Channeled With the Guardian Angels – Who Love You and Are Always With You 


Channeled With the Guardian Angels – Who Love You and Are Always With You 

“Greetings beloved. This is your guardian angels.  We are here in great number to help you in this moment and in any other. You can ask for us all, if you wish- we are here. We see when you call and we are waiting every moment for you to do so.  We have always been with you and we are always continuously by your side because we love you.  God has sent many angels at this time to assist in a healing process for many. Peace be with you always and in every moment, know that you can always ask for us. For we are here and we love you. shift any area of your life now by lifting it up to Go himself. We will be with you and when you choose to lift up your heart, asking for God’s help, you are asking for God to assist. And in Heavenly Divine Authority it is done. This is different than shifting your perspective beloved. Your situation will not only shift into greater love, but also will glorify the Father as all of His Works do. You will certainly see your situation shift into Greater love and Greater Peace and will also bring others blessings and peace.  You will see the Heavenly Father’s works in your life and will also glorify the Heavenly Father who loves you. And so it is, amen, amen, amen. “

God Loves You Always


A Loving Message From St. Michael and the Guardian Angels

“Greetings all and blessings to those who listen! We are here and in great number – for we are here to usher in the new beginning. A new  beginning of love , of peace , of Joy.  Yes beloved we are here and we celebrate with you in this beginning. In every moment there can be a shift to greater happiness, to greater peace and greater love and greater joy. In every moment a new beginning and a new blessing and this is all done in God’s Love for His people. God wishes for you to know that in every moment He is with you and in that knowing, you are with Him. And when God is with you, you can accomplish miracles. You beloved are with the Most High now and always and God who loves you is always listening to you. Your blessings occur in multitudes and your joy is never ending with God. Peace is always here when you focus on God’s Will and Love. And so it is beloved we lift you now in your heart to the Peace and Love that is always one with you. And we celebrate your willingness. Your Peace is always powered by the One who sent you. And so it is, Amen, Amen, Amen.”

Love is Certain -Channeled with the Guardian Angels 

Guardian angel 3


Greetings beloved, we are here with you always. We are your Heavenly assistance. Like your brothers and sisters in Heaven. We are your guardian angel team and we love you. The Guardian angels are here this day and every day to assist you in this time of lifting your hearts to love and peace. And this is needed for some, as your focus has been on others that are not acting in their spirit self, who have needed prayer. You are with Heaven’s help always. and we are here to remind you of this and let you know we are here to help. You are blessed and we love you. We are here helping and surrounding you now. If needed, simply ask us to help with any situation you can think of, or any person, or place or time that needs healing or lifting. You will feel a shift in love and peace regarding this situation. Prayer helps all things and we encourage your prayer for that which feels uncertain, or that which could use Heavenly Help. We do not mind how big or small you see, only that you ask us for help. And this is being encouraged for all. Healing or lifting or helping – you are worth lifting beloved and we love you. You are worth a happy , peaceful outcome and you are blessed. You are loved by God very much, and Jesus Christ His Son, and you are with us daily. We the angels of God , who love you always will never judge you for asking. We encourage you now to lift anything that is coming to mind and ask us to surround this situation , or person, time period or place with love. We ask you to lift this in prayer to God Himself and ask for God’s Love to fill your heart and help you to focus on the highest possible outcome. God Himself , who Loves you and knows why you are coming and how to help with hear you and He loves that you come to Him always. We are here and we love you- and so it is beloved, amen , amen , amen. 

This Christmas Season- A Channeled Message of Love with the Angels and Archangels


Greetings beloved all. We are here to help you beloved in every way you ask of us all. Angels and Archangels and Cherubim and Choirs beloved. All here to help you this Season of Love with forgiveness, healing, love, peace, joy. Do not let your heart be troubled about anything. This season, ask the angels to lift you to joy if needed, to peace, to love. Ask for the loving angels who love you to surround you and your family. We are here we say, and in great number to help you and your loved ones feel joy, feel peace and to help you with your current situation if any. Peace is the Season, Christ is the Peace of God incarnate into Being. This Holiday and beyond, ask Christ to help you . Ask Christ Jesus to be with you in your heart. This IS a question worth asking, for beloved all, we all love you and are here for you this Season and always. We welcome you and want to help you. beloved, we want to help you and your loved ones and are happy you asked. Peace is what we will help you obtain if needed. Peace is what you will be gifted this Season and this is our gift beloved: to help you now.  

First, relax in a calm relaxing position. Ask your angels to please surround you and your loved ones. Ask for St. Michael, St. Raphael if one needs healing, St. Gabriel, the Archangels all, the Cherubim, the Peaceful Protection Angels-to surround your home and your loved ones also, your guardian angels, and all the angels who love you. The healing angels will work with St. Raphael and St. Gabriel will help all who ask every time you ask for any reason too! St. Michael will help you in all ways, with protection, with lifting to joy and love, and peace an the Peaceful Protection angels, who will work in tandem with St. Michael will assist you at any level, surrounding your car, vehicle, home, loved ones, office, family, etc. They will help you lift the vibration to love , joy and peace. Love is always available to you beloved child. Peace is inevitable and is strong within you dear beloved child of God, for it is what the Heavenly Father wishes for you: is to feel Peace-Divine Peace and we , the angels and Archangels are happy to help in this area of your life and in the lives of everyone you know and love. We the angels will always welcome you. We are with you now and we always will be. We will help your loved ones now, and increase the love, increase the peace within you beloved, just by lifting you in harmony and in love and in joy- which is your natural state of being. Loving each other is easy, caring for one another is easy and beloved, care for everyone this Holiday Season- with compassion and beloved, we are with you. To help you where needed. We bless you and we love you and so  it is…amen, amen, amen. 

A Message of Peace from the Choir of the Guardian Angels

Guardian angel 3

 In all ways, prayer helps all things. Prayer increases God’s help among Earth. God is offering His assistance 24/7 and you are never without the Most High. He is always with  you and will always  be with you. God is helping you now , even as we speak. He has always been there helping in all ways, even when it seems like He has not been there. He has never forgotten you and never will. This has been written in the Bible, and is worth repeating. Try to understand the Father’s Love, for it is greater than you can imagine. The depths of His Heart is eternally loving and to His Goodness there is no end. His ways are the Highest ways and Trust Him with all of your sincere, heartfelt prayers. For in His Goodness He answers without hesitation all prayer. All prayers are answered immediately. Trust Him with everything, pray unceasingly this holiday and always, give thanks for everything He does, for in His Goodness He will assist all; answer the humble heart, the sincere heart, the lowly heart, the poor of heart, the one who comes in faith, thanksgiving, praise and hearts of goodness. All will be answered in all ways , without hesitancy. God sees your goodness, and always has. His Light emanates within your heart and He knows his peacemakers, His favored, His chosen, for all are chosen before they enter the Earth and were selected before the Earth was made by God Himself. God is all knowing, all encompassing and may you praise Him daily and give thanks unceasingly.

“Lift up your hearts, for He has Risen ” is sung by the Seraphim angels constantly to all people. This is a season of joy, rejoice in this Season and know that God and Jesus love everyone equally- as it is written, God is always with you and will never leave you.

This Christmas, invite God to be with you, in your heart. Ask for Him to send you His Love into your heart, into your mind, and overflow within every cell, every organ, every system, and within every area of your mind, heart and soul. May you share in His Love, for He is Willing to send His Holy Love to you always. In every moment , His Love is offered. 

“Hallowed be thy Name Father, will you please send the Love you have in store for me? Will you please overflow in every area of my mind, body, emotions, heart and soul, and May I share this Love with everyone I meet today. Clear me of any err in thinking that makes me feel separate from You. Clear me of any thought that I am not worthy of Your Love, and hold me in Your Embrace. In Jesus’ Name. Amen”

and so it is, amen, amen, amen…..

The Guardian Angels with the Angel Team

Guardian Angels In Honor of The Feast of the Guardian Angels

Guardian angel 3

Greetings – Beloved. Listen to your heart more often. We the angels of love and of peace are with you. We are the Guardian angels and we are here with St. Michael St. Raphael and St. Gabriel – the Archangels in great number would like to let you know they are always here to help you. Listening to the heart will help you by holding your focus on your own spirit, The Holy Spirit, and to God and Jesus, who are in your heart beloved. The Christ Light is within you. God has placed the Light of His Son and His Holy Spirit within you. God does listen to you beloved. It is the ego mind that will try to convince you that you are not heard. God loves you and wants you to be cared for. You are a blessing, you are God’s child and we the Guardian Angels will help you remember that God does hear you beloved. Pray with faith to God and give thanks beloved always. Ask God for His Peace, ask God for His help and do not delay. Do not delay the prayer to God that is on your heart. Not for one second! We are with you, when you sleep, go to work, in your car, in your home- we celebrate you this day and every day.

Allow yourselves beloved to sit in a comfortable and relaxed position. And just close your eyes, and take a nice deep relaxing breath. Ask the Guardian angels, the Archangels and as many angels as you wish to surround you daily. Ask for us beloved – we are always here. Feel the peaceful shift as we approach, feel the love of the guardian angels and ask for the Archangels and Angels who surround you, to help bring your awareness to your heart. Here, you can ask anything at all. Allow your heart to relax and ask for God’s love now to be poured into your own heart. His Love, His Peace. Ask God for help with any situation. When you are finished, ask God for His Goodness in your life and in those around you. This is a question worth asking! Love will be poured every time you ask. Peace will ensue. God’s peace and the Peace of Christ who loves you. Ask for us daily beloved and repeat this as often as you wish. We are here and we love you. And so it is, amen, amen, amen. 

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