Channeled With the Angels  and Archangels for Memorial Day Weekend- with an Angel Light Exercise: 


Channeled With the Angels  and Archangels for Memorial Day Weekend- with an Angel Light Exercise: 

On this Memorial Day Weekend, may you celebrate every blessing. Give thanks to the Most High for your family, friends, loved ones and spend time together. We love you and so it is.  

Peace to all and greetings beloved! We are the angels of love and peace and we are with you. Angels and Archangels are with you, beloved, on this day, weekend, and always! We are here to help any who ask of us, in every way that you ask. No matter the nature of the situation, we are with you!  And we love you!  There are many who are willing to help you on any level and we are here. And this is our message beloved. Call on us daily and we will help you and your loved ones this day- or on any! We love you beloved and we are here always. We know that some of you are aware of this and we are here to say that you can call on the angels even more so!  We love you and we wish for you to know that peace is always available to you. Love is one with you at all times and we are happy to help you lift into this Love, this Joy, and celebrate the Goodness of God at all times. We rejoice with you in His Goodness this day and we are here as Heavenly Family with you.

Allow us if you will, to eradicate any melancholy if needed, any anger or hurt emotions. Any fear based thinking from your thoughts and open your heart to receive the goodness of God Himself. Sit in a comfortable and relaxed position, and just close your eyes and think of us to be with you-the angels. Or you can ask “Dear angels, will you please be with me now?” We say that there are hundred, thousands, millions in an unlimited nature who will hear this request and we, beloved, will be with you immediately upon request. Sit now and breathe. And ask for us now to be with you. Think of any situation you are wishing to request our assistance with. Don’t worry if you think you are not worthy of an angel’s assistance- you are! We love you and so it is beloved. Shift any situation into a higher peace, a better outcome. Pray for the ones you are thinking of and offer a loving word or gesture toward another this day. Love one another is the best gift any could give to another person. We now lift you to a higher state of being. A higher peace, and fill your heart with love and Heavenly Peace. We will help you in any situation beloved and we are with you every day. We love you and so it is. Amen, amen, amen. 



In Honor of the Feast Day of the Archangels (on Tuesday the 29th of September) the Archangels wanted to offer a ‘Message of Love. ‘

St. Gabriel 2

Greetings, This is St. Gabriel the Messenger Archangel. I am here with a multitude of angels here with you reading this . We are here to uplift you at this time. These words will carry a high vibration when you read them and also we will assist with angels and Archangels as we surround you now in your home and office. Uplifting thoughts will help you dear ones, in this high energy time you are experiencing. Notice the thoughts that come to you and know that helpp is with you if you notice they are not oif a higher consciousness. Wisdom is always with you. Wisdom is in your heart chakra and within  your physical heart and emotional heart. Wisdom is within every cell. Know that you are always one with Wisdom – for she is beautiful and within every cell of your body. Your mind can easily notice the thoughts you are thinking and will tell you if they are uplifting thoughts, negative thoughts, thoughts of worry, or thoughts of high vibration. Choose thoughts that are positive, uplifting, full of love, full of life. Choose again when you have a thought that is not aligned with your highest value- which is always love, which is always Truth, which is always high vibration. This brings joy to to the planet and also to those around you, including yourself. One positive thought can have a ripple effect in the entire galaxy, much less here on Earth . And all it takes is a willingness to hold the intention to of a loving thought. Affirm in your mornings, pray always, and know that there are Angel and Archangels  who love you- now and always. We lift you now, as you read this, we cleanse you , shield you, and help you seal in these high vibrations that these words will carry. This will infuse others also with a high vibration around you. You will uplift others just by your being around them. This will infuse your light body with angel light- which is high vibrational and always loving and uplifting. Feel this light now and we shift what was negative, into Heaven and replace it with golden angel light from Heaven. This will continue and will help you carry the intention of “I wish to align with my highest spiritual value.”  and ” I wish to uplift others” for intending this will enable you to do so! The thoughts you carry – all carry vibration. This is what is heard throughout the universe. Your thoughts carry vibration, your words carry vibration, so choose wisely in this time that you are experiencing. Choose thoughts of love , be willing to change your thoughts, ask for angel assistance if you notice your thoughts are not positive, for you may have absorbed energy unknowingly- and this can be cleansed. And so it is loved ones,, we lift  you- we celebrate you and we help you align with your highest spiritual value, which is always love. 

In honor of the Feast Day of St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael and the Archangels – which was celebrated every September 29th. 

St. Gabriel, St. Michael and the Angel Team

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