Channeled With the Guardian Angels – Who Love You and Are Always With You 


Channeled With the Guardian Angels – Who Love You and Are Always With You 

“Greetings beloved. This is your guardian angels.  We are here in great number to help you in this moment and in any other. You can ask for us all, if you wish- we are here. We see when you call and we are waiting every moment for you to do so.  We have always been with you and we are always continuously by your side because we love you.  God has sent many angels at this time to assist in a healing process for many. Peace be with you always and in every moment, know that you can always ask for us. For we are here and we love you. shift any area of your life now by lifting it up to Go himself. We will be with you and when you choose to lift up your heart, asking for God’s help, you are asking for God to assist. And in Heavenly Divine Authority it is done. This is different than shifting your perspective beloved. Your situation will not only shift into greater love, but also will glorify the Father as all of His Works do. You will certainly see your situation shift into Greater love and Greater Peace and will also bring others blessings and peace.  You will see the Heavenly Father’s works in your life and will also glorify the Heavenly Father who loves you. And so it is, amen, amen, amen. “

Angel Exercise of Love with St. Michael and St. Raphael

AA4 Raphael and Mother Mary

A Channeled Message from the Angel Team….

Greetings beloved, sweet child of the Most High. We are here in great number this day to help you shift any emotions that you may be holding onto. This emotional release will be assisted with St. Michael the Archangel and St. Raphael the Archangel and a host of Heavenly Angels to help you release any unforgiveness and heal any emotion you may be feeling in your heart. We noticed that there are some who love to hold onto  emotion and some do this unknowingly. For there is no judgement you see, we clearly wish to bring this to your attention for this is a time of great love- and love is what is needed on this planet. You are a healer, a light-worker, a disciple of Jesus, an apostle, a prophet, a love sent here by God as a God-send; created  with God’s love and your healing abilities and spiritual gifts are coming to surface with the assistance of God’s Love. Your awareness is what is bringing these gifts to surface as well, and this is being done with God’s Will. God loves you very much and wants you to be in a career that is fulfilling – one that you love. One that you can use your spiritual gifts and abilities and know that you are making a contribution to others, serving the planet while feeling fulfilled- one that brings blessings to all. Allow yourself to bring this awareness into your heart, here, ask for St. Michael and St. Raphael to be with you in your heart. Ask for St. Michael and St. Raphael to please help you lift any unwanted emotions from your mind and heart. These unwanted emotions can feel heavy and are being lifted from you as you read this message of love. This will include anything negative or adverse and healing will occur instantly and gently. You will feel a loving uplifting feeling of peace and love. This will help open your heart and mind to the Goodness of God’s Love and Divine Understanding. This will help you open your heart to His Goodness and Love. His Peace , His Rest. For God will always help you to feel His love when you ask of Him. Feeling His love is what nurtures your Heart. Hearing His Words help to open your heart to His Love also. Feel this Love now as it embraces you heart and Loves you always. This is what is needed, to remember you are a holy child of God. Now and always. St. Raphael will help you heal any forgiveness and any emotion you may be feeling that no longer serves you or another. Love is what is needed, Love is always available to you. Healing is necessary and is recommended. Just be willing to let go of any unforgiveness now, be willing to release any guilt or emotions that hold you back from happiness. Be willing to forgive another if needed. Trust in the angels and Archangel now as St. Michael and St. Raphael continue this healing within your heart and mind. St. Raphael will help you lift anything heavy and so will St. Michael- and when this is complete, St. Michael will help you to shield in this healing and high vibration with his golden and purple light-which naturally dissolves , dissipates and wards off lower emotions and energy.  Give thanks to God for all of His Love, which is eternal. Give thanks to God for all He has done and will continue to do. Give thanks to the Most High now and always. and so it is beloved, amen, amen, amen.

The Angel Team with St. Michael and St. Raphael the Archangels  

Trust the Guidance in Your Heart

St. Gabriel 2

Listen to the heart when it tells you to take action. This is an action step guided by God himself. When the heart presses upon you over and over again,   the same message , and the answer brings you peace, this is a sign from God that God is guiding you to take action now. Without hesitancy, this action step should be followed. Time is of the essence in some cases. This does not mean to hurry or be frantic. On the contrary, but to act swiftly as you are guided within your heart. There is no reason for concern beloved, but know how much God loves you , and that your peace is being helped by God himself. And that no one on Earth , nor in Heaven , can take that away from you or your loved ones. You are loved and are being helped by God. 

Open your heart to God, make amends with others, listen for guidance you receive, give thanks to God Himself for all He has done. Love one another. For He loves you with Great Measure.

St. Gabriel with the Angel Team

A Loving Message from The Angeles 


Greetings, The Angels wish to congratulate you this Christmas season for celebrating the Birth of Jesus. As in Heaven above, we the angeles celebrate this always. We celebrate this every moment, eternally praising Jesus and God, for they are one. One in celebration, one in Wisdom, one in Faith, One in Love. Happiness is from God always and no present can give you the happiness that God brings. God is one with His Son , Jesus and also with us, and with you and your family. God is everywhere, omnipresent in all things, and in Heaven , where He reigns. God is loving beyond measure and in this love we celebrate the oneness of God Almighty, for He reigns with splendor and love. 

This Holiday, remember this beloved, that God loves you and always has and always will. Your family and you are chosen to be here at this time, with Love from God Almighty and are celebrated in Heaven. That may seem odd, but in truth, we are here, celebrating you now. We celebrate you when you connect with us, we celebrate you when you answer in Love, we celebrate you when you Love dearly, with your heart beloved, we celebrate your passions of the heart, compassion, sincerity. Love comes in many forms, – truth, love, faith, honesty, – love comes in  many shapes but is formless and eternal. Love is what we celebrate. Honesty and truth come from the Heavenly Father and are gifts unto you. Honesty is important in this time period and any other. Honesty is what will help you in this new mileninum and beyond, in the coming new year, in all ways. Honesty and love go hand in hand- for who would love and then turn around with dishonesty? No one, love si pure, and is wholesome and you are created from that pure, oneness, that wholsomeness of God , eternally loved beloved. Eternally loved by the Father. We love you now, we love you in all ways nd we protect you and yor family. We celebrate you and your loved ones together, we  love your ability to love and to grow in love with us, in the Heavenly realms. 

Shift your awareness now to Heaven, what does that feel like? It should feel peaceful, for that is what Heaven is! Shift your awareness to Heaven and imagine a place eternally peaceful, peace in all directions, no matter where you turn, peace in all areas , this is Heaven. Ask the angeles to surround you. The angeles is a great multitude of Holy angels who will be here with you now. 

“Dear angels, angeles and Archangels, surround me now, help me to feel your holy presence and love. Help me understand the way to love, to love in all ways, and to love eternally. Help my heart to lift if needed, and I am asking for you to help my family also where needed. Help each one of us to lift in our hearts and often. Help us to see with the eyes of the angels, help us to see each other as you would see us. Thank you for helping.” 

Listen to any guidance you  receive and ask the angels to clear your mind of anything that would hinder you from hearing them. Thank your angels, the angeles and the Archangels. Thank them for lifting, for listening, and for their help. You need only ask at any time and you will be surrounded indeed. Know that God loves you and always will. He will always Love your family and you need not worry. Instead pray to the Heavenly Father and thank Him for His help in all matters. Thank God for all things, for through God all things are possible. Thank God unceasingly. and  you will gain favor with Him in alll ways. Listen to the Words of the Gospels, listen to your inner knowing, the Holy Spirit who resides in you. Listen to any guidance within your heart. If it feels uplifting, this is from Heaven. We will always help you beloved , to hear us, but in this way, you are listening to the Holy Spirit, the Word of God and this will also help you in all ways. Love is always the answer and so it is beloved. We understand you and help you always. 

….and so it is beloved. We bless you and love you. Always. 

In Jesus Name~ 

The Angeles with the Angel Team 

A Prayer to Help Recognize Spiritual Gifts and Abilities

angel holding light center

Spiritual Gifts come in multitudes. Everyone has Spiritual Gifts and Abilities that are God- Given. All are different. Although some are chosen for different purposes, all gifts can include the same love from the Holy Spirit.

Gifts are given with the same measure , and all gifts are eternally given. All Abilities are given with grand authority from God Himself. No one has been given a shortage of Gifts. For there are many that are unseen and are given with the Love and Knowledge of God, for special purposes. St. Michael the Archangel is willing to assist you in recognizing Spiritual Gifts and Abilities daily. In recognizing them, you will be able to understand how to use them daily, and this will help you in your life, and in the lives of others. These will help you bring blessings unto you and your family and will glorify the Heavenly Father who gave them to you to use. All are gifted spiritually. All can uplift with the Holy Spirit, who resides in your hearts now and always. The holy Spirit is now with everyone. He is in the hearts of your family and friends and co-workers and employers and acquaintances. In all , for the Holy Spirit is God’s Spirit who dwells in each and everyone and is a blessing sent from God, with a multitude of Spiritual Gifts for each person- as each one of you has a special purpose in God’s Plan.

Lift up your hearts now, ask God to help you in recognizing your spiritual Gifts and Abilities . Ask St. Michael to help you in recognizing these gifts . For they are holy, and God-sent for you to bring blessings to everyone upon this Earth while you are here. They are eternally blessed and eternally handed to each person. God is accurate and does not make mistakes. Even children are born with these gifts from birth and recognize their gifts as they grow- so will you recognize these gifts as you grow spiritually and with God’s help all will be learned.

“Dear Heavenly Father – thank you for blessing me with Your Holy Spirit. Help me recognize the Spiritual Gifts and Abilities that are God-given , help  me to use them to the best and highest of my ability- so that it may glorify you and bring blessings to everyone. Help me to use them in my life purpose and to recognize what that purpose is. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

The Angel Team~

How to Increase Insight



This will include an Angel Exercise.

How do you know if you are hearing the angels correctly? The angel’s messages will feel loving, sound loving and are always uplifting. Joy is the purpose of every angel- of doing God’s Will- this brings happiness to all. God is holy , just and loving. His will is created for all to love, love more freely, to be peace filled, and to have love constantly flowing in our lives. He will send His Love without hesitation if you ask. Insight is understanding . It is His gift for all to understand. Nothing is hidden. Anyone can ask for Heavenly guidance and be guided with angels. This is not for a select few. For many have asked and many are receiving insight happily if followed. The guidance you receive from Heaven is filled with the highest best possible outcome for all involved. Even those who will be affected you are praying about. Insight is free to all. You need not feel as if you are not worthy of angel insight, or that you would not be helped if asked. this is just not so!

Allow yourself to sit in a comfortable and relaxed position.  Close your eyes (after reading this) and take a nice relaxing breath. Here, ask the angels to surround you, your home and your family all. Ask the angels to help you hear their messages of love, that will bring blessings to all involved in (_______) <—name you situation here.Ask for the highest possible outcome and ask for the angels to help you achieve this. Then notice any thoughts, visions, ideas, feelings, physical signs that come to you. The angels are unlimited in how they can help everyone, so you need only ask and the angels will help. They only ask that you ask them as they do not interfere with your own Gift of Free Will , which is God-given. Then, thank your angels for  any guidance you receive. If you practice, , you will begin to notice how different it feels when you ask the angels to surround you. When you ask for guidance. Allow yourself time with this and write down any messages you receive- whether it be lyrics to a song in your head, or a feeling , a color, a sound, an angel voice, angel vision, an idea that feels very loving. Thoughts are important too as the angels of intellect can work with those who like to receive thoughts or ideas . These ideas and thoughts can be impressed upon you and will feel loving. You may have an inner knowing- which is something impressed upon your heart instead of your thoughts. Inner knowing is common – even for those who do not believe they are hearing their angels messages. Inner knowing is how the Holy Spirit impresses messages. The angels can also use this if this is what you are accustomed to noticing- although the angels are unlimited and can help you hear their messages. Practice this daily. Ask the angels to surround you 24/7 if you like. Each angel has a specific purpose and will help you in miraculous ways. Heaven is always with you, is never separate and will always help you , this day and always. Thank your angels when you practice this, giving thanks is something that is welcomed although the angels do not wish to be praised or prayed to. You can simply ask like you would a friend, or family. We are your spiritual family in truth. Your family in Heaven. You have many I assure you. And so it is beloved, amen , amen amen.

The Angel Team

How to Increase Spiritual Insight


The angels and archangels would increase your spiritual awareness at this time. All are born with the ability to communicate with the higher realms. This is where you are from. In Heaven, there is a multitude of angels who love you and want to communicate with you. Your angels who love you are always with you. They love you and want you to  know they are willing to assist you now at this time to increase your inner knowing. Spiritual Insight is a gift given to you through Christ Jesus in the Gospels. He has the Words of Everlasting Life and is the best spiritual teacher there ever was. This is because he taught with his spiritual insight. Knowing this, the Bible is the first place we angels refer all that can hear to.  You can hear the angels now- even as we speak. You are one with us in Truth. We angels can hear your thoughts, read your words on paper when you write or type them and also can hear your voice when you speak out loud. It is easy to communicate with your angels. We hear you always beloved , now and always. One of the ways you can hear your angelic guidance is to ask “Dear Angels, help me hear you. Help me to know and recognize your messages- in the physical and also spiritually.” – Then, notice the first sign , or thought, emotion, feeling, idea, vision, or uplifting guidance that comes to you. Heavenly Guidance feel uplifting and brings blessings to others when spoken. Take action immediately and know that you will be guided every step of the way. We celebrate your awareness snow. Ask now for any messages from your angels they want you to have. Know you are loved. And ask for St. Michael to help “clear” you if you feel you are having trouble. This is being done for you as you read this- with St. Michael and his angel team will help you lift your thoughts , your heart and your light body to its natural state of joy , love and peace. Just breathe easily and ask St. Michael to repeat this as often as you wish. Clearing is sometimes helpful in hearing your angels voices and messages.   The angels are unlimited in the ways they can communicate with you and are happy you asked. We love you beloved, try this often- we will hear you. And so it is, amen, amen  amen.

The Angel Team with St. Gabriel and St. Michael and the Angeles

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