A Loving Exercise of Love with the Angeles


Greetings! This is the Angeles and we are here to help you bring in the Light and Love you are asking for. The Earth is loving you right now, asking for your assistance in bringing in the Light and Love of Heaven and the Heavenly Realms , to help shift into greater peace. The angels will assist you in bringing in greater love and harmony in this day and every day that you ask. Sit now in c comfortable and relaxed position, close your beautiful eyes, and simply think to yourself,

” I now invite  Angels and Archangels to assist me. I ask for the Light of Love and Peace to flow through me, cleansing away any thought or emotion that is in err, rinsing me clean of any aberrations, emotions or thoughts, that are in err, and illuminating every cell within my light field and my physical body with gentleness, lifting my body and light body with the help of St. Michael and the Angels, illuminating every thought, emotion and cleansing away any disharmony, debris, or energy not serving my highest and best good. Cleansing now, rinsing clean.”

Now imagine this light cleansing everywhere. Ask the angels to come into your home, cleansing every room of your home, cleansing away and lifting any energy not serving your family, asking St. Michael to cleanse the periphery of your home, illuminating every room with the Light of His Sword; asking him to please continue cleansing your family members who give permission on a soul level, clearing the atmosphere, the city, your community, your country and even the world. Cleansing now, lifting now into greater harmony and peace.

Love is what is needed this day. Light is love and love is Light; may greater harmony and peace increase with the Light of St. Michael’s sword , and the Pure Loving Light of God, rinsing through , increasing peace and love and light within all areas of the world. May the love within you celebrate God’s Holy Goodness and this cleansing exercise done with love and compassion for all people. When this is complete, simply thank St. Michael, and the angels who assisted, and God who loves you. And so it is, amen, amen, amen. 

The Angeles

You Are Blessed – A Message of Love and an Angel Exercise with the Christmas Angels, Guardian Angels and the Angel Team

Christmas Angels


 Shift your awareness to the angels. Notice how you feel when your awareness is lifted to Heaven and the angels. Your body will relax and often breathe deeply, although you may have other signs from your body that you have indeed connected with the angels and higher awareness. This higher awareness is Heavenly , and feels good to all. This is where you have come from originally. Shift your awareness now to breathing and being aware of your body. Breathe deeply and ask the angels to help you lift away any worry, stress, or fatigue you may be carrying unknowingly. This is common during this time of year, with family , travel, shopping in large crowds , although it is in celebration, many unknowingly feel anxiety to get things “done” , have the illusion that there is not enough time before the holiday, or simply need a helping hand financially or even physically in some way- such as with quite time. Spend time now with the angels , ask the guardian angels to surround you. Ask the Archangels to surround you and your loved ones this season. Ask the Christmas Angels who are here to help you with your shopping, travel arrangements for the holidays, parking in malls, organic food shopping, finding the right prices and gifts, and so forth. Ask the parking angels to help you find close parking spaces. We angels would like to help you in all ways. Spend time now with loving yourself, and the angel realm. Connect with us always, every day, we will help you feel our presence. In fact, you already do. Notice how you feel when you connect with the angels. What did your body do? What did you see? Notice these subtle signs of love entering your body, your awareness and what your body does when you connect with us. These are all signs physically that you have connected with the angel realm. We ask you this because when you notice that the angels are near, notice how the energy shifts. Do this frequently and allow your own body to tell you when the angels are close. The  angel realm is in Heaven above you, not that far away.  Do this often dear one. Do this daily. With practice , you too can feel the angels presence always. And so it is beloved. We bless you, in harmony this Christmas season and always in every season.

We lift you now with your energy body. We cleanse you off and lift your vibration even higher, higher still, for this is a time of glee, celebration and preparation for the Light of Christ Jesus. He is within your heart and his light is within everyone. Remember this when you shop and are grumpy or impatient. Each person has the light of Christ Jesus in their hearts. Family, acquaintances and even co-workers.  Know this beloved and know you are blessed in every instance and so are they. your loved ones, acquaintances and those who shop next to you. In every way, spend time with your loved ones in happiness, spend time with the angels, and know your loved ones are also blessed. Spend time in prayer, in meditation, in connecting with the angel realm. We are happy to help you always. And so it is, amen , amen, amen.

The Guardian Angels with the Christmas Angels and the Angel Team


How to Increase Spiritual Insight


The angels and archangels would increase your spiritual awareness at this time. All are born with the ability to communicate with the higher realms. This is where you are from. In Heaven, there is a multitude of angels who love you and want to communicate with you. Your angels who love you are always with you. They love you and want you to  know they are willing to assist you now at this time to increase your inner knowing. Spiritual Insight is a gift given to you through Christ Jesus in the Gospels. He has the Words of Everlasting Life and is the best spiritual teacher there ever was. This is because he taught with his spiritual insight. Knowing this, the Bible is the first place we angels refer all that can hear to.  You can hear the angels now- even as we speak. You are one with us in Truth. We angels can hear your thoughts, read your words on paper when you write or type them and also can hear your voice when you speak out loud. It is easy to communicate with your angels. We hear you always beloved , now and always. One of the ways you can hear your angelic guidance is to ask “Dear Angels, help me hear you. Help me to know and recognize your messages- in the physical and also spiritually.” – Then, notice the first sign , or thought, emotion, feeling, idea, vision, or uplifting guidance that comes to you. Heavenly Guidance feel uplifting and brings blessings to others when spoken. Take action immediately and know that you will be guided every step of the way. We celebrate your awareness snow. Ask now for any messages from your angels they want you to have. Know you are loved. And ask for St. Michael to help “clear” you if you feel you are having trouble. This is being done for you as you read this- with St. Michael and his angel team will help you lift your thoughts , your heart and your light body to its natural state of joy , love and peace. Just breathe easily and ask St. Michael to repeat this as often as you wish. Clearing is sometimes helpful in hearing your angels voices and messages.   The angels are unlimited in the ways they can communicate with you and are happy you asked. We love you beloved, try this often- we will hear you. And so it is, amen, amen  amen.

The Angel Team with St. Gabriel and St. Michael and the Angeles

St Gabriel, St. Michael and the Angeles on Learning Life Lessons-

St. Gabriel 2

First – what is a life lesson? A life lesson is something that is with you since the time you were born- you incarnated to learn this , to grow spiritually. (When asked if  life lessons are absolutely something people incarnate with or if it is something that is learned because of something that happened in life – a way perhaps that a person responded to life ) – the angels answered: This is not something that is optional – this is something that is incarnated with at birth for a reason.  The reason is spiritual growth – and it does not leave the person until it is learned. If the lesson is not learned, the soul will be counseled when it is time to transition to Heaven. This does not mean to ignore life lessons to be counseled in Heaven. On the contrary! Life lesson  should be learned, once learned, you do not have to repeat the lesson. Some lessons are about self respect, or respecting others, respecting boundaries, learning life lessons means you attract the teacher who will be teaching you your lesson.  This can look like a friend, or a sister, or a brother, or possibly even a stranger on the outside, but inside is a soul mate who signed up to be in your life at a particular time when the lesson was ready to be learned. Do not be afraid, dear one- for this is not a test from God – nor is it a trial of life- but a loving way to help you love more spiritually. To love yourself is a great thing- to love others is even more loving than loving yourself, and to love unconditionally is how the Heavenly Father loves you- and is how we angels love you also. We honor boundaries and free will and will allow you to make mistakes, for it is human to err- but we will only allow you to mis-create for so long before we intervene spiritually to help you. Especially those who mis-create wrongly- for this is not only an err, but it is seemingly against spiritual nature. Be blessed on your path, and know that God is loving you and helping you every day. 

Allow St. Michael to guide you  daily by asking him to guide your actions, your life lessons. He will protect you from harm, from harming yourself, and shield you from others who are learning how to love (but still have to learn!). The energy sometimes can feel a bit intense – but St. Michael will help you love each other as God loves you; as Jesus loves you; as we , the  angels love you. And so it is. Allow us now to gently guide you in every day life patterns that no longer serve you beloved. These are outdated you see  and will only hinder you and your family. Ask for the highest blessing possible, and you will see more blessings. Life is sweet. Surrender everything to God and ask for His Will in Your life, asking St. Michael to guide you and helping you to understand what it is you are learning. “What lessons am I learning?” …is an appropriate question and will help you understand what it is you are learning so that you can learn with greater awareness. The angels are happy to help you with this. A life lesson, although has the word “life” should not be a “life  long” event. For they would become troublesome after a long period of time to yourself and to others. Lift up any concern to God and Jesus who love you, ask for guidance, listen to that guidance, act without hesitation when learning what the guidance is. You will know it is Heavenly Guidance because it will feel loving. Heaven’s messages always bring you and others peace. And so it is beloved- we lift you, we cleanse you of anything that feels heavy , and we celebrate your awareness in asking ” What are my lessons I am learning”. Yay, we say and so it is, amen, amen amen. 

The ‘Angeles’ with St. Michael and St. Gabriel – with the Angel Team

Gentleness is Important- with an Uplifting Angel Meditation with the ‘Angeles’


Greetings! Gentleness is very important right now, to be gentle is an awareness that peace is important. Even when you feel angry at another  beloved, wait until you feel calm to respond. This is important now and always . This is a time when people can have what they desire. You are what you attract . Joy is necessary and is not a luxury. Joy is an inherent gift and fruit to you from God above. Gentleness  increases happiness. Gentleness increases peaceful outcome. Gentleness increases happiness because gentleness is found with mercy, with love, with peace and isn’t that what you want to create for yourself dear beloved child of the Most High? Gentleness is something that is inherent in all of God’s children.

Gentleness is what God favors and is how you are seen , with compassion, unconditional love, mercy and gentleness. The angels support your lifestyle habits of gentleness , gentler forms of exercise, gentle forms of behavior. The old adage of push, push, push , is outdated and is a harsh reality. Even though this is a time of action, and action is needed,  the universe and Heaven sees this as a form of harshness – to be harsh or unloving to get what you want. Harshness is seen as a form of punishment and punishment only increases pain and suffering. Harsh conditions is not what God intended for you dear loved one. Please do not create this for yourself. Choose love always, choose gentleness , choose gentle people as friends and be a role model for others. You are a loving child of God and you need to hear this – some of you need to know that gentler forms of behavior is needed to release harsh criticism, even self criticism is a harsh punishment. Choose gentle words of love, behavior, and even gentler forms of exercise for some. Your body will last longer as you were created from love and your body and others , respond better from love -gentleness and joy will ensue . Love yourselves as you love others, and this includes all forms of gentleness -even those that are unseen; your environment, your work conditions , your home, should be a place of peace- not harsh realities. Lift up any concerns to God, asking for guidance to the angels to help you lift from harsh situation in the case of relationships around you , or that you are involved in. Know that God loves and will help you and lift any concerns to him at this time. may this message be heard for those who need.

Uplifting meditation with the”Angeles”

The angels will help you uplift now, simply sit back and relax, really relax, and breathe. Ask St. Michael, who will be with you in an instant, to lift anything that is not serving your highest and best good, cut cords from the past that are from harsh situations, childhood, teenage years or any piece of this lifetime or others. Love is always the answer and peace will remain if you focus on this now. Focus on St,, Michael, who will is with you now in this place you are at, focus on breathing and giving him any worries, concerns, fears, drama situations, ask him now to cut the cords from this or any lifetime, he knows what to do! He can be with many of you at one time for he is not limited by time and space. Focus on the light within your heart and breathe as St. Michael cuts the cords and severs them at the roots and as you are breathing, these cords will be removed with St. Raphael and the Archangels and Angels from the angel realm who work in tandem with these two Archangels. Know that these cords are cut and are severed and will never grow back again. unless you place yourself in harsh situations again. With one swoop, St. Michael’s sword of light has cut these and you can envision this clearing. Stay focused on peace , and peace will resolve. Stay focused on gentleness and be bold in the light with love and peace. St. Michael will help you uplift now to your natural state of Joy, love and peace. Uplift and be happy dear one, thank St. Michael when you feel complete, thank the Angels who came to support you here, give thanks to God and uplift into joy.

St. Michael and the “Angeles” with the Angel Team

Namaste, Angel Blessings and May God Bless your day !

Your Inner Light 

angel holding light center

Greetings, this is This is St. Gabriel and St. Michael and the ‘Angeles’.  The “angeles” is the “Heavenly Host.”  This is a great multitude of angels who are here with you now. Lift up your awareness to Heaven, and ask for the ‘Angeles’ anytime you wish. We are always here in great numbers when you feel you are alone, or if you would like angels to fill your house, with our love- then ask and we shall be with you the second you ask. We are speaking to you at this time to uplift your awareness of your inner light . It is true that you do have the Holy Spirit, this is God-given, this is your Holy Light placed within you. Your heart is the host of God’s Spirit. There is nothing wrong with this light at all. In fact, this light is perfect . This perfect light is what created you, what fills your heart , and is that which understands you completely. In prayer, ask for God to send you understanding if needed. Your light is brilliant and is increasingly eternal and abundant. There is no limit to the Light placed within you. Feel this love pour into you, for your heart is open to God’s love – his Divine Will is to share His Love with you. Lift up your awareness to this Light within you, for this Light will expand with love, with peace, with harmony. Your heart is the host to this now and forever. You are blessed dear one. Please know you are loved now and always. Your love and light shine brightly together and is infused with the Holy Spirit of God within you. The Light of God is within everyone, even if they do not remember who they are, or if you do not. This is to remind you that your heart is one with the Highest, now and always. Open your heart to God often, ask for his love , His Light, His Holy Spirit to be placed within you daily, for this is already done . He will always send you His love when asked . Always – He always wants His children to know they are loved. And so we are sending you this message to help you lift your heart, open your heart daily. Lift up your awareness, ask God to send His love, open your heart to receive His Love, thank Him for sending His love and go in peace throughout your day. Be willing to let go of any external or internal distractions when you come before Him, learn to celebrate yourself and others , while giving praise and thanksgiving to the IAM God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and of Earth and the Universe, and so we celebrate you this day beloved. Now and always, and so it is, amen , amen , amen. 

St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael and the ‘Angeles’ with the Angel Team 

Ask For Heaven’s Help


Heaven’s Help is only a prayer away ! Dear beloved angel- earth angel all! We celebrate you at this time for joining the love, the joy, the peace of Heaven. Ask and you shall receive has been said by The Most High, and it shall be done. Ask now for Heaven’s Help in all ways , pray to the Most High often, pray without ceasing, give thanks for all of your spiritual blessings. God’s Goodness goes unmeasured. Be ye happy, for happiness is a gift from God, and is spoken by the Pope. The current Pope has noted that Happiness is a gift from God and we angels say “Yes it is! ” God is your true source for happiness, for energy , for peace, for love, for all that is good and Holy . You are blessed beloved and we honor your free will, for we would never wish to upset you.  Ask and you shall receive , ten fold. In this lifetime, at this time in History , you will be manifesting much quicker than ever before . You will see how fast you can manifest, let it be with Heaven’s help. Let it be with the help of the Angels and Archangels., let it be with God’s help, for God helps you now and always and always has. He would never allow you to be alone , and would never want you to think so! He loves you beloved now and always. Ask now for every step in your spiritual journey . Ask for your business, your future endeavors, your wife, husband, children, grandparents, grandchildren, and your children’s children’s children. For all generations, ask for Heaven’s help. Ask for God to shine His light in your awareness of consciousness. Ask God to shine His Light of Love in your heart and open your heart to His Goodness. Ask and it shall be done! Ask now for anything with a sincere heart and God will always help those who ask in that way. Pray to God unceasingly, give thanks , for your prayers were answered the second you thought them, and say ,” I am willing to align with the Light of God’s Will in my life now and always.” Watch the beauty that transforms your life beloved. Watch and share this with others. Listen, trust and Act on any guidance you receive, give thanks to God , and give thanks for all prayers that come true- now and always.

We the angels wish to help you now. We honor your Gift of Free Will . So you have to ask! But ask and do so without hesitation. We will always come help you, now and always. Your family, your friends, your loved ones. We are here to help you beloved – and we love you unconditionally, now and always. For you are blessed, whole, compassionate , healthy uplifting to be around and a child of the Most High. Lift up your prayer to God, ask for guidance, act without hesitation and listen for any there steps to follow, Know your prayers were answered and give thanks. And so it is, Amen, Amen , Amen.

The Angel Team

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