God Answers Prayer Without Hesitancy (with a Loving Channeled Angel message) 


The angels said this insight would be great for the Angel Blog (and Today’s insight). I have noticed that people wonder if they are burdening God with asking too much. Also, I see people wonder if their prayers are being heard.

I and the angels are here to confirm that God answers all prayer without hesitancy. The moment you lift up a prayer or concern, is the moment He answers! God doesn’t procrastinate, He doesn’t hold His chin in contemplation of what He is going to do or wonder how He is going to answer your prayer. That’s human thinking! God knew you before you were born! He knew you before He created the Earth and how you would help! He knew you would be here right now, in this very place and sees you coming before you even ask Him anything! He knows all of your ancestors and knows all of your future generations and family tree. In fact, God meets you where you are! 

A very well known Spiritual Author, Wayne Dyer used to say that God is so precise, that if Earth was 6 inches in either direction, toward or away from the sun, that there would not be life on this planet at all. 6 INCHES ! EARTH ! Can you imagine how big the Earth is and how teeny 6 inches is? That is precise !!

God answers without hesitancy and with God’s Wisdom, that created the Earth and Heaven and the Universe! He is the author of Life eternal and His Knowledge and Understanding is beyond our human mind and without measure. God and Jesus love us very much! Some prayers appear answered immediately and sometimes the  answer to your prayer appears answered at a later time. The angels say that even this situation would be within God’s Divine Timing as sometimes the answers depend on another’s free will, or there is some event that has to happen before your situation appears as answered. Lift up all concerns to God, thanking Him for ALL of his answers and His blessing, knowing that your prayers are completely all answered and Trust Him with the outcome. Listen for any guidance you may be receiving in your heart from His Holy Spirit or from the angels. 

I had a situation happen once where God was there before I even prayed about the actual situation. I of course pray daily. “Dear God , thank you for all blessings. Please help my family and everyone I know and Love and have ever met…” but this day, I had locked myself out of my office, where I had left my keys, my walking shoes, my wallet, purse, my phone- everything I would need to get home. Even my house keys ( and especially the keys to the office to get back in!)  UGH ! All I was holding in my hand was my mug that I had just washed and my mail keys (which I had grabbed thinking I grabbed my office keys instead when I locked the office to wash my mug in a kitchen area located down the hall from the office I worked in). 

I contemplated calling my boss at a gas station pay phone (do they still have pay phones?), but didn’t know his number as I had him programmed into my phone by his first name. I knew my boss lived 3 blocks away, but didn’t know his address (only his street) and thought about walking 3 blocks in either direction to find his street and search for his car (hopefully in the driveway and not in a garage!)

However, there were other businesses in the building and I also remembered that the 2nd owner of the business always answered his email immediately whenever I had contacted him before. So I thought I could just knock on another office door, ask to use their computer, and email the other owner (I remembered his email at least!). It was 5pm and the first office door I knocked on was closed already. So as I headed down the hallway, I pass the kitchen where I washed my mug, and standing there is a vending machine operator filling up the vending machines full of soft drinks. 

So I asked the “vending machine operator” if he had a phone with internet capabilities. He said he did, and I explained the situation and how I needed to email the owner of the company to be able to get back into the office as I was locked out. He announced that he also worked for a lock and key company, that he was a locksmith, and that he could help me get back into my office! What?? Awesome!! So he went out to his truck, got a tool, tried several keys he had on a ring and decided to use the tool instead and opened the door to my office that was locked within minutes!

That man was a God-send to me. How often do you lock yourself out of your office or home only to find a locksmith standing 2 feet away from you? There was a “God reason” he and I were there together! I know God was asking me to Trust Him with everything and that He sees everything. The man didn’t want any compensation and I am SO grateful for that man and that experience.

 MY point is, this was a situation that I didn’t see coming, but God saw coming. God sees everything and knows what you are feeling inside your heart, why you are coming to Him, knows everything you need and will always be there and has never left. 

“Lift up all prayers and concerns to God, knowing that He is with you always. There is nothing too small for God or too large for God’s hands. He is always willing to help those who seek him sincerely and in faith, knowing that He rewards those who seek Him. He is the Most High, God Almighty and will always be with you. Blessed be God in the highest and peace to all His children. For all who are willing, God will help. Even those who are not, God has never left. For He loves to be with His people and all He created. Even they will be seen with God’s mercy for God is very merciful and loving to all. Give thanks to God for all He has done for you and know He Loves you and wants to see His people love all and place Him first. For He is always with you. And so it is beloved, we cleanse you of any doubt or fear or err in consciousness that believed you were separate. Knowing that all prayers are answered we bless you and lift you and cleanse you. Clearing away negativity and leaving you with the Pure Loving uplifting Light of God, we clear you now. Lifting you gently and lovingly and lift you to the Holiest Light of Love and that of the angel realm. And so it is, amen, amen , amen.” ~ the Angels 

Love is Always Present

Guardian angel 3


God’s  love is abundant. Available for all at all times. Open your heart to His Love often. Open your heart to the Goodness of God; asking for His Love to overflow within your own heart. Ask for this daily. Ask in prayer by saying:

“Dear Heavenly Father, God of all that is, please send your Holy Love into my heart. Please overflow through to every cell, overflowing through every system, restoring every cell , organ and tissue to its natural state you created or better. Lifting me in love and in joy. I rejoice in you, for your glory. Amen.”

For those asking for health of body , you could alter the prayer, asking God to restore every cell to perfect abundant health .

For spiritual renewal , you could alter the prayer and ask for God’s Love to renew in you a new spirit in every cell and within your heart.

For additional Love , that of God, we recommend asking God every day. God will send His love without hesitation every time you ask.

We bless you dear child of God, and we lift you . Restoring you to your natural state of joy, love and peace. For you blessed and we love you. 

Love is always present and available to you. And so it is beloved, amen , amen, amen. 

The Angel Team

Communicating With Your Angels- Turning Up the Volume of Your Ear Chakras


Your angels want you to hear them more than you do! Ask the angel to “turn up ” the volume when speaking to them. This means, that they will turn up the “spiritual volume” to your inner ears – which are located within everyone. Everyone has ear chakras, which are located directly adjacent to your eyebrows, a little lower than your forehead. They are the color of bright red violet. Within your ear chakras are these “inner ears.” The angels will be happy to turn up the volume when asked. This is something that is easy for the angels. If you are having trouble hearing your angels, this will help. Another method that assists in hearing your angels is to sit and breathe. Breath clears the passageway to Heaven’s Messages (and helps you be one with your highest self and the angel realm, when intended, with your breathing exercises. This also helps you shift your awareness from your ego mind- which is fear based – to that of your highest spiritual self- which is love, created from Divine Love)- although the angels are not limited by breath. Releasing fears that you are not able to hear you angels will also help in clearing the passageway to Heaven’s messages. St. Michael will help you remove anything that is seemingly blocking you- which is mainly your fears. The Truth is – there is nothing blocking you from hearing your angels messages. It is only your thoughts that mis-create the illusion that there is a “block” at all. St. Michael comes in and removes the “thought” that is in err- healing your consciousness and lifts away any debris in your field ( or aura or light body) that would be dense in vibration, helping you to communicate more clearly with the angels and hear their messages! Help is always available to you when you ask the angels to help you communicate with them. St. Michael can even help you when you are sleeping.

Ask now for the angels to help clear away any thing that is in err- helping to lift away any psychic debris in your field, and turning the volume up for you within your inner ears. This is not painful or intrusive. If there is a ringing noise, this is normal- but if the ringing is too loud, you can also ask the angels to turn the volume down as well. Just be honest with your angels in what you are experiencing. They will know what to do and will help facilitate your ears. Once opened, your ears will be sensitive to sound, loud noises and yelling or raised voices. They will also be sensitive to vibration and tones. You will have to listen to soft music and nurture your hearing with kind words, compliments ( that are sincere – the inner ears can pick up on insincerity!) and words that heal others. The words you speak are important to your inner ears . Insults will no longer be tolerated and neither will yelling. Bold is different than yelling. Bold is sincere. Yelling is aggression carried out in your voice. Be careful not to respond in anger, but walk away from a situation that seems unhealthy. Drama will no longer be tolerated or gossip. The inner ears are truly sensitive- you may say that you have the ears of an angel! To hear the angels voices, you almost do!~ We are here for you always and we celebrate your wanting to hear your angels messages more clearly, accurately and often. We love you – and so it is..amen , amen,  amen.

The Angel Team

 Love is Healing 

Guardian angel 3

Spiritual Healing is a little like emotional healing, but spiritual healing happens on a soul level, in addition to helping the emotions or mental body uplift. Love is always the answer in healing. Loving yourself, loving a loved one, forgiveness where needed, all can lift the spirit. The angels encourage forgiveness, for forgiveness is an act of love. It is with God’s mercy that all have been forgiven, and this is why Jesus has spoken these words ” Forgive one another as the Heaven Father forgives you”- for with mercy, there is love. With gratitude, there is love. Love spoken expands. Truth spoken expands. Love in truth, is all there is, and peace is knowing this. When the angels assist with a spiritual healing, St. Michael will sever cords of discord- replacing it with the pure loving loving light of God, because love is what heals. Divine love is different, in the sense that Divine Love is holy and perfect- and loves you more than you know. The Holy Spirit will help you love like no other. Jesus is the Holy Living Word, who sent the Holy Spirit  when he went to Heaven. He asked God to send the Holy Spirit to everyone- who helps us understand the love the Father has for us. In that , there is healing. Where there is Love, Holy Love- there is no suffering  there is no pain.

Feel this love now- allow yourself to sit in a relaxed position, asking God to send His love to your heart. Open your heart to Him as you ask and ask God to love you. This is something that is normal and God does every day. Ask Him to fill the areas that need forgiveness with His Love, the areas in your heart that need to forgive others, the areas in your mind that need to love yourself. Ask God to help you love, unconditionally- as He loves you- as the Father loves the Son- so also  He loves you. That is Truth and this will expand in your heart, and glow brighter this day. Every time you read this , you can ask God again and again to help you love. I promise you, God within your heart will respond with a resounding yes! God is omnipresent and is in your heart daily- and is within the heart of others. Love Is what heals , love is what magnifies love, love is all there is. You can ask God now for His love, now and always. And so it is beloved- we thank you for allowing us to lift you- and so it is , amen amen , amen 

The Healing Angels with the Angel Team 

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