…A Message With the Angel Realm


Greetings, this is the angel realm, with St. Michael. We are uplifting your energy body, your “light body” to help you feel our angelic presence beside you.  Feel our presence with you as you have asked many times before. Know that we are here with you always and we love you unconditionally. There is nothing you could do to turn away the love we have for you.  We are here with you always and we love you. Make no mistake in doubting this for we came specifically to relay this important truth to you at this time. Stand in your power of truth and of joy. Stand in your power of love , for this is important for you during this time. Stand in your power of gentleness, and know we are with you, now and always.

Feel the love of God now, be willing to open your heart to Him. Open your heart and uplift your heart by saying,” Heavenly Father, Son, Holy Spirit,  I know we are one in Spirit, help me know your unconditional love you have for me now.  I open my heart to your Goodness, your strength, and your love and thank you for this time, for blessing me in all ways. In Jesus Name.”

The Angel Team

God Does Understand

angel pic

Keep a dialogue of prayers answered, of lessons learned, of opportunities. These will go as a witness for you. God is always listening – especially when you pray with a sincere heart and in faith. God favors those who lift up their hearts in honesty, sincerity, love, patience and faith filled. God wants to increase happiness- God wants to help. God is the one who created you and your family through love. He knows you better than you know yourself. Trust Him in all ways. Trust that He is on the Throne , and that He has the Highest Best interest for you in His hands, which are abundant. He knows why you are praying . He listens to you more often than you realize. He knows how much you love your family , your loved ones, your community; for He has placed you here for a reason. A God reason. Know that you are in the best hands possible at all times. Know this for yourself and for the people you love dearly.

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Manifesting your Dreams Into Reality

Archangel_Ariel 2

Archangel Ariel is here with St. Michael and the Powerful protection angels. You need not worry about anything”they say. “God has everything handled in His hands. He knows when you would like to create , He knows the dreams in your heart and knows how to make them happen. Give God your dreams. Dreams do come true . For you, for your neighbor; not just the people around you, but you too beloved. This includes your dreams and let this be a sign to you. Your dreams in you heart are placed there by God Himself. There you will see that your spiritual gifts will be used when you seek your dreams into reality. Know that God loves you and wants to help you , now and forever, with all matters. This can include more peace, more faith, dreams coming true. more compassion , more education etc. God sees the innocence and beauty you were born with, for He created you with His own hands. You were fashioned before the world was created dear one. Ask God now:”

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Guardian Angels and the Angel Realm

Guardian angel 2

Everyone has at least one guardian angel. Most people have two or three that will be with you at all times and have been with you throughout every incarnation, and if this is your first incarnation, they have been with you from the time you were born, and will help  lead you to Heaven when you make your transition to Heaven.  They are really beautiful and are your best witnesses before God and Jesus. They intercede for you before the Heavenly Father and Jesus. They are your spiritual family and love you unconditionally, like the Heavenly Father. The angels serve both God and Jesus Christ and only do the will of the Father.  You need not be worried to ask for something too big or too small, for nothing is impossible for God, who will see what you are asking, everything is done with God’s approval. The angels are like friends, spiritual family , whom you can ask for help anytime. You need only thank  them as they do not want to be praised or prayed to. Only Praise the Heavenly Father, the angels say, and Give thanks to God in all ways.  Continue reading “Guardian Angels and the Angel Realm”

Pray Unceasingly 

angels in Heaven

Rejoice always, 17 pray without ceasing, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 THESSALONIANS 5:16-18

Pray with absolute faith. Knowing God Provides for every family, every child of God. God understands your situation and your family’s needs. He loves each of you unconditionally and helps everyone who asks of Him. Even those who do not ask, God loves and helps. Pray without ceasing to the Heavenly Father and blessed is he who does with faith and sincerity. God sees all and know that He Loves you and faith works miracles. Pray knowing that God will help you overcome any obstacles, face any challenge, remove any barrier, assist in love, help in faith, restore inner peace, uplift your heart, restore what was taken….love unceasingly, as the Heavenly father loves you. Pray for those who mistreated you. God does not want you to stay in an unhealthy situation, but will help you and direct your steps and guide you to a better outcome. Trust in the Lord, Trust in His Divine and Holy Son, Jesus Christ. Know that with God all things are possible~ in all matters trust in God and your reward will be great. For he rewards those who seek Him. His Goodness is without measure and His Love Endures forever. Consult not your own understanding, but lean on God in all ways, for His ways are Higher in Understanding. Then you will know peace. Trust  Him now, in prayer, thank Him for everything you have, even those you have already thanked him for. Pray without measure as He Gives to you. In Jesus Name.

The Angel Team 

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. PHIL 4:6-7

World Peace Prayer and Meditation with the Angels

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will called children of God. MATTHEW 5:9

We are all peacemakers as God’s children. We are called to be peaceful with ourselves and with others. Jesus helped us see that all that are peaceful are children of God and this is what God likes. Peace. 

To envision a world of peace, be peaceful unto others, then peace is celebrated in Heaven and on Earth. and isn’t that what everyone came here for; is to be peace for everyone as a Holy Instruments of the Most High? Forgive others as you would forgive yourself. Even those who are not in their highest self would be grateful for the kindness. Show your loved ones extra peace, show them unconditional love , for they have elected to be here with you as soul mates (and earth angels!) and are sent here from Heaven as God-sends to you, and you to them. The world is peaceful, its the illusion of fear that is projected upon the world that makes it seem fear based , when in fact, the Earth is Holy, and is made from God’s hands , fashioned with His Knowledge and His Holy Spirit. For those that do not hear the message of peace, or forget, do not let your hearts be troubled, for this is a reason to pray. Pray for those who err , “Father Forgive them their traspasses” is how to pray for those who do not see peace, or have a peaceful resolve, for even they are Children of the Heavenly Father but have forgotten or have not spiritually awakened like yourself. Jesus was always patient, even in times of violence, even towards those who mistreated him, for he knew the Heavenly Father would Forgive them and show them Mercy if he asked . For they were also not knowing and have also come before the Throne. Each person is equally loved by the Heavenly Father and by Jesus his Son , who is glorified . Each person, no matter the upbringing, no matter the circumstance, no matter the age or the time you spent on earth, if you have had many lifetimes or if you have had only one, God knows all things and has helped you through every time period, and so has His Son Jesus, who is Lord of everyone. “Peace be with you ” was spoken by the Heavenly Son and this was meant for everyone. Jesus’ message was of peace and this is why he called us to be peacemakers, as he knew the Heavenly Father loves peace.  Continue reading “World Peace Prayer and Meditation with the Angels”