Your  Loved Ones in Heaven Are at Peace

mother mary and rainbow

Do you have loved ones in Heaven? Do not be afraid, for they are well! They are helping you on an Angelic realm in Heaven. Most family members, soul mates , twin flames, offer to stay and help their beloveds on Earth. For good reason! They love God and want every one to be happy. In fact all souls in Heaven would always wish you peace on Earth. There is not one who would wish you different. Not one ! If you had a mishap before your loved one passed, it is forgiven dear one, do not blame yourself any longer. Let go of any guilt of not saying goodbye, or not being there as often as you could have. For this is suffering unnecessarily. No one wants you to suffer, no one wants you to unnecessarily grieve (in this way). Prayers are offered daily for the departed and they are blessed for they were offered with love, however, the ones that need prayer the most are the ones who are on Earth~ where there is suffering and pain. All are seen with God’s compassion and mercy. Do not choose suffering for yourself dear ones. Choose love always , even for yourself. For you cannot uplift others if you are unhappy inside. Inside of your heart lives the Light of the Lord  and the Holy Spirit. For you are blessed indeed ! God has sent His Holy Spirit to be with you, always , to guide you through your life path.

To connect with your loved ones, you can ask the angels to send them a message , or write to them daily on a piece of paper. Continue reading “Your  Loved Ones in Heaven Are at Peace”

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