St Gabriel, St. Michael and the Angeles on Learning Life Lessons-

St. Gabriel 2

First – what is a life lesson? A life lesson is something that is with you since the time you were born- you incarnated to learn this , to grow spiritually. (When asked if  life lessons are absolutely something people incarnate with or if it is something that is learned because of something that happened in life – a way perhaps that a person responded to life ) – the angels answered: This is not something that is optional – this is something that is incarnated with at birth for a reason.  The reason is spiritual growth – and it does not leave the person until it is learned. If the lesson is not learned, the soul will be counseled when it is time to transition to Heaven. This does not mean to ignore life lessons to be counseled in Heaven. On the contrary! Life lesson  should be learned, once learned, you do not have to repeat the lesson. Some lessons are about self respect, or respecting others, respecting boundaries, learning life lessons means you attract the teacher who will be teaching you your lesson.  This can look like a friend, or a sister, or a brother, or possibly even a stranger on the outside, but inside is a soul mate who signed up to be in your life at a particular time when the lesson was ready to be learned. Do not be afraid, dear one- for this is not a test from God – nor is it a trial of life- but a loving way to help you love more spiritually. To love yourself is a great thing- to love others is even more loving than loving yourself, and to love unconditionally is how the Heavenly Father loves you- and is how we angels love you also. We honor boundaries and free will and will allow you to make mistakes, for it is human to err- but we will only allow you to mis-create for so long before we intervene spiritually to help you. Especially those who mis-create wrongly- for this is not only an err, but it is seemingly against spiritual nature. Be blessed on your path, and know that God is loving you and helping you every day. 

Allow St. Michael to guide you  daily by asking him to guide your actions, your life lessons. He will protect you from harm, from harming yourself, and shield you from others who are learning how to love (but still have to learn!). The energy sometimes can feel a bit intense – but St. Michael will help you love each other as God loves you; as Jesus loves you; as we , the  angels love you. And so it is. Allow us now to gently guide you in every day life patterns that no longer serve you beloved. These are outdated you see  and will only hinder you and your family. Ask for the highest blessing possible, and you will see more blessings. Life is sweet. Surrender everything to God and ask for His Will in Your life, asking St. Michael to guide you and helping you to understand what it is you are learning. “What lessons am I learning?” …is an appropriate question and will help you understand what it is you are learning so that you can learn with greater awareness. The angels are happy to help you with this. A life lesson, although has the word “life” should not be a “life  long” event. For they would become troublesome after a long period of time to yourself and to others. Lift up any concern to God and Jesus who love you, ask for guidance, listen to that guidance, act without hesitation when learning what the guidance is. You will know it is Heavenly Guidance because it will feel loving. Heaven’s messages always bring you and others peace. And so it is beloved- we lift you, we cleanse you of anything that feels heavy , and we celebrate your awareness in asking ” What are my lessons I am learning”. Yay, we say and so it is, amen, amen amen. 

The ‘Angeles’ with St. Michael and St. Gabriel – with the Angel Team

A Guided Meditation for Grieving the Memory of a Soul Mate or Loved One Who has Passed into Heaven

Jesus inHeaven with the Holy SpiritThis is a guided Angel Blessing for any that would like to receive comfort from mourning the loss of a loved one, a deceased parent, a grandmother , a friend who has recently passed, a soul mate husband who has passed, a soul mate wife who has passed, a lifelong friend or family member, a grandchild, a mom, a child who has passed,  a lifelong neighbor, even a twin~ whether this be a twin flame relationship or a twin brother or sister, a grandchild, a sister, a brother, someone you have personally held in your arms and loved with your whole entire heart- they are all assuring you they are with Christ, they are with blessings, and they will help you with prayer. Read this paragraph knowing this is being assisted with the love of Christ Jesus who is risen, who has compassion on those who mourn, as so does Heavenly Father God Almighty Maker of Heaven and Earth and the Universe , Mother Mary , for she is the queen of angels and loves the children of God very much~ she always offers her guided help, love,  protection or prayers anytime you ask, and the love of the angel realm who wish you peace.

The angels can help console you if you are missing a loved one who is still here on Earth, but for marriages or soul mate families, they are urging you to seek professional advice from a marriage counselor ( or you can make an appointment with me for spiritual counseling if needed) OR if you have a loved one that is still living – but are separated due to military, work,  travel, leaving an office etc: you can do this exercise, but you have to imagine you are speaking to their higher self or spirit. In that case, imagine now that angel light surrounds you and the family , or the person/people you are missing, and ask for healing from the moment of origin forward. They are with you in spirit and they will feel your love, even if they are far as you are reading this message , but then you have to “let go and let God” and release the situation back to God, Jesus and the angels and thank them for healing this (this can be done with intention or by asking the angels to help you heal this past “mistake” or argument)  and ask that both sides be surrounded with angel light for healing and also to dissolve any heavy emotion of grief, sadness, despair, or anything unhealthy that may have happened. The angels do not judge you , especially for wanting to heal a situation , they are always happy to help.

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