Be Willing to Listen to Others

Archangel Chamuel

Greetings, this is Archangel Chamuel. I am here with St. Michael , St. Raphael and St. Gabriel, who are here to inform you that you are doing everything you can to try your hardest at this time. We angels and Archangels are here to support you as you transition into the celestial Heavenly spheres, where you will be lifting to daily. Now and always. Listening is good for others at this time. Many are needing a listening ear for what they have been storing through tumultuous times and are holding in grief, emotions, – they are blessed and would just like a listening ear for their healing process. If you happen to hear of someone who is having a hard time, do not turn your back. For many see this as drama. Instead, listen with attentiveness. This doesn’t mean to show them pity- for pity does not help either party and causes victim-hood. We are saying dear beloved child of the Most High to listen with love, with compassion, and know that you are healing them just by listening to them. Many are suffering unnecessarily in this way. They need a friendly ear. A loving ear, a compassionate ear . This will bring hope. Your positive influence can help many dear beloved child of God. Trust in the angels to bring you those who could help you also. If you yourself needs a listening ear, trust the angels to guide you to someone who could never hurt you-only love you. Unconditionally. You deserve this beloved as does all people on Earth. All deserve someone who will love them unconditionally. Someone to hold them, cuddle if wanted, love, laugh and enjoy life together. If you choose to help another, by listening, you will be helping the world. Those around you are the “world”. Uplift now to Heaven, uplift your heart. Hug your best friend, your sister, your brother, your loved ones. Uplift to the angels and ask, ” Dear angels, will you please help me find someone who I can listen to ? Or Talk to? Help me find ways to serve ” I guarantee, then angels will indeed do so! For there are many. Listening is healing to most. Encourage them to open up, help them feel safe to talk to you. Lift up anything you do not feel comfortable in handling, let them do the same. Encourage them to let go of anything that does not serve them, encourage them to forgive the other. To help another is helping the earth heal one person at a time.

We lift you now , dear beloved child of the Most High, we lift you into love, into the highest most Heavenly angel realm with us. You are always one with us! One with the Highest, one with God Almighty, and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit , through which we are one with you. We open your heart to love and ask you to be willing to  open you heart further still. Further to love- to God’s Embrace. To God’s Holy Love in Heaven. Feel His love now and always. Feel His embrace now and always. We are always here, we are always loving you and we celebrate your willingness to open your heart to love. And so it is, Amen , Amen , Amen.

St. Michael, St.Gabriel, Archangel Chamuel, St. Raphael and the ‘Angeles’

Let Your Love Be Unconditional 


The Most High and the Angels do not see us for our mistakes. They see past our mistakes and errs . They see our acts of love and faith; they see us as perfect holy children of God.

Love is what we were created with. God, is Holy , and His Spirit is Love , pure Love.  All are created with His love and it is through his Holy Love that we live fruitfully. God is the purest , Most High and it is through His Holy Grace that we were fashioned.  All have the Holy Spirit And it is through His Grace that we receive. In that knowing, we are to celebrate every day with goodness and with love and peace. Thanking God for every blessing and helping each other, being patient and loving. Excuse someone if they are in their ego, for all have ego’s . All ego’s are annoying because the ego is fear based and only cares about being right. It is the spirit who is one with God and Jesus, who is the Most High. Being aligned with your spiritual self is being aligned with love.  Continue reading “Let Your Love Be Unconditional “

Spiritual Renewal

Jesus embrace

Spiritual renewal is pleasant because it aligns you with the Holy Spirit.  Every moment can be a spiritual renewal; in faith , in baptism,  in Christ. It is a Holy Baptism that is given to us through the Holy Spirit of God. All can ask God for this renewal. Spiritual renewal is a gift , it is like an awakening of the oneness in God’s Spirit~ the Holy presence given to us by God in all of us through Christ Jesus. The Holy Spirit helps us to awaken and provides a shift in awareness of the unconditional love that is shared by God; a baptism of the Spirit. It is this Holy baptism that renews us in our spiritual service to God and awakens our natural God Given Light. The Holy Spirit is who guides us in everyday decisions., as this is the Father’s Will, and is God Given . It is the the Light of Christ , the Holy Spirit who remains in us and helps us recognize we are the love we were created from, that we live everyday in that unity from God as His Children; the unity in the Holy Spirit. It is different than being refreshed , it is a way to renew in the path of service of the Spirit. All can ask both God and Jesus for spiritual renewal as this being born again in the Spirit. It is like being “set aflame ” in fervor , in faith, in thanksgiving, in love, in joy . Spiritual renewal is considered being born again to Christians, but all can ask. It is more than an uplifting, it is a renewal in the faith of the promises of Christ, of the promises of God and it is just. All can ask by asking the Heavenly Father:

Dear Heavenly Father, help me to feel renewed in your Spirit. Help me to feel awakened in the love in which you and Christ Jesus share with all of us, for I tell you , not one would be disappointed.

Every day , every moment can be a sacred moment in renewing in the promises of Christ , in the Promises of God.. May All be blessed and uplifted.

The Star Guides , ORION and The Angel Team Continue reading “Spiritual Renewal”

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