Angel Messages with an Angel Blessing of Light

7 chakras

The angels are guiding me to write a message about our clairaudient chakras . Clairaudient chakras are sensitive to sound. The word “chakra” is  a sanskrit word meaning “wheel “~ each chakra is a like a spinning wheel of light, color, love and energy. (Picture a flower with pedals spinning around but “highly vibrating” creating a wheel of color with its pedals). There are seven main chakras (each spinning at a different harmonious rate (all are harmonious), they can be healed with sound, but it is best to cleanse them with light, especially light from Heaven. Each individual chakra is a different vibrant color of the rainbow. The angels are guiding me to add that each chakra is a spinning wheel of “light”, which is seen as energy, and each has different “light, color, sound and  frequencies” by the rate they are spinning~ some spin at a higher rate than the others~ and are located in the aura or “light body” and are subtle energy centers which are created with God’s pure love) but the angels are guiding me to speak of the clairaudient chakras. Clairaudience means “clear hearing” – or the ability to clearly hear spirit. These sensitive chakras are your “inner ears” and are located within your “light body” and can be seen with inner sight or “clear seeing” (clairvoyance). They can also be sensed by “clear feeling”  or clairsentience. These sensitive chakras help with insight by listening to your angels voices. St. Michael and the angels can communicate with everyone and are unlimited in how they can clearly send messages. However these chakras help to clearly hear messages from your angels. The angel’s voices are sweet and also can be to the point if being directed to do something with urgency or if we are being  given a warning. St. Michael’s voice is direct but loving , like a really loving older brother. He is very close to God as are all of the angels. Continue reading “Angel Messages with an Angel Blessing of Light”

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