A Message of Peace from the Choir of the Guardian Angels

Guardian angel 3

 In all ways, prayer helps all things. Prayer increases God’s help among Earth. God is offering His assistance 24/7 and you are never without the Most High. He is always with  you and will always  be with you. God is helping you now , even as we speak. He has always been there helping in all ways, even when it seems like He has not been there. He has never forgotten you and never will. This has been written in the Bible, and is worth repeating. Try to understand the Father’s Love, for it is greater than you can imagine. The depths of His Heart is eternally loving and to His Goodness there is no end. His ways are the Highest ways and Trust Him with all of your sincere, heartfelt prayers. For in His Goodness He answers without hesitation all prayer. All prayers are answered immediately. Trust Him with everything, pray unceasingly this holiday and always, give thanks for everything He does, for in His Goodness He will assist all; answer the humble heart, the sincere heart, the lowly heart, the poor of heart, the one who comes in faith, thanksgiving, praise and hearts of goodness. All will be answered in all ways , without hesitancy. God sees your goodness, and always has. His Light emanates within your heart and He knows his peacemakers, His favored, His chosen, for all are chosen before they enter the Earth and were selected before the Earth was made by God Himself. God is all knowing, all encompassing and may you praise Him daily and give thanks unceasingly.

“Lift up your hearts, for He has Risen ” is sung by the Seraphim angels constantly to all people. This is a season of joy, rejoice in this Season and know that God and Jesus love everyone equally- as it is written, God is always with you and will never leave you.

This Christmas, invite God to be with you, in your heart. Ask for Him to send you His Love into your heart, into your mind, and overflow within every cell, every organ, every system, and within every area of your mind, heart and soul. May you share in His Love, for He is Willing to send His Holy Love to you always. In every moment , His Love is offered. 

“Hallowed be thy Name Father, will you please send the Love you have in store for me? Will you please overflow in every area of my mind, body, emotions, heart and soul, and May I share this Love with everyone I meet today. Clear me of any err in thinking that makes me feel separate from You. Clear me of any thought that I am not worthy of Your Love, and hold me in Your Embrace. In Jesus’ Name. Amen”

and so it is, amen, amen, amen…..

The Guardian Angels with the Angel Team

A Message of Love for Christmas with the Christmas Angels and the Guardian Angel Realm

Christmas Angels

This Christmas season, help one another by lifting the spirit of someone special by complimenting, encouraging, supporting. Healthy relationships are important everyday. Nurture your own family relationships everyday. Tell a child they are important. Hug your own children (even if grown) , for each one is blessed.

Love one another as Jesus has said. Lift your awareness to the Christmas angels. Call on us anytime you wish; especially through this season of Christmas. 2015 has had its blessings for everyone indeed and give thanks in your heart to the Most High.

Shift your awareness to love. Focus on the Angel Realm- on the Christmas Angels. You need only intend. The angels are always listening. The Christmas Angels will help you listen to the Light of Christ in your heart., increase joy if you ask them, increase peace where needed, help you feel the Christmas spirit, help you feel the light of Christ- the Light of Emmanuel who is always present and within your hearts. The Christmas angels are very peaceful (and are always with you as we celebrate the Light of Christ 24/7) and loving and are here daily with the Heavenly Host in great numbers- and will help your family throughout Christmas. Ask for their presence to surround you. Breathe deeply and ask for the Christmas Angels- and give thanks to God for all he has done- especially in your family tree.

The Christmas Angels are very close to Jesus and love him dearly. They love Mother Mary and can help you celebrate this Christmas Season in joy and peace. They can also help you in almsgiving, prayer to God, and in giving. We celebrate in joy in your asking to be with us in all ways.

~With God all things are possible~

The Christmas Angels with the Guardian Angel Realm and the Angel Team

You Are Blessed – A Message of Love and an Angel Exercise with the Christmas Angels, Guardian Angels and the Angel Team

Christmas Angels


 Shift your awareness to the angels. Notice how you feel when your awareness is lifted to Heaven and the angels. Your body will relax and often breathe deeply, although you may have other signs from your body that you have indeed connected with the angels and higher awareness. This higher awareness is Heavenly , and feels good to all. This is where you have come from originally. Shift your awareness now to breathing and being aware of your body. Breathe deeply and ask the angels to help you lift away any worry, stress, or fatigue you may be carrying unknowingly. This is common during this time of year, with family , travel, shopping in large crowds , although it is in celebration, many unknowingly feel anxiety to get things “done” , have the illusion that there is not enough time before the holiday, or simply need a helping hand financially or even physically in some way- such as with quite time. Spend time now with the angels , ask the guardian angels to surround you. Ask the Archangels to surround you and your loved ones this season. Ask the Christmas Angels who are here to help you with your shopping, travel arrangements for the holidays, parking in malls, organic food shopping, finding the right prices and gifts, and so forth. Ask the parking angels to help you find close parking spaces. We angels would like to help you in all ways. Spend time now with loving yourself, and the angel realm. Connect with us always, every day, we will help you feel our presence. In fact, you already do. Notice how you feel when you connect with the angels. What did your body do? What did you see? Notice these subtle signs of love entering your body, your awareness and what your body does when you connect with us. These are all signs physically that you have connected with the angel realm. We ask you this because when you notice that the angels are near, notice how the energy shifts. Do this frequently and allow your own body to tell you when the angels are close. The  angel realm is in Heaven above you, not that far away.  Do this often dear one. Do this daily. With practice , you too can feel the angels presence always. And so it is beloved. We bless you, in harmony this Christmas season and always in every season.

We lift you now with your energy body. We cleanse you off and lift your vibration even higher, higher still, for this is a time of glee, celebration and preparation for the Light of Christ Jesus. He is within your heart and his light is within everyone. Remember this when you shop and are grumpy or impatient. Each person has the light of Christ Jesus in their hearts. Family, acquaintances and even co-workers.  Know this beloved and know you are blessed in every instance and so are they. your loved ones, acquaintances and those who shop next to you. In every way, spend time with your loved ones in happiness, spend time with the angels, and know your loved ones are also blessed. Spend time in prayer, in meditation, in connecting with the angel realm. We are happy to help you always. And so it is, amen , amen, amen.

The Guardian Angels with the Christmas Angels and the Angel Team


Angel Message and Exercise of Love and Peace

Angels inHeaven

The angels encourage replacing judgment with compassion . Some judgment is criticism and the angels say that most judgments are spoken out of anger and bitterness. Some even through sarcastic humor (which is also a sign of bitterness). It is really important for those judge to understand that it is far better to think with compassion because compassion heals. The angels say that this includes self judgment and releasing fears of the ego. All fears are ego based. This is where judgment lies. The Higher self knows that every person is a unique child of God, this thought could never hinder for it is focused on spiritual truth. Every child of God has the Spirit of God and of Christ inside each one of them. And each one of us is also born with an ego. The Highest self always chooses compassion and is how Jesus taught us. To learn to use compassion for that is what God likes. Learn to speak a special blessing before you judge someone or yourself. Or ask for a special Blessing from the Most High for that person. When people judge, they are really expressing where they are on your spiritual path. Maybe forgiveness is in order. The judgment they are carrying is only hurting them dear ones. Release judgment by using compassion and speaking wisely. Use your words to be a good witness for someone. This is how the angels see us and are always our best witnesses. Even when we are angry they see our goodness. ( but are willing to hep heal bitterness and anger if you ask them to- you don’t need to carry either one! By this, I do not mean to be too “passive” for this is not inner peace either. It’s ok to let people know how you are feeling as long as you use “I feel” statements,which is assertive and honest. I am saying that the angels do not judge us for anything, not even for being angry. in fact they love us unconditionally) They always see our perfect selves because God created in His perfectness. His preciseness. Learn to overlook people’s “flaws”, they may be in their ego. Learn to see each person as a child of the Most High. A spiritual brother or sister,  spiritual family or spiritual friend. Rather than reacting to someone’s ego, choose to pray for them instead.

Pray for those who seem to be in their ego, for they may be unknowing of their offenses. No one wakes up and says’ I am going to offend someone today’ in fact everyone wakes up and has an intention to enjoy their day . If you are willing to look at your own judgements , ask your self, in what way am I judging others because in doing so, you are really judging yourself dear one and we mean this with love. For if you didn’t judge you would look at another with compassion and love. Continue reading “Angel Message and Exercise of Love and Peace”