New Beginnings- Channeled with St. Michael the Archangel

archangel_michael_by_frangomes-d42es5pGreetings beloved. I am here and I love you. My name is St. Michael and I am here to help you shift into your new beginning as you say. There are many who are asking for a change, and this is soon to come. Change is inevitable, although this brings up fear from the ego, we say this (change) is for the better. A brightest beginning, a brightest change. There are many asking for career transitions and love is to come for those who asking for a loving relationship. In fact, both are on the way for many. A beginning could mean many things, a spiritual journey for you and your beloved. A new path. A new career, there are many “new” changes that can occur and you will be happy. God who is the Father of all Happiness is with you and it is best to say, “God is my source” when transitioning. This does not mean to put God to the test! But proclaiming His Name, His Goodness and Promises in your life and in the lives of those around you is important, for God IS with you and your loved ones. I, Archangel St. Michael, am here. I have never left and I never will. I am St. Michael, Prince of the Heavenly Host, have always been with you. If you are feeling it is time to seek a new career path, or to seek your love (if single), or to follow your spirit self, the ways of the Spirit call to you- this is a sign beloved. I, St. Michael will help you now, release from any tension, any stress-felt emotion or anything negative from your aura- your mental and emotional body- or even physical body. I will help you focus and lift your heart concerning your situation. Take heart beloved. God is with you and He loves you. You are not alone, you never will be and you never were. We are here beloved, the angels and Archangels who serve God and who love you. and so it is. Amen, Amen, Amen.

Lifting into Greater Love & Peace with St. Michael the Archangel and the Peaceful Protection Angels


A Channeled Message from St. Michael the Archangel and the Peaceful Protection Angels….

Greetings! This is St. Michael the Archangel, prince of the Heavenly Host and peacefully wishing you good tidings of love and peace. I am here to deliver a message of love for you. And of strength- to enable you to prepare for life changes. This is not to mean that your life will certainly change in a negative way, on the contrary!  This is to mean that your life will increase positivity and love and peace. Let us help you now lift into higher love and light by gently lifting your energy body to the love that is always available to you. This will increase love within you and around you, bringing to you love and always , peaceful blessings.

All you need to do is sit comfortably in a relaxed position, just close your eyes, and ask for me, St. Michael, to be with you in your energy field. Just think: “Yes, please lift me into greater peace and joy.”

You can feel a slight sensation of peace from the angels as St. Michael comes in , through your energy body and help to lift you in greater harmony and greater peace. Feel this shift now as your energy body is gently increasing in body and expanding. St. Michael is shielding you from negativity, eliminating any from your own field, and gently releasing it with your permission. St. Michael will guide you to release anything you are willing to release, that no longer serves you. Cleansing your aura of any debris , any feelings of heaviness or worry. St. Michael will replace what is taken, with golden light, the Light of the angels and of Jesus. Helping you to lift into greater harmony and peace this day. This can be from something recent, or something in the past. releasing it now, and filling it with love, St. Michael will gently replace this with true love. The healing Love that is only from the angels. He will help you in your endeavors. In your career, in finding your life’s purpose. In anything you are willing to ask. St. Michael doesn’t mind, and can be with anyone simultaneously. If you are willing, St. Michael will also assist any family members , for all that give permission on a soul level, which will integrate to the level of the personality. Life choices are easy. Life is blessed and you are blessed. We lift you and we love you. When you are ready, ask St. Michael to help you ground, back in your body and when you are ready, thank this loving Archangel for his assistance and loving protection; which can be with you 24/7…. and so it is beloved , we bless you, amen, amen , amen. 

St. Michael, the Angel Team, and The Peaceful Protection Angels

A Channeled Message of Life Purpose with St. Gabriel 

St. Gabriel 2

Greetings all beloved children of God the Most High! I am with you now and always. For I always come when you ask of me and assist you in all ways. I am a messenger of God and I love you. I, St. Gabriel the Archangel will always be here 24/7 and am grateful you asked me to deliver this message of love and peace for you today. On this day, beautiful beloved Child of God, you are here for a specific purpose. And this purpose is needed here on Earth now and always. Your purpose on Earth is given to you by God and is what you came here to do. This is not to be afraid of dear beloved child of God, for it is a Holy Purpose- a purpose worth living to its fullest. A purpose  God-Given unto thee.

If you are asking, “What is my purpose?” Ask for the Loving light of the Angels, and the angels and Archangels and that of God to be with you and to guide you in your heart. It is the Holy Spirit that resides in your heart and loves you dearly  that is helping you to become aware of your purpose and to help you within your heart to reveal to you the purpose of your heart. This purpose is love – and how to love and how to bring blessings to others by using your Special Spiritual Gifts and Talents and Interests and Abilities to bless yourself, your family and others. Ask me in your heart now- ask for me, St. Gabriel to help you with St. Michael, and we will help you, lead you to the light of your heart, and there we will help you understand what it is  you are seeking. Is it a career firmly rooted in your life purpose? Is it finding your true life purpose? Is it knowing whether you are already on the path of your life purpose? All of these things are in your heart beloved – you know the answer. For if you feel you are using your gifts in service of others, if you feel happy when you go to work, if you feel love when you walk through the door of your work and greet your day with joy and love and anticipation of service, then you are using your spiritual gifts to serve others. If you are happy when you serve, then you are using your spiritual gifts in service of others naturally. This life purpose is not hidden, but it is needed and you are loved beloved – and it is time for all to understand what their life purpose is and how they too can be of service to others. For it is through giving that we receive, and it is through the Holy Spirit of God that this purpose was given to all. Blessings to all beloved. And so it is, amen, amen, amen. 

St. Gabriel with the Angel Team 

Your Life Purpose and Soul’s Path with the Angel Team

St. Michael

Uplift your thoughts to God! Your life purpose can be lived through your career if you ask. St. Michael will help you shift your awareness to living with intention and purpose. Your life purpose is what you came here for. It is how you wanted to help when you got here. This was discussed at your planning table in Heaven before you arrived. Ask Archangel   St. Michael to help you achieve your career firmly rooted in your life purpose. He will guide you with action steps toward a fulfilling career. This can include several options that include : helping the community through service, healing the people, animals or plants or even the Earth, the healing arts, learning different art expressions; such as music for healing or uplifting, painting: uplifting painting or Holy Art, painting for healing others, musicians, teaching school- adults and children, Bible Studies/theology, working with animals and plants/nature, starting your own business or healing practice that serves others using your spiritual gifts and abilities. These are all options as you will feel attracted to the one you most wish to do. Spiritual Gifts and Abilities are the key in your life purpose, You should feel fulfilled and uplifted when you are working in a career firmly rooted in your life purpose. Your life purpose is specially assigned to you by God Himself. He uses the Gifts and Abilities and Talents and Interests He placed in your heart. This will help in knowing where your special interests lie. St. Michael will guide you if you but only ask him. He is happy to help in this matter and holds the key to the “Book of Life” or Akashic Records , where this information is stored. He will help you and your loved ones find your “place” in the Divine Plan of God. You are here with a special mission dear beloved light-worker! Dear Beloved child of God, your purpose could involve working with angels , or Archangels, and knowing this is exciting! Any work you see yourself doing, now and in the future , could help you in knowing where to head. If you like to protect people, your life purpose could be involved with Firemen and Fire Women, Police Officers, Security Officers, Military etc. If your life purpose involves the healing arts, you could enjoy a career as a doctor, nurse, psychologist, Angel Intuitive, A Channel, massage therapist, and the list goes on. If your life purpose involves healing animals and plants, perhaps you could seek healing as a Veterinarian, or Horticulturist or Herbalist, and so forth. Musicians can help heal the world through their voices and instruments. Archangel Sandalphon will help you in this case, working with your voice and instruments to heal and uplift others through your melodies and lyrics and voice. You are one of a multitude of people who signed up to be here at this time. Knowing this, ask St. Michael to help you find your life path, your life purpose, and know you are in good hands for doing so. Listen for any guidance you receive: ideas, thoughts , motivations, insight, dreams , visions or physical signs such as a white feather, angel clouds, a “tailor-made” conversation, radio lyrics, a song that keeps playing in your head and so forth. Pray for guidance, as St. Michael instructs, then ask Archangel Michael to help you understand what that guidance is- knowing you are being heard and your prayers answered, give thanks to the Most High. God helps those who seek Him earnestly with faith and a sincere heart and rewards those who seek Him. And so it is, with love, amen, amen , amen.

The Angel Team with St.  Michael

This is Not a Time to Remain Passive- with The ‘Angeles’

angel pic

You are blessed in the Lord! Follow your heart now beloved. Those feeling you have been having about your home, about moving, about your career , life purpose, those feelings are placed in your heart by the Most High. Follow your heart one step at a time. One step forward is all it takes. For even one step forward is a large step indeed. A quantum leap in fact. You can take a small step forward now – for now is a good time to do so. Many will support your move, your financial increase, your abundance, your health decision, your blessings. We the ‘Angeles’ support you in your momentous leap forward.

First , sit down and go into your heart and ask yourself, “What is it I most want to manifest?’ ” How Can I serve in this way?” – Are you serving your family in your vision? Are you serving the world? Are you serving your hometown? Are you serving those who could most use your services? What does your dream look like? Does it have a future in service? We ask you this beloved because now is a time to use your inherent spiritual Gifts and Abilities to serve others. Now is a time to lift up your hearts and serve. Focus on what it is your wish to manifest, lift it up in prayer, “Dear Heavenly father, Thy Will be done ” in all matters. We say to you then listen for any guidance you receive and follow it without hesitation. We ‘Angeles’ know you are a loving being, and only want the best for you and for your family. Worry not! We are here with you now and always. Lift up your prayers and follow your dreams. Step by step we will guide you and help you along the way. Step by step , you will see your dreams come to pass. We take this time to tell you to not delay in this action, this is not a time to be passive, but to enjoy the journey along the way. God is your source for all happiness, do not place your happiness on a future event or on another person, place or thing. Know that God loves you dearly and so does the Most High Son , Jesus Christ. Follow your heart, lift up your dreams, follow your guidance, and watch how quickly you manifest love and abundance of love into your life now. Enjoy every step of the way beloved. You are a child of God, and we love you. We only tell you this because we want you to see how easy this can be. Even something impossible is not impossible for God. Nothing too big and nothing too small. Lift them up now – in full faith, knowing that God wants to see your dreams come to pass. And so it is beloved. Amen , Amen , Amen.

The ‘Angeles’ with the Angel Team

A Loving Message from St. Michael About Your Life Purpose


Today St. Michael has a loving message for us – the angels want us to know we are blessed and to lift up all concerns to God in all matters.

“Greetings, I am St. Michael. I am offering you protection from the Angels now and always. I am always available to assist you in all matters. Especially when you need a helping hand in courage, protection and in life purpose. I am happy to help you shift your awareness from negative beliefs to uplifting harmony and shield you from distractions not serving you. I am always here for you when you need me. In fact, I am here with you now, as you read this. I am a servant of God himself, protector of all and grateful you have asked me to deliver this message to you. We Angels and Archangels will help you in all matters always. Call on us often, as you think of us, we are there for you , and your loved ones. We will increase peace for you, even if its something small, or large, there is no limit to what we can handle for you.” Continue reading “A Loving Message from St. Michael About Your Life Purpose”

Spiritual Gifts for a Career Firmly Rooted in Life Purpose

AA4 Raphael and Mother Mary

Spiritual Gifts are unlimited. Treasure in Heaven and Spiritual Gifts are irrevocable, given by God without measure to whom God Favors and to those who ask.  This is for His Holy Children to enjoy and share in serving.  We are all born with some of the same gifts and some individual and unique for a Holy Purpose.  Some gifts that are the same can include Wisdom, Piety, Higher Understanding (also known as the gift of insight), Discernment, Fervor,  evangelism,  encouragement, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, discerning of spirits, speaking in tongues, and interpretation of tongues. These gifts are important for all generations to produce fruit, which is love, joy, patience, kindness, peace, fortitude, self control, gentleness, generosity. Continue reading “Spiritual Gifts for a Career Firmly Rooted in Life Purpose”

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