A Channeled Message From St. Michael and the Guardian Angels


A Channeled Message From St. Michael and the Guardian Angels

“Greetings all and blessings to those who listen! We are here and in great number – for we are here to usher in the new beginning. A new  beginning of love , of peace , of Joy.  Yes beloved we are here and we celebrate with you in this beginning. In every moment there can be a shift to greater happiness, to greater peace and greater love and greater joy. In every moment a new beginning and a new blessing and this is all done in God’s Love for His people. God wishes for you to know that in every moment He is with you and in that knowing, you are with Him. And when God is with you, you can accomplish miracles. You beloved are with the Most High now and always and God who loves you is always listening to you. Your blessings occur in multitudes and your joy is never ending with God. Peace is always here when you focus on God’s Will and Love. And so it is beloved we lift you now in your heart to the Peace and Love that is always one with you. And we celebrate your willingness. Your Peace is always powered by the One who sent you. And so it is, Amen, Amen,Amen.”


A Channeled Message of Peace- To Increase Joy. With the Angels and Archangels

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A Channeled Message of Peace- To Increase Joy. With the Angels and Archangels

“Greetings beloved ! You are earth angels all who read this! You are a blessing to others and your families and we are here to support you , every one! We are with you now and always! Peace and love are with you at all times and we celebrate you this day, this season and in every moment! We see how you feel beloved and know how you love others. We would like to take a moment to offer you a blessing, a new beginning and you can experience this beginning in any moment you choose! You are a child of God and we love you. You can create your outcome by focusing on, and holding the intention of creating with love and the highest possible outcome. You are a creator, made in the image of God. You can love and create and create what you love.  You can create a positive outcome. And this is God’s Will for you, to focus on what is Holy, what is perfect, what is love and create from this space beloved. Create from Love and Joy and you will see your joy increase indeed! You will find peace in every direction and you will help those around you do the same. We are with you and we celebrate you in every moment beloved! We can see how your love can create goodness. Focus now on God’s Love inside your Heart. If this is difficult for you, ask for God to help you focus on His Love. He is always willing to help you- especially (to) know He is with you and He Loves you. He is within your heart and in Heaven. He is never separate from you beloved and He never will be. Not ever! Eternally with you and always listening to every prayer , to every child of God, to every woman, man, and child who calls upon His Holy Name! You are blessed and we love you. And so it is! Amen, Amen, Amen.”  ~

The  Angels and Archangels who love you