, amen.” 
~ channeled from and homily assisted with the angels with St. Michael the Archangel 

Message of Love from the Angels and Archangels

“Lift all concern to God beloved at any time you experience concern. For as you do, the Peace that surpasses all understanding is with you! Ask for us to lift you as we are assisting now, in any moment beloved. We will always lift you in Heavenly Peace and we are doing so now! Ask and it is done! We will always hear you and beloved, as we do lift you, place all matters into God’s Hands; and ask for Jesus to be with you in your heart. He is with you now and He loves you! As you do this, we are here; and God Himself with Jesus His Son, One in the Holy Spirit, are with you now and always! Rejoice in the Lord! As we rejoice in His Goodness beloved! Give thanks to God for He is always listening and loves as you Trust in Him and in His Son, Jesus the Christ. We are here, and beloved we always will be. We are the Peaceful Protection Angels and Guardian Angels with St. Michael and St. Gabriel with the Archangels – as the Most High is leading us in this message for you now. We love you and so it is! Amen, amen, amen.”

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