Insight on this Global Shift – with the ‘Angeles’ – and on the Love of God

angel holding light center

You are helping this world shift. Positive thinking, love, generosity, gentleness, kindness, all from the Holy Spirit of God, placed within you. Uplift your hearts to the Most High daily. For you are blessed! Open your heart now and ask for God to send you His love. He will never deny this request. Not ever! Open you hearts to His Goodness. Here you will find communion- Spiritual Communion  with God. Love is always available to you, even when it does not seem so. Love is always available to you. It is love you are seeking when scared, when lonely-when you are joy filled, these feelings do not exist! Peace is the outcome when you focus on love in any situation. Peaceful outcome is what you came here for beloved. You came to help at this time. You came to show your love in a physical way. With words spoken, hands of healing, loving acts of kindness, wisdom through the Gospels shared-use these as these are necessary through this time you are experiencing. This is a time of shifting , of ascension, of uplifting , of peace. Global shift is occurring now, and will occur more rapidly. Stay focused on what is important. Especially now, for you are manifesting more rapidly than ever before. This world is a peaceful place, it is the ego of illusion that will tempt you to think otherwise.

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