Channeled with St. Michael with the Guardian Angel Realm and the Angel Team……


Channeled with St. Michael with the Guardian Angel Realm and the Angel Team……

“Greetings , this is the Guardian angels of God, we are here in great number. We are blessed to have been asked for this honor of love that we share with you today. We the guardian angel realm , assist ye in blessings daily. We are happy you are asking for a message of love and peace. We are happy to extend this to you. Our message to you is to lift up your heart to us now. Ask us in daily. Ask us in with the Archangels and know that we will all come every time you ask us. We are happy to bless you in this way. We are always with you dear beloved children of God and we are here to help you in all ways . Lift up your intentions to us also. We are happy to help you in every way we can, increasing your joy for we know that all would like to see you happiest. We can help with the Archangels and angels who are willing to assist you with your intentions. Every angel is willing to help, but some have unique and special gifts , that we use for this purpose: to serve you and to serve the kingdom of God, to increase peace and to help you in all ways. For instance, St. Raphael is a healing Archangel, while St. Michael is a protector Archangel. Your intentions will invoke the correct angels as we will see your intentions easily. You need only think your intentions to us and we will help accordingly in Heavenly ways. Lift up now, anything you would like to see us help with. You need only ask and we are happy to assist. Your own guardian angels are with you always and we are happy to help them and you in every way we can. For when the angels help, there is joy increased and we are happy to help you in this area of joy and love.

Angel Exercise of Light with St. Michael the Archangel and the Guardian Angels 

Allow your heart to open now to the Realm of the Angels and ask us to assist you in [you can name a specific intention here]. Breathe deeply and ask for St. Michael to be with you, as well as the angels who love you. Notice the feeling of peace that accompanies this action. Ask us to assist you in any instance, you can call on us anytime you feel you would like to ask for our help; feel the presence of Heaven, feel the presence of love, increase peace around you and your loved ones. The angels are unlimited and we are happy to assist. for you are blessed. And so it is beloved, we will spend time with you in your heart. Ask for guidance, ask for love, ask for anything you wish. Love is an important part of being human. Love is what you were created with and love  is what is eternal. Love is from the Heavenly Father and we will lift your heart. Lifting each cell around your heart, until your love overflows. allow us to shift your awareness to us, to the Realm of the Angels and you will notice the changes of peace this will bring daily. St. Michael will assist us now in opening your heart, and removing anything that feels heavy, negative or if you would simply like to feel the peace of the Angel Realm, then this is what will happen. State your intention and ask us in. We lift you and we bless you. We love you..and so  it is amen, amen, amen. “

St. Michael with the Guardian Angel Realm and the Angel Team

Let Your Love Be Unconditional


The Most High and the Angels do not see us for our mistakes. They see past our mistakes and errs . They see our acts of love and faith; they see us as perfect holy children of God.

Love is what we were created with. God, is Holy , and His Spirit is Love , pure Love.  All are created with His love and it is through his Holy Love that we live fruitfully. God is the purest , Most High and it is through His Holy Grace that we were fashioned.  All have the Holy Spirit And it is through His Grace that we receive. In that knowing, we are to celebrate every day with goodness and with love and peace. Thanking God for every blessing and helping each other, being patient and loving. Excuse someone if they are in their ego, for all have ego’s . All ego’s are annoying because the ego is fear based and only cares about being right. It is the spirit who is one with God and Jesus, who is the Most High. Being aligned with your spiritual self is being aligned with love. 

Allow yourself to sit in a comfortable and relaxed position, close your eyes and just feel God’s embrace. Ask In prayer ” Dear Heavenly Father, may I please feel your Holy Embrace now and forever” This is something that should be done every morning , thanking God for His embrace every day. For none will go without His love which is eternal and available 24/7. This helps us align with our spiritual truth and and is who we are, a child of the Most High. Let God’s embrace begin every day, every morning , every evening, until you are full knowing that you live in His Embrace through every lifetime and return home to Heaven in His embrace also.

St. Raphael can help you heal even harsh emotions, misunderstandings, grief, anger, pessimism, fear and replace it with healing soothing high vibrational angel light if you are willing, and will help anyone who asks.

St. Michael is always available with his spiritual tube that resembles a vacuum to vacuum the environment around you, your home, your office, your vehicle, your body your light body (aura) to clear away negativity, anxiety, depression, sadness, fear or any other form of low energy and replaces it with High brilliant diamond light , The Pure Light of God. You need only ask and he is willing to help everyone too. He wants people to call on him anytime they feel they need an emotional release from stress or fatigue (low energy causes fatigue). The angels respect free will, and if you are willing , they can be with everyone simultaneously. Call on the angels any time you feel despair, grief, loneliness, unwanted, unloved, or even if you know you are loved and would just like to feel uplifted~ The angels energy is always uplifting, there doesn’t have to be anything seemingly “wrong” to ask for their help and are always happy to ensure peace.

The angels love us unconditionally. As the Father and the Son love us unconditionally, so are we to love each other.

The Angel Team


A Channeled Message from St. Michael the Archangel


A Channeled Message from St. Michael the Archangel

Blessings to everyone and greeting dear beloved children of God all! You are loved and that is the message we bring this day , for you are a blessing. We will help you this year and in any you ask of us. We are here and we love to help all who ask in every household. You are blessing, and this is repeated for many of you should hear that you are a blessing. I am St. Michael the Archangel, I am here with you now and always. Lift up any concerns you have now to God, whether it be for personal or global intentions. God is listening and is helping you now and always. God has never left, nor will He ever leave. This is His Promise to you beloved, that He is always with you and your family, and everyone. God loves you all, and is here with you now. Peace be with you , Peace be with your loved ones and your fellow neighbors- for they are sisters and brothers in Spirit. Peace be with every country, and the world. Shift your awareness to God, asking Him for Peace if needed. Faith increased if needed, Love if needed, shift your awareness to God and know that God is with you. Ask for your family if needed beloved, or friends. You will be bringing them healing through prayer. You will help the world shift in Love when you pray for the world. Peace is important to all. Ask for me when you feel upset or if you wish to bring peace to a situation. Ask for me anytime beloved, I am always available for all who ask. Peace is always available and we are happy to bring you a peaceful blessing, a peaceful outcome, a peaceful shift, and know that you are worth helping. You are loved , and we love you. You are blessed and cared for and you are protected. You are with Heaven’s help, this year and always. You are very loved and so it is, amen, amen, amen. 

New Years Angel Channel – A Message for the Most Loving Outcome for Your Year of 2017 and Beyond with St. Michael the Archangel


New Years Angel Channel – A Message for the Most Loving Outcome for Your Year of 2017 and Beyond with St. Michael the Archangel

Greetings dear beloved all. This is St. Michael the Archangel and I am here with you on this special day of love when we all celebrate. This year is God-created, and therefore, we too celebrate this with you. This year to come is of peace for all nations and love for everyone. The Highest message I can bring to you is this: know that you are loved and cared for and I bring with me great tidings of peace for who listen. Know that you can focus on the highest blessing, or blessings of 2017 and beyond. Know that you are loved throughout every year and every moment of your life. Know that we the angels of peace, of love, and of joy will help you always. Know this dear beloved child of God now and always. Peace is assured when you remain focused on God’s Love and when you choose to trust in the Most High. Peace is with you even when there are stories on social media and in the news that tell otherwise. Peace is what we are asking you to focus on throughout 2017. Pray for those countries who are still not focused on Peace and Love. For there are some who, still remain focused on fear. Fear not we say! We are with you and we are to help you throughout your lifetime and others throughout theirs. We can help you in a multitude of ways, whether you are focused on love and peace is up to you. If you are moving, focus on a peaceful move, if you are with love, focus in it ever so more we say, the highest love is with you always. Peace is the outcome when you remember love first. Love is always the answer dear ones, and in 2017 we the angels and Archangels will help you . And this is our message- ask for us to help you in every situation. Ask for your loved ones and we the angels and Archangels will assist your loved ones who are willing to receive our assistance. Shift your thinking if needed to the highest outcome by focusing on Love and Peace. Ask for me to lift your thoughts, your emotions if needed. Ask for the angels to surround and help anyone in need. See 2017 as peaceful, see your future as bright, because it is. See your love growing because it does. See yourself doing well, see your love as one with God and know that you are blessed, guided and loved. Ask for us dear ones always. Ask for me personally, I am St. Michael the Archangel and I love you. Ask for blessings from God and Jesus who love you, ask and it is given. Ask and your prayer answered, and this is a question worth asking. Know that 2017 is blessed, and you are loved and you are with Heaven’s help now and always. And so it is, amen, amen, amen. 

St. Michael the Archangel and the Angel Team

This Christmas Season -A Channeled Message with St. Michael and the Angel Team


 Greetings beloved friends and spiritual family. I am with you even when you are not aware. I am always available for you to call upon me, anytime you wish. Beloved, why would you not? I am always willing and will be with you instantly. You need not worry about troubling me with concerns. I am happy to help in any circumstance and you are never burdening me. Heaven is always available for your beloved to call upon , and to ask for Heavenly assistance. Peace be with you beloved, for God is with you and He is always here to help you. From Him you are never separate. Nor would God wish this. For God’s Goodness is with you, His Holy Spirit is with you and Beloved, so is His Son. We are here too beloved, to be with you as soon as you ask. We cherish every moment we have with you, for you are God’s people and we love you. Peace is with you and may you but only focus on this throughout every day of your life. Peace is what you were created with and in God’s Hands you were created. God’s hands are of Peace. His Holy Peace and you beloved, are not separate from Him. This Holiday Season, we encourage you to focus on HIs Peace. The Peace of the Savior. The Peace of the Spirit. The Trinity.

Lift up your concerns to God, if any beloved. Ask for what you need if there is something. This is a question worth asking! God is the provider of all things physical and spiritual. Ask God for peace if needed, for Love, for Joy. Ask God for His Love now beloved. God is always willing to share His Love and Peace with His people. This IS a question worth asking. Peace is with you and shift your awareness to the Peace of God every day, we suggest. For God knows all and can see why you are coming. May Peace be your focus now and always and so it is, we bless you  and we uplift you now. Keep your focus on Peace beloved. Keep your focus on God throughout your day and know that He is with you now and awwals. We are here and we love you. And so it is, amen, amen, amen. 

Shift Any Situation To Peace- A Channeled Message from The Angels and Archangels

angel holding light center

Beloved all ! Shift any situation to peace beloved with prayer to God. Know that God loves you and we the angels and Archangels who love you the most are here with you; right beside you. We hear your thoughts and can hear your voice and see the intention of your heart. Be willing to allow yourself to listen to God.  Spend time asking God and Jesus for their assistance with any situation and know that God Loves you very much. Trust God beloved. We the angels are with you daily and love you very much also. Spending time with God and Jesus will help you shift any situation to peace. Spending time with God, telling Him everything and asking for His Help, will not only bring  Peace and blessings to you and everyone around you- God will help from Heaven. God, who knows everything and everyone and every situation, will help you beloved- with His Divine Wisdom and Healing if necessary for all involved. You are loved! And that is our message- for you are blessed . You are a blessed child of God and we love you. Blessings are certain when you pray over everyone and anything. Turn your situation to God and know that God can help you beloved and your family. Now and always. Pray with faith and trust in God and know, we the angels are with you and we are also helping, as is God’s Will. And so it is. We will help you shift now any worry, stress or emotion you are holding onto- even disbelief; just be willing and we the angels, who are with you, are now removing all that is unpleasant to you from your energy body. We cleanse you off and shift your thoughts and emotions into love and peace. Breathe now and release anything you are willing to let go of- ask St. Michael daily to help you release stress if needed, anytime. St. Michael is alway willing to help you with this beloved. Feel the peace in your mind and heart now as we infuse our light and love with you. And so it is, we are here for you now and always- we love you  and are happy to help. 

The Angels and Archangels



The Angels and Archangels- “Helping You Align With Spirit”


In Honor of the Feast of the Archangels – giving thanks to God for sending His Mighty Angels to guide, guard and assist us every day. Here is a channeled message with the Angels and Archangels. With Love. 

The Archangels and Angels- on This Day and Always- Helping you Align with Spirit

Greetings beloved – you are spirit; God’s Spirit has been placed within your heart and you beloved, carry this light within you at all times. We the angels and Archangel on this Feast Day wish to let you know we are helping. We are here, and we love you this day and always. We are here beloved this day, and always, to help you with everything. Always. We are here 24/7 and we can help you now if you ask. Allow us to help you shift your life circumstance, if needed, to peace. To love. To joy. Ask for us now, and we the Archangels will help you beloved as you ask. We are here to help you with your Gifts, in understanding, in joy, in love, in every area of your life. We can help your loved ones too. If they are in need of help, you can ask for them and we will ask their permission, for they have the Gift of Free Will and are God’s beloved children too. We see your intentions and wish to give you love this day, wish to give you peace this day, wish to listen to you, wish to help you. In all matters. St. Gabriel, St. Raphael and St.Michael will assist this day together, in tandem. As will the multitude of Archangels and Angels who serve at God’s throne. Peace be with you this day beloved. Peace be with you always. Peace of Christ is always with you- and this is worth remembering! You are never separate from the Love and Peace of God. Focus now on HIs Peace and Love. Focus on God and ask God for His Love now. Ask God for Peace and ask for His Blessings. Give thanks to God always beloved. For all Good things are God-Given. And we are here, to help you at all times, in all matters. We love you.

Angel Exercise of Light For All To Enjoy With Love – 

Imagine you are sitting here with St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael. Ask them now beloved to be with you and to help you with [you can name a situation you would like to have help with]. Ask St. Michael anything you wish. St. Raphael who helps with healing, will help you as you wish or with healing if needed, and St. Gabriel who assists everyone especially teachers and young children, will also help you with your specific intention. Give them your ideas, your situation, your goals, your love. Trust them to help you- but ask! For the Archangels who love you are here with you and want you to ask for their assistance as often as needed. 24/7 and more. We are always here beloved. Shift your awareness now to your heart, and invite these Archangels to be with you. Ask them anything now beloved and ask them for their assistance. You can confide in all angels and Archangels – so if you prefer you can ask for a specific angel, or a multitude of angels if you feel unsafe – or just prefer the presence of a multitude. There is no judgment and we, the angels of God who love you, want you to ask often and always. And so it is beloved. We will help you now by lifting away any stress, or unwanted emotion, healing the area where it was stored, for this is not needed, and we cleanse this and any worry from you now, replacing what was taken, with the healing light of St. Raphael and the healing angels. Helping you restore balance, love , peace and we bring a rainshower of blessings to you and your family. Helping in the ways you have asked, and more. We offer you this now and always. It is always here and waiting for you, every time you ask, and we bless you. Amen, amen, amen. 

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