Following Your Guidance For Holy Orders and Being Called To Serve

angel holding light center

Holy Orders could be to join or lead a ministry This can include volunteering for an organization such as Peace Corps, your local Church/Synagogue/Temple, offering assistance in the community, or even gathering donations such as food or clothing or otherwise for those in need. Holy Orders is when you feel you are being called by God for service work. Being called can be as simple as listening to an announcement of where help is needed and knowing through inner knowing or a peaceful, uplifting feeling in your heart, following guidance from your angels, or listening to your heart, that you suddenly know you have a compelling feeling that you should be assisting there. Even a little interest in the subject can help a multitude of people if guided and acted upon. This is a little like life purpose, both are “chosen” and there are no coincidences in eitherIt is a special calling by God to serve the church. Life purpose is also a special calling by God. Both are chosen for you using spiritual gifts, insight, abilities, personality, heart. Both are blessed and bring blessings to you and everyone involved. Continue reading “Following Your Guidance For Holy Orders and Being Called To Serve”

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