Living The Sword of the Spirit


Put on salvation as your helmet, and take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. EPHESIANS 6:17

The sword of the spirit is part of God’s armor while on Earth and in Heaven. Holding True His promises and insight through Jesus and the prophets~ God has never changed. His Love endures forever, His embrace is eternal and He Loves the faith filled, the sincere, the peacemakers~His children unconditionally. We are delighted to help you understand the sword of the spirit, for many have been asking about their spiritual path, life purpose and spiritual endeavors. The Word of God is a sword like no other. Continue reading “Living The Sword of the Spirit”

I Am One With My Highest Self

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To say that I am one with my highest self is to live the sword of the spirit. The spirit self , which is in unity with the Holy Spirit, who is glorified, is always one with The Most High, God and Jesus. Even other belief systems and the religious are one with God and Jesus in their spirit, the religion or belief system matters not, but whoever is upright before God. It is good to accept the love of Jesus in your heart, even if you do not believe in him, in Truth, He is the Most High, glorified by the Heavenly father , through the Holy Spirit of God . Jesus is more than a spiritual master or an ascended master, he is more than a prophet , he is the Divine Glorified Son of The Most High, who has full authority given to him by God for all of God’s kingdom, who has asked for each of us to have full authority over illness, rebuking the enemy, delivering the good news, which is that God is sovereign and Christ is with Him, and that we share in this as heirs to the kingdom for the Glory of God through the Love of the Holy Spirit. Continue reading “I Am One With My Highest Self”

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