A Guided Message from St. Raphael and the Healing Angels

Angel Guidance 4.30

St. Raphael guided me to choose two cards from the “Healing with the Angels” Card Deck as part of today’s angel guidance (and guided me to post the cards because the visuals help everyone). This message they want to assure is good for everyone, but especially those seeking a career or lifestyle change, healers, those seeking to serve others through healing with the angels

All you need to do is ask and guidance is what you will receive. The Earth needs all healers and let this be a sign ~ if you feel guided in healing,  ask St. Raphael and and St. Michael to guide your action steps on how you can move into a more meaningful career that will bring blessings to everyone. These cards are also helpful for anyone who are seeking a purposeful change. 

“The angels are always willing to help you make that kind of transition because it bring fruit and happiness to everyone and is aligned with God’s Will.”  Continue reading “A Guided Message from St. Raphael and the Healing Angels”

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