Lift Into Greater Love- with Archangel Chamuel and a guided meditation with the “Angeles”

Archangel Chamuel

Greetings ! This is Archangel Chamuel. I bring good tidings from Heaven! Your spirit is bright young ones! I say young as you are still learning in spiritual harmony. We angels love to lift your spirit and we shall uplift yours now as you read this ! There are many angels in the universe, and in Heaven, who serve the Most High God the Father as you have spoken His name. We angels do not wish to step on any toes with love, for love comes in many forms. We angels just wish to help you in ‘love’-for ‘in love’ you shall be if you follow this universal law. Just sit back and relax and allow us to work on your light body, cleansing it off, and helping you to be cleansed. We angels love to help you in all matters, for this we were created, is to help with earth, man, and to serve God Himself. “Love one another” is the universal law, forgive one another is another universal thought we would like to impart to you. Love is everything. It, (love itself), is created with love. It is the universal language in the universe, in Heaven and on Earth. Love is what we were created with. The angels wish to help you understand this very meaning. Love is what you were fashioned with. Love is how you will succeed in life here on the earth plane, and what you will return to when you come home in the next. Love is how we see you. Love is how we wish for you to understand to see each other. Love is helping you right now, lift higher into a relaxed state of being, it is how the Heavens were made, the Earth. The skies, the water, the mountains around you, the volcanoes. The Earth is fashioned with love and all of its inhabitants as well. We angels wish to impart on you your loving ways are noticed , both in Heaven and on Earth. Whatever you shall forgive, will be forgiven in Heaven. Whatever you shall love, will be uplifted within your presence. Love is what uplifts. Peace is the outcome. Peace is how you shall live when you listen to our words. Love is not an emotion, but a presence unto itself. Love is stronger than any human emotion. Love is stronger than the universe itself. Love is stronger than any human can possibly see with their human eyes. Love can help you fashion your life, co-create with God the Father who loves you unconditionally. No human can love like the Heavenly Father can. We angels lift you now, in harmony with us, with our light and our love , helping you to lift your hearts now and always.

Trust the angels, Listen to your heart now. What is it saying  dear one? Is it harmonizing with love? By focusing on the heart chakra, the heart center, you can tell when you need an uplift and when your heart is open it can receive love. It can give love, it can receive at will and give at will. Open your heart now. Open this beautiful heart of yours and allow us angels to uplift your heart. Open your heart to God now. Uplift in this moment to joy, love and peace. Ask for us anytime your heart needs an uplift into love. We are here for you always. and we love you. Always. And so it is… Amen Amen Amen.

Beloved angels that you are, we lift you. Higher into love’s state, your natural state of joy, love and peace. Sit back in a comfortable and relaxed position, take a nice relaxing breath, and say , ” I am willing for the angels to  uplift my heart into love” and so it shall be ! Every time this is said, we shall uplift you. and so it shall be. Higher into love’s state, be willing to forgive others, be willing to open your heart in to a greater peace, a greater love, a greater harmony and we angels will help you lift. We are here for you every time you need us. We are here in love, for you always. Just ask us and we will come, in great multitudes if needed, we will help you in many and all ways if you are willing. and know that the one who sent us is God Himself-and we love you now and always.

The “Angeles” with Archangel Chamuel, and the Angel Team supporting you daily

The Angeles and St. Michael the Archangel on St. Michael’s Sword of Light


St. Michael’s sword can help uplift when you are feeling low. His sword of light can help you shield from negativity if you feel you are in harm’s way. Allow St. Michael himself to guide his own sword, but you can ask for His presence to be with you at all times. This sword of light can shield all that is negative and help you lift your heart. Leave this up to St. Michael as to how he uses his sword of course, but you can ask for this Archangel to be with you. Silently think to yourself,

“St. Michael- will you please be with me now, shield me with your sword of light from harm, or anything negative or fear based. Cleanse me from anything not serving my highest and best good in all directions of time and space. Please use your sword of light to sever any cords that are not serving my highest and best good- shield me from further negativity and surround my loved ones also. Be with me and my family all of our days, and help uplift us to our natural state of joy , love , and peace. Thank you St. Michael for this assistance, this help and for being with us 24/7. ” 

St. Michael can help you lift anything that seems ‘heavy or low energy’ – even if it feel like “just energy” – it is important to ask for his assistance. After you have asked St. Michael to be with you, trust that he heard you, for all angels can hear your thoughts! You should feel uplifted, if needed, every time you ask. You can ask for St. Michael to clear with his sword , as often as needed. St. Michael’s sword of light is very powerful, and may only be needed every so often. Although a cleansing technique can also be asked for. In this way, St. Michael uses his spiritual vacuum to of light to suction away debris of negativity that you may have absorbed in your energy field. St. Michael is happy to do so, and waits for you to ask. All you need to do is ask, and your field will be cleansed each time you ask. Even if not needed, St. Michael will help you feel your natural state of joy, love and peace. This should be blissful, as your natural state is only love and peace. Your spirit is of love, and of light, and this should be known to all. Your spirit self is love, and joy and peace. Peace shall remain with you when you ask for your natural state. This is a very high vibration and can be felt by those that are sensitive to light. To Heaven, this is always. It is like bringing Heaven to your Earth Body-your holy instrument, which holds the Holy Spirit and your spirit self as one. Your holy instrument (your earth body) can absorb negativity as much as it shines. This can easily be cleansed by St. Michel who loves you. Your free will , will not be violated if you do not wish for St. Michael to help, but he is willing and wants you to ask for him to be with you 24/7. He is here to protect men, women, and children-even pets! He will protect your home, your belongings, and can also help you when you are stranded or alone, or afraid. St. Michael does not want his sword to be worshipped, or for anyone to praise him-for all praise goes directly to God himself. Instead , you can ask like you would a friend, and thank him for his assistance when you ask. He is a friend, is very friendly , loving and wants to help you.”Fear not !” Says St. Michael -“for Jesus has spoken these words and will also always be with you.” You are never alone and are always protected with the Most High, with St. Michael,  with His sword and with many countless angels who love you and want to help you. We are here with you now and always. We love you and so it is, Amen, Amen, Amen.   

The Angel Team with the ‘Angeles’ and St. Michael

Choose From Love


A Channeled Message from the Angel Realm with St. Michael 

Beloved, your angel team works with you daily. Just as we do with all people. Even when you do not think we are there, we are! In fact an Angel Team, which is led by St. Michael and the Angeles today is working with you for your own specific intention. We are noticing beloved, that your mind is telling you that we are somewhere else; or that we cannot hear you. In fact, we can! We can hear your thoughts and intentions, and notice when you make a decision of love that will help you  and when you do not. A decision that is created with love behind it feels good to you. And will always bring you peace. A decision based on fear however does not. We the angels do not wish to focus on fear, for our main purpose is love and joy and peace. And we bring you these words to help you shift your own paradigm in consciousness. A simple act of love or a decision based in loved, created from love, will make monumental leaps and bounds in your own personal growth. and also create the life of your dreams. With God’s help, and through prayer and conscious effort on your part, these decisions can be effortless to you. Concentrate on the love in every situation or person or place or situation. Focus on the love in all ways. Knowing that God Himself is helping you see which decision is love based and which is fear. Love always helps everyone, and brings blessings to all. Love is what helps everyone and everything .Choose from love today and always , choose with love , from love and for love. Love will increase tenfold and you will always know which is love and which is fear by the way it feels in your heart beloved.  Choose rightly and you will bear fruit and increase your joy and peace in your daily lives and within the lives of those around you. We bless you dear one and will help you in your daily decisions. Become clear about what is is you would like to see happen and remain focused that way. Become clear about what it is you would like to experience in this life- pray often to God, knowing that He has your best intention at heart and knows what is best for you. Trust His guidance within you, for you are not separate. Know that God understands what you would like to see happen and knows what you are actually seeking. Trust God with the outcome and choose from love,now and always. We bless you beloved- we are here always for you and love you dearly. We are here to help. We lift you and bless you, and so it is, amen, amen, amen. 

St. Michael with the Angeles and Angel Team 

A Loving Channeled Message with St. Michael the Archangel- 


Greetings, This is St. Michael the Archangel, I am here with a multitude of Heavenly Host and am happy you have asked me to join you this day. Lift up your concerns to God always. Lifting up your concerns to God will always be heard.  God is listening to His people and loves you entirely. It is God who loves you the most. Who wants you to be happy, know you are loved and protected. He will guide your thoughts, and your life with His Heavenly Love. God the Father is always with you in every moment. “Do not be afraid” are the words Jesus spoke and “peace be with you always” . This was said to all generations, and will stand throughout time and space. “Peace be with you” is the Will of God. Increasing peace is the Will of God and Jesus both. Both the Father and the Son love you and always will. Speak to them always, open you heart to them, pour out your love from them, pray to them and know your prayers are always answered without hesitancy. Lift up your prayers now to God, asking Him to help you in all ways, which He will. His peace will always bring the brightest future , the biggest blessing and your faith will be seen as an act of righteousness. God will hear your concerns. 

“Blessed be God in the Highest , blessed be His Holy ways, Blessed be His Holy Son Jesus Christ, Blessed be His Holy Spirit, Blessed be God forever” 

Peace is always available to you at all times and know that the Father and the Son are always with you. 

Call upon me anytime you feel uneasy, you will feel the energy shift. If you are seeking self -confidence, or courage, or would like to increase peace and joy within your heart, just ask. For me, this task is simple and I am happy to help you anytime you ask. Call on me often and know that I serve God and Jesus on High. 

St. Michael and the Angeles

A Loving Message from The Angeles 


Greetings, The Angels wish to congratulate you this Christmas season for celebrating the Birth of Jesus. As in Heaven above, we the angeles celebrate this always. We celebrate this every moment, eternally praising Jesus and God, for they are one. One in celebration, one in Wisdom, one in Faith, One in Love. Happiness is from God always and no present can give you the happiness that God brings. God is one with His Son , Jesus and also with us, and with you and your family. God is everywhere, omnipresent in all things, and in Heaven , where He reigns. God is loving beyond measure and in this love we celebrate the oneness of God Almighty, for He reigns with splendor and love. 

This Holiday, remember this beloved, that God loves you and always has and always will. Your family and you are chosen to be here at this time, with Love from God Almighty and are celebrated in Heaven. That may seem odd, but in truth, we are here, celebrating you now. We celebrate you when you connect with us, we celebrate you when you answer in Love, we celebrate you when you Love dearly, with your heart beloved, we celebrate your passions of the heart, compassion, sincerity. Love comes in many forms, – truth, love, faith, honesty, – love comes in  many shapes but is formless and eternal. Love is what we celebrate. Honesty and truth come from the Heavenly Father and are gifts unto you. Honesty is important in this time period and any other. Honesty is what will help you in this new mileninum and beyond, in the coming new year, in all ways. Honesty and love go hand in hand- for who would love and then turn around with dishonesty? No one, love si pure, and is wholesome and you are created from that pure, oneness, that wholsomeness of God , eternally loved beloved. Eternally loved by the Father. We love you now, we love you in all ways nd we protect you and yor family. We celebrate you and your loved ones together, we  love your ability to love and to grow in love with us, in the Heavenly realms. 

Shift your awareness now to Heaven, what does that feel like? It should feel peaceful, for that is what Heaven is! Shift your awareness to Heaven and imagine a place eternally peaceful, peace in all directions, no matter where you turn, peace in all areas , this is Heaven. Ask the angeles to surround you. The angeles is a great multitude of Holy angels who will be here with you now. 

“Dear angels, angeles and Archangels, surround me now, help me to feel your holy presence and love. Help me understand the way to love, to love in all ways, and to love eternally. Help my heart to lift if needed, and I am asking for you to help my family also where needed. Help each one of us to lift in our hearts and often. Help us to see with the eyes of the angels, help us to see each other as you would see us. Thank you for helping.” 

Listen to any guidance you  receive and ask the angels to clear your mind of anything that would hinder you from hearing them. Thank your angels, the angeles and the Archangels. Thank them for lifting, for listening, and for their help. You need only ask at any time and you will be surrounded indeed. Know that God loves you and always will. He will always Love your family and you need not worry. Instead pray to the Heavenly Father and thank Him for His help in all matters. Thank God for all things, for through God all things are possible. Thank God unceasingly. and  you will gain favor with Him in alll ways. Listen to the Words of the Gospels, listen to your inner knowing, the Holy Spirit who resides in you. Listen to any guidance within your heart. If it feels uplifting, this is from Heaven. We will always help you beloved , to hear us, but in this way, you are listening to the Holy Spirit, the Word of God and this will also help you in all ways. Love is always the answer and so it is beloved. We understand you and help you always. 

….and so it is beloved. We bless you and love you. Always. 

In Jesus Name~ 

The Angeles with the Angel Team 

A Message of Peace with the Angels and Archangels 

Guardian angel 3

Peace and Good Tidings from the angel Realm! We the angels, wish to give you a message of love for all. This will be a Season of blessings unto thee. We the angels and Archangels wish you to be at peace with one another and each one in their hearts, in their homes. We the angels uplift you now as you read this message. For these words are imprinted with high loving vibration and angels are surrounding you now to lift your spirit, your light body, and your family tree as well. We listen to you , your words of laughter, of joy, and also when you are moody, or worrisome. We support you in wanting to a new beginning this Christmas and within this new year to come. We the angels and Archangels, the Cherubium, the Seraphim, the Archangels all- wish to help you in Heavenly ways. You need only ask us and we are happy to help you. Even if it seems trivial, or unimportant to you, rest assured, this will too be helped Heaven-ly and will be Heavenly Guided with the angels. May Your peace be knowing that you are being guided in all ways. May you rest in peace knowing that your loved ones are too. All will be guided as this is what the Father intends for you. Love is always the answer in every decision you make, this year and the ones that will also be celebrated in this lifetime and in any other.  

Lift up your awareness to Heaven, breathe in and out, and release any fatigue, worry-financial or otherwise to the Heavens by allowing the Most High to help you. In all ways. Lift up your prayer, lift up your concerns and rest in His Divine Love which is constant. God’s Love is constant beloved; constantly available to you and to your loved ones. No one is without the Father’s Goodness and God is happy to see His children happy and loving and joy-filled. Listen as we fill your heart with peace, with love and with Heavenly high brilliant love and light . St. Michael is the chief of the angeles and knows what to do when you ask him to help your heart feel uplifted. He is kind, beyond words can describe and is loving you now as you read this message from us. He asks for you to ask for his help more often , and will help you now, lift your fears, to Heaven, purify them in Heaven’s Light and will fill you with the Heavenly Brilliant white light of the angels. This is a brilliant diamond-like bright love and is shared with all this day. For all who ask of him. He is happy to assist. 

Allow him now to help you by closing your eyes ( after you read this), or simply breathing as you read this and asking for St. Michael the Archangel to be with you. Understand that he can see your thoughts, feel your intention and is with you now. Ask St. Michael to lift your energy body, to lift your heart and mind, your thoughts and even your cells. This Christmas, release anything that has been hindering you , or seemingly so, to the angels. Trust that this is being done, as we lift you , we also are here with you, and we love you. 

Focus on your heart, and help yourself this Christmas by listening to the guidance you receive (if any) and thank the angels when you feel complete. For this is guidance worth listening to. Help your family this Christmas with unconditional Love, with truth, with spiritual love. Send your love if your family lives far away by visualizing your love surrounding them. Send each person in your family love and ask St. Michael and the angels to help you do this exercise. You will feel a slight change in vibration as they help  you send love to your family. Then, thank your angels, and St. Michael, for helping you and your family. Ask St. Michael to help your loved ones lift their hearts too. This can be done only if they give St. Michael permission on a soul level. St. Michael knows how to do this so simply ask on their behalf. Thank St. Michael for this and invite the angels to surround your family. We the angels are happy to do so, you know. 

Jesus and God are always listening, and do not worry about anything, but in all ways, pray unceasingly, thank God unceasingly and know that your prayers are being answered as you pray them. 

And so it is beloved, we bless you in multitudes, and we send your heart our love too. This was a bit of a cleansing and we are happy to help you uplift your heart anytime you ask. Just by asking, you help to raise your vibration and also help to uplift your surroundings and your home, if not the world. So ask often, as often as needed. We will help you shine your light- for your light is radiant and you are blessed dear one. We lift you now, and your prayers  to God. We lift your heart in great multitudes and ask you to breathe quietly when you are finished reading this, as we cleanse you, and help you feel one with God. For this is what you are in Truth. One with God, for He could never leave you and never will. 

And so it is beloved, amen , amen , amen. 

St. Michael, St. Gabriel, the angels and Archangels and the Angel Team 

Positive Vibrations

Guardian angels

Positivity is helpful in any circumstance- this is well known by many. This is a time on Earth where your positivity will help the world shift into a healthier vibrational frequency. This is different than gamma rays – positive vibration will increase your well being, your health, your friends, your family affairs. Positive thinking is more than just thoughts. It is a way of thinking that helps everyone around you. Positive thoughts has its own vibration in itself. Positive thinking will help raise the vibrational frequency of others around you- just by staying positive- you automatically attract positive outcomes to every situation. Think of a situation , lift any concerns to God first, pray always- then say” I am one with the highest possible solution for this situation” In this way, you are helping the situation by announcing out loud a positive outcome is inevitable. In this day and age- you are manifesting at a faster rate than ever before – and are helping those around you just by thinking positively. Prayer helps of course, and is more powerful than positive thoughts or affirmations. Pray first for the highest possible outcome for any given situation. Lift any concern to Heaven- ask for St. Michael to guide you in releasing any worry or fear based thought to help focus on the highest possible outcome. And think to yourself. “I am not one with the highest possible outcome always. The highest possible outcome is what will manifest now and always for all concerned.” Affirm this loudly if you like. Affirm often and as much as you like. Prayer is what helps you connect with God the Father, Christ His Son – and knowing this is so is what will help you affirm positively.

Giving positive vibrations is easy- it is what you given when you love, when there is peace, when you have a loving moment of course. Focus on the Most High for a moment or two. Lift up your heart to God and ask God to help you shift your thinking – to guide your thoughts more positively. This will help with any situation rest assured, and asking God for His guidance is recommended for health and in any circumstance. There is never a need for concern and do not let your heart worry or be troubled – for you are blessed. We lift you , cleansing you of any worry or negativity, helping you to lift your thoughts higher, to a natural state of love  and peace. This will feel high vibrational to those who are sensitive. Just breathe and ask St. Michael to be with you, clearing away any thoughts of worry, err in thinking, or and effects from any fear based thoughts- for they are simply illusion. Focus on the love that surrounds you daily. Focus on the peace of others rather than the opposite. You will soon begin to notice that the positive outcomes are with you always. Just breathe and ask the angels to help you release form any fear based thoughts now and always. We lift you. And so it is , amen, amen, amen.

~The Angeles with the Angel Team ~

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