Lifting Into Joy


Lifting Into Joy

Channeled with St.Michael, St. Gabriel, St.Raphael, Archangels, Peaceful Protection angels, Council of 12 and Orion

“Beloved one, and greetings from St. Michael the Archangel. I am here with you as you read this, I am helping you in this moment, for those that are willing, to lift into God’s Eternal Joy and God’s Peace- clearing from you, what would appear in the physical, as possible depression or melancholy, anger or sadness. I am here with many and we love you. I am here at this time to help you lift into Joy. Joy can never die, for it is from God Himself that this flows from. It is from His eternal Spirit who is one with you and is always with you. God Himself is asking you to lift what feels negative to Him and in every moment , remember that you are not alone as you know- for there are many here who are willing to help you lift anything you may be experiencing and I am with you now, clearing old energy and asking you to be willing , if you are ready, to lift what feels as if it were “in the way” of your joy to me. I am here always and I will remove this now for you and replace it now , filling your heart and home with the perfect Light of God now and always – every time you ask of me. God Himself sends me to you and as you know, I am always here. St. Raphael is working with your heart . Healing in this moment, repeat the words , “ I am one with God’s Joy; God’s Joy supports me and the Universe and in Heaven , this Joy has no end. It is eternal and I declare that I am one with God’s Eternal Spirit, who loves me and is with me even now as I read this. I declare I am always one with His Love and Peace and Understanding and Joy.”  As you declare this, more Joy is given and all you need to do is simply breathe in this Joy and ask God everyday, to fill you now and always in every cell of your being with His Perfect and Holy Love and His Spirit will willingly, lift you into Joy every time you ask. You are loved.  Beloved, you are a blessing. Take time now to to do something that brings you joy. Act in Joy and  allow every decision to come from Joy. If you need assistance with this, beloved, you will of course be with the Eternal Spirit of God, and nothing in this Earth, nor in Heaven is stronger. We love you and so it is. Amen, Amen, Amen. “


“I Have Glorified It and Will Glorify It Again…..”


Awhile back, the angels asked me to dedicate Sundays to the Gospels. WIth love and complete gratitude, here is the Gospel of John JN 12:20-33

Some Greeks who had come to worship at the Passover Feast
came to Philip, who was from Bethsaida in Galilee, 
and asked him, “Sir, we would like to see Jesus.”
Philip went and told Andrew; 
then Andrew and Philip went and told Jesus.
Jesus answered them, 
“The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified.
Amen, amen, I say to you, 
unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, 
it remains just a grain of wheat; 
but if it dies, it produces much fruit.
Whoever loves his life loses it,
and whoever hates his life in this world
will preserve it for eternal life.
Whoever serves me must follow me, 
and where I am, there also will my servant be.
The Father will honor whoever serves me.

“I am troubled now. Yet what should I say?
‘Father, save me from this hour’?
But it was for this purpose that I came to this hour.
Father, glorify your name.”
Then a voice came from heaven, 
“I have glorified it and will glorify it again.”
The crowd there heard it and said it was thunder; 
but others said, “An angel has spoken to him.”
Jesus answered and said, 
“This voice did not come for my sake but for yours.
Now is the time of judgment on this world; 
now the ruler of this world will be driven out.
And when I am lifted up from the earth, 
I will draw everyone to myself.”
He said this indicating the kind of death he would die.

Angel Prayer (to God)

St. Gabriel 2God our Father, in Your Loving Providence you send your holy angels to watch over us. Hear our prayers, defend us always by their protection and let us share Your Life with them forever, through your Son , Jesus Christ.

Keep the Faith

archangel haniel

Uplift your heart to God every day, ask for His Love to overflow within you and within your family. God is happy to do so. God loves you very much and is holy, Divine and the Most High. God alone is sovereign and great is His Might. On this day, have faith in God to help you with your life, your choices, your outcomes. God is helping you and you and God are one with each other. TRUST in the Lord, KNOW He is working behind the scenes on your behalf. FEEL the Goodness of God in your heart. FOCUS on a positive outcome. THANK God for all His blessings and ASK for any guidance or action steps for you to take . Lift up all concerns to God always – knowing that God loves you and wants to help you and your family. You just need to allow God to help and ask for the highest possible outcome for you and your family. The easiest, most loving possible outcome can be obtained with ease. Just by asking God ( with a sincere heart) will help you and your family and more! God is abundant, he blesses abundantly, so when you ask, ask in faith , knowing that all things are possible with God and his son Jesus Christ- through the Holy Spirit- which is God given unto you- He can help you in a multitude of ways. You need only ask and He is your Heavenly Father- who wants to help you. Trust in God today- know your prayers are answered the moment they are received. Ask for Guidance if needed, Trust they are answered- and thank God daily for every good thing. Gratitude is important because God gives freely, without hesitation. He is generous and loving and kind- always. He loves you and so do we- the angels- and you are blessed. Peaceful blessings to all and so it is beloved- we thank you and are here to guide you always if asked.

The Angel Team

High Vibrating Words


Your words  carry vibrations that are heard throughout the universe, and in Heaven. Your words have loving vibrations when the heart is open. They carry wisdom, love, peace, joy and uplift others around you. Choose your thoughts as positive and your words will vibrate as such. Choose words of compassion to heal others- love and wisdom, joy, peace and compassion can heal a multitude, uplift stressful situations, increase harmony and can be heard in Heaven. Allow your self now to think a positive uplifting word or two, such as “I am one with the Most High” and “I am close to God’s heart” – speak these words out loud. They are more than a compliment, they are uplifting because of the Truth and spiritual power they have, thus creating high level positive words and vibrations. Believe them as true for it is not calling yourself equal to God , but as one, as His child, for no one is separate except in thought.  This is what makes words high vibrating-it is their Truth. Speaks words of high vibration and high vibration is what you will attract , in your surroundings, and lifestyle. Do not speak words that upset other ones, but choose your words carefully for your words can also can carry low vibrations if you are not aware. Speak words that heal, for words have creation power, healing energy,  and are fused with Heaven’s Love, for that is what you were created with; God’s unconditional love and in His Image. Open you heart to God’s love by asking God to send His love to your heart, asking your own heart to open to God’s love , this love is available to you 24/7. Ask the angels to help you feel the love of God if needed, I assure you, no one is ever denied this request.

In Jesus Name

The Angel Team

Positive Outcome

cherub angel

The angels say to hold a positive mindset no matter the situation.

God provides all things and in all things give thanks for every blessing. The angels are joy filled because they serve God in a constant state of giving. In this way, we can learn from the angels by serving God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit, the Most High by thanking Him for everything we have. Focus only on positive mindset and be sincere. Ask and you shall receive. 

This means to be sincere in asking God for what it is you are dreaming about, thank God for answering your prayer ( all prayers are answered) There is joy in receiving as much as there is in giving, when you give a gift, it is received with love and gratitude, in the same way, we are to give with love and gratitude like the Heavenly Father gives to us. The angels say to be grateful for everything:Your job, your car, your family, your house, your driveway for parking your car, your food, your shelter, your purpose, your spiritual gifts, your career. In all ways to be grateful for every gift you receive as they are all from the Heavenly Father.  Having a positive mindset plus asking in faith and with a sincere heart, trusting God that all things will come to pass, giving thanks in all ways and believing you will receive …will all assist in receiving Godgiven answered prayers. Trust that your prayers have already been answered. and love everyone around you fully . They deserve your love while you are waiting for dreams. Take action if guided of course, such as educational dreams, or maybe you have thinking about taking an Angel Intuitive Class, or seeking God in faith for a lifelong dream you never thought you could accomplish (until now) . Its not just the Universe that says “full speed ahead ! “… its the Will of Almighty God and Father, maker of Heaven and the Universe that loves his children and will help them with anything with a sincere heart. So what is it you’re dreaming about? What would you like to accomplish? What are your goals? Spiritual values? Focus only on God and you will love the outcome …to love and serve one another and bring blessings to everyone involved.

The Angel Team

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