Ask the Angels to Help you Uplift and Open Your Heart to God’s Love 


Greetings, we are here in great numbers around you now. Protecting your family daily, loving each and every one and cherishing the moments we have to serve in this way. We are here to express our presence around you and also within your home. We will exercise your home from unwanted or negative energy and replace it with angel’s love, this will feel uplifting in nature and also will help the metabolism of your health. For when a home is energetically uplifted, ye who are sensitive to energy and your surroundings will benefit greatly. Your health is one with God. and this should be expressed daily for those who are questioning their own health. Your health is one with God. These words are Truth and are well spoken indeed. Love your body. This body will help you with your loved ones, your life purpose, your arms will hold others. Your heart will help others, your embrace will heal others. Take care of this body with well nourishment, eating well, good foods, but also feeding it love  and peaceful moments daily. Take a few minutes to breathe daily. Exercising your lungs in breath and allowing yourself to open your heart daily. This can be done easily with our help loved one. Ask the angels to sit with you while you breathe in a quiet place  and ask for us to open your heart, and help you lift your own field and also your home in vibration also. St. Michael will help you remove everything that is no longer needed anytime you ask. St. Michael is here with you now as you read this. St. Michael will assist in releasing what was negative and help to replace it with love from the angels. This is seen energetically as pure loving white brilliant light . Other wise known as the Pure Loving Light of God. Lift your heart with the Gospels. With Love from God daily. Love is what God is and He wants you to feel His Love in all ways, overflowing into your heart and into ever cell until every cell feels uplifted in God’s Love. This exercise of Love is something that Heaven will support daily , every time it is done.

Feel the Love of God daily by focusing on God’s Love and envisioning this Love overflowing from your heart and into every cell, throughout your entire body- into every organ and emanating out every chakra and your field for everyone you meet. This is the Love of God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Lift your heart now beloved to the Love of the Lord. Focus on God’s Love now and always when you feel that the world needs peace, for peace will ensue within you. Give thanks to God for His Love and ask the angels to help you open your heart to God’s Love.

Shift your awareness to Heaven, thank the angels and God Himself for every blessing and ask the angels to help you lift. Ask the angels to help you open your heart and focus on God’s Love. Envisioning His Love overflowing into every cell. When you are ready, give thanks to God and his angels.  Lift daily if needed. Into His love , Into His peace, Into His Embrace daily if needed. Always. And so it is beloved, Amen, Amen  Amen. 

The Angeles with the Angel Team and St. Michael the Archangel

The Light of Christ/Light of Emmanuel

Guardian angel 3

St. Michael and the angels are here to offer a message of love on the Light of Christ , and answer questions such as how can we ask for this Light , how we can recognize it within ourselves , within others and our own families:

“This Light is from Jesus Christ himself. And was offered to all through the Holy Spirit. This light is within your hearts now and is always within every cell of your body . It is the heart that, when opened , shines this light immensely. This light is brilliant in nature, for it is the Light of Jesus , who has come to offer his light, his message, the Word of God to all. In accepting him within your own heart , your heart shines to the Heavens and throughout galaxies . This is because the Light of  Emmanuel is eternal and is eternally given to all.

Just relax if you wish to recognize this light within your own heart by breathing deeply, and just going into your heart. Ask your heart to open and here , invite Jesus in. Jesus will always listen to those who ask him to be with them . He has Divine Love for all people: all women , all men , all children.

Spend time here with Jesus and ask him to be with you in your heart. He is already there with you always, and within everyone in their hearts. The Light of Christ is golden in color, brilliantly shining, emanating peaceful strength and beauty and Divine Love. Divine Love is strong within yourselves , and this is God-given to you , this Christmas and will be with you always , has been with you since you were born and will always be with you in all ways.

Be quick to love always,  and everywhere. In all ways give thanks to the Lord Jesus for always helping you and your family , for he has never left you or anyone and he never will. Jesus is the Most High , Savior , and God-Given Son to all. Jesus does not want your heart to be troubled, now or anytime. In all ways , give tour burdens to God , asking for his help in all ways. Give thanks unceasingly and know God loves you very much as does his son Jesus Christ. And so it is beloved.

Ask for the Light of Emmanuel daily . Ask Jesus to spend time in your heart daily . Ask Jesus anytime you feel alone, or without help to help you . I promise you, you will have the Most High helping , for all prayers , spoken in truth ,sincerity and humility are heard and answered immediately.  Jesus loves to help those who call upon him and will always help everyone. For he loves you, in all ways.”

St. Michael, St. Gabriel and the angels with the Angel Team