World Peace & Inner Peace with Archangel Chamuel & the Angel Team- and an Angel Exercise of Light with the Guardian Angels and St. Michael the Archangel

Archangel Chamuel

Greetings! This is Archangel Chamuel. I am happy to offer a message on world peace. There is much suffering needlessly. Keep focused on the Highest possible outcome always. Keep focused on what it is you wish to obtain. Is it joy? Give away joy and joy is what you will receive. Is it love? Give away love and you will receive love . Is it peace? Be peaceful in your heart, act with gentleness, act with love, act with peace when you are angry with someone. Do not retaliate anger with more anger. Diffuse the situation with wisdom and love , holding the intention of positive outcome in any given situation. Granted, we are not saying to go find anger so you can practice this, on the contrary! We angels say you deserve to be around peaceful people, and know that you are one too ! You are always peaceful in your heart, for that is what we see, is your inner peace . The Light within you is more powerful than you know. Trust in God to help you attain inner peace. This is something you can pray for. Stay focused on God, His Son, Holy Spirit. It is through the Holy Spirit, and highest self  that you will understand the meaning of inner peace. For your heart is like an inner sanctuary, hosting the Holy Spirit of  God. You have God’s Light within you. Increase your awareness  of this by asking God to spend time with you. Setting time aside with God, talking with Him frequently. World peace is obtained first , through inner peace. Inner peace is easy. It is already within you now beloved. Peaceful outcome will ensue if you but only focus on peaceful outcome , now and always. Your thoughts of inner peace, and peaceful outcome will help increase peace around you and others will notice. Peace creates more peace. Love creates more love. Wisdom increases wisdom -all of which are easily obtained and inside you now.

Ask the Archangels to help you diffuse anger if it is presented to you. The angels know what to do. Even if you yourself feel angry, this is a normal emotion of humans. We the angels just ask you- do not act with anger. Ask us for assistance if you do not feel peace and we will help you! For world peace, ask God to help with His Holy Spirit. Ask for the Holy Spirit to help others feel His peace. Those that do not, surely will. It is of course up to God, on whom He sends His Spirit to and how, but leave that up to Him. Trust in the Mighty God for World Peace and inner peace. It all starts with you.

“Ask the angels now to surround you, to be with you now to help you feel peace, the peace of your natural state of being.  St. Michael and the guardian angels will surround you, helping you feel peaceful. St. Michael will help to release any unwanted stress, fatigue or any fear based emotion such as worry, anxiety or otherwise. This is what is called a “loving re-set” as has been referred to by Doreen Virtue. St. Michael and the angels know what to do. The guardian angels will hold you in their loving arms. St. Michael can also help you lift away any effects of fear, fear based thoughts or emotions you may be experiencing in your body.” Just breathe and ask them. “You need only be willing” The angels say, “Just breathe, be open to receive higher love, as St. Michael will replace what was unwanted ( not serving you) with diamond-brilliant white light, The pure Loving Light of God. Just relax and breathe and when you are ready- thank the angels for helping you. Do this as often as you wish ( you may find you will be asking less often once you are familiar with this angel exercise) , asking  your guardian angel team to surround you and help you feel peace. And so it is, amen, amen, amen.” 

Archangel Chamuel with the Guardian angels, St. Michael and the Angel Team

Global Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness


For this message, the stars are included, they support cosmic consciousness as well as global peace. The Angels work with the universe as well as the earth, which is not separate, and want to explain how simple it is to affect the whole simply through thought. Higher Awareness is attainable, through insight, and you need only ask. Yvette had asked us the question: “What is the difference between global and cosmic consciousness? “

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Peaceful Outcomes 

When a situation arises that requires you to be peaceful, an argument,  when facing someone in their ego, speak prayer over the situation immediately before continuing the argument. Anger is a natural emotion , especially when our spiritual values has become compromised. Offenses are forgivable and grudges are not something you want to hold onto. Learn forgiveness now, even if you have only practiced this recently. Forgive all others as you would want to be forgiven, for in Truth The Heavenly Father sees all and understand the reason you feel the way you do, and also the other person (or persons). Family can sometimes be challenging because you love each other and have known each other in this lifetime and possibly many others, you have come together as soul mates for spiritual growth and harmony as family, or in some cases to heal karmic behavior patterns, this can be also be balanced and cleansed in all directions of time and space. All have soul lessons and if you feel this is the case, you can ask the angels to help you to cleanse and balance all karma between you and this person. Healing this is a blessing, is helped by a multitude of angels and can uplift the situation, ensuring spiritual harmony as a result. Forgiveness is always the best idea for healing. Forgiveness comes from The Holy Spirit , which is above all laws in the universe, including karma patterns.  Peace is always the answer. Love is always the answer. Continue reading “Peaceful Outcomes “

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