The Angeles and St. Michael the Archangel on St. Michael’s Sword of Light 


St. Michael’s sword can help uplift when you are feeling low. His sword of light can help you shield from negativity if you feel you are in harm’s way. Allow St. Michael himself to guide his own sword, but you can ask for His presence to be with you at all times. This sword of light can shield all that is negative and help you lift your heart. Leave this up to St. Michael as to how he uses his sword of course, but you can ask for this Archangel to be with you. Silently think to yourself,

“St. Michael- will you please be with me now, shield me with your sword of light from harm, or anything negative or fear based. Cleanse me from anything not serving my highest and best good in all directions of time and space. Please use your sword of light to sever any cords that are not serving my highest and best good- shield me from further negativity and surround my loved ones also. Be with me and my family all of our days, and help uplift us to our natural state of joy , love , and peace. Thank you St. Michael for this assistance, this help and for being with us 24/7. ” 

St. Michael can help you lift anything that seems ‘heavy or low energy’ – even if it feel like “just energy” – it is important to ask for his assistance. After you have asked St. Michael to be with you, trust that he heard you, for all angels can hear your thoughts! You should feel uplifted, if needed, every time you ask. You can ask for St. Michael to clear with his sword , as often as needed. St. Michael’s sword of light is very powerful, and may only be needed every so often. Although a cleansing technique can also be asked for. In this way, St. Michael uses his spiritual vacuum to of light to suction away debris of negativity that you may have absorbed in your energy field. St. Michael is happy to do so, and waits for you to ask. All you need to do is ask, and your field will be cleansed each time you ask. Even if not needed, St. Michael will help you feel your natural state of joy, love and peace. This should be blissful, as your natural state is only love and peace. Your spirit is of love, and of light, and this should be known to all. Your spirit self is love, and joy and peace. Peace shall remain with you when you ask for your natural state. This is a very high vibration and can be felt by those that are sensitive to light. To Heaven, this is always. It is like bringing Heaven to your Earth Body-your holy instrument, which holds the Holy Spirit and your spirit self as one. Your holy instrument (your earth body) can absorb negativity as much as it shines. This can easily be cleansed by St. Michel who loves you. Your free will , will not be violated if you do not wish for St. Michael to help, but he is willing and wants you to ask for him to be with you 24/7. He is here to protect men, women, and children-even pets! He will protect your home, your belongings, and can also help you when you are stranded or alone, or afraid. St. Michael does not want his sword to be worshipped, or for anyone to praise him-for all praise goes directly to God himself. Instead , you can ask like you would a friend, and thank him for his assistance when you ask. He is a friend, is very friendly , loving and wants to help you.”Fear not !” Says St. Michael -“for Jesus has spoken these words and will also always be with you.” You are never alone and are always protected with the Most High, with St. Michael,  with His sword and with many countless angels who love you and want to help you. We are here with you now and always. We love you and so it is, Amen, Amen, Amen.   

The Angel Team with the ‘Angeles’ and St. Michael

This is Not a Time to Remain Passive- with The ‘Angeles’

angel pic

You are blessed in the Lord! Follow your heart now beloved. Those feeling you have been having about your home, about moving, about your career , life purpose, those feelings are placed in your heart by the Most High. Follow your heart one step at a time. One step forward is all it takes. For even one step forward is a large step indeed. A quantum leap in fact. You can take a small step forward now – for now is a good time to do so. Many will support your move, your financial increase, your abundance, your health decision, your blessings. We the ‘Angeles’ support you in your momentous leap forward.

First , sit down and go into your heart and ask yourself, “What is it I most want to manifest?’ ” How Can I serve in this way?” – Are you serving your family in your vision? Are you serving the world? Are you serving your hometown? Are you serving those who could most use your services? What does your dream look like? Does it have a future in service? We ask you this beloved because now is a time to use your inherent spiritual Gifts and Abilities to serve others. Now is a time to lift up your hearts and serve. Focus on what it is your wish to manifest, lift it up in prayer, “Dear Heavenly father, Thy Will be done ” in all matters. We say to you then listen for any guidance you receive and follow it without hesitation. We ‘Angeles’ know you are a loving being, and only want the best for you and for your family. Worry not! We are here with you now and always. Lift up your prayers and follow your dreams. Step by step we will guide you and help you along the way. Step by step , you will see your dreams come to pass. We take this time to tell you to not delay in this action, this is not a time to be passive, but to enjoy the journey along the way. God is your source for all happiness, do not place your happiness on a future event or on another person, place or thing. Know that God loves you dearly and so does the Most High Son , Jesus Christ. Follow your heart, lift up your dreams, follow your guidance, and watch how quickly you manifest love and abundance of love into your life now. Enjoy every step of the way beloved. You are a child of God, and we love you. We only tell you this because we want you to see how easy this can be. Even something impossible is not impossible for God. Nothing too big and nothing too small. Lift them up now – in full faith, knowing that God wants to see your dreams come to pass. And so it is beloved. Amen , Amen , Amen.

The ‘Angeles’ with the Angel Team

Be Willing to Listen to Others

Archangel Chamuel

Greetings, this is Archangel Chamuel. I am here with St. Michael , St. Raphael and St. Gabriel, who are here to inform you that you are doing everything you can to try your hardest at this time. We angels and Archangels are here to support you as you transition into the celestial Heavenly spheres, where you will be lifting to daily. Now and always. Listening is good for others at this time. Many are needing a listening ear for what they have been storing through tumultuous times and are holding in grief, emotions, – they are blessed and would just like a listening ear for their healing process. If you happen to hear of someone who is having a hard time, do not turn your back. For many see this as drama. Instead, listen with attentiveness. This doesn’t mean to show them pity- for pity does not help either party and causes victim-hood. We are saying dear beloved child of the Most High to listen with love, with compassion, and know that you are healing them just by listening to them. Many are suffering unnecessarily in this way. They need a friendly ear. A loving ear, a compassionate ear . This will bring hope. Your positive influence can help many dear beloved child of God. Trust in the angels to bring you those who could help you also. If you yourself needs a listening ear, trust the angels to guide you to someone who could never hurt you-only love you. Unconditionally. You deserve this beloved as does all people on Earth. All deserve someone who will love them unconditionally. Someone to hold them, cuddle if wanted, love, laugh and enjoy life together. If you choose to help another, by listening, you will be helping the world. Those around you are the “world”. Uplift now to Heaven, uplift your heart. Hug your best friend, your sister, your brother, your loved ones. Uplift to the angels and ask, ” Dear angels, will you please help me find someone who I can listen to ? Or Talk to? Help me find ways to serve ” I guarantee, then angels will indeed do so! For there are many. Listening is healing to most. Encourage them to open up, help them feel safe to talk to you. Lift up anything you do not feel comfortable in handling, let them do the same. Encourage them to let go of anything that does not serve them, encourage them to forgive the other. To help another is helping the earth heal one person at a time.

We lift you now , dear beloved child of the Most High, we lift you into love, into the highest most Heavenly angel realm with us. You are always one with us! One with the Highest, one with God Almighty, and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit , through which we are one with you. We open your heart to love and ask you to be willing to  open you heart further still. Further to love- to God’s Embrace. To God’s Holy Love in Heaven. Feel His love now and always. Feel His embrace now and always. We are always here, we are always loving you and we celebrate your willingness to open your heart to love. And so it is, Amen , Amen , Amen.

St. Michael, St.Gabriel, Archangel Chamuel, St. Raphael and the ‘Angeles’

Keep The Faith – with an ‘Angel Light Exercise’ with St. Michael and the ‘Angeles’

St. Michael

God is working with you in your life. He is working behind the scenes in Heaven with you now. He is always available to call upon, always lending an ear to those who are heartbroken, sincere, just, faith-filled- you are His child. He sees you with love and asks you to remain faithful to Him. Remain in faith when you ask in prayer for something. He has heard you from a high post. The Most High post in Heaven. He sees you with compassion always. He understands your needs and will help you now, at this time, without hesitancy, and always. He hears your heart, the rhythm, the sound, the intention, the desire, the longing, the understanding, the consciousness, the love- the way you pray was taught to you by Godsends, for He Heard you when you asked ,” How should I pray?” He loves you and your family very much and is helping them too ! Lift up your prayers with sincerity , love, and complete faith, knowing that God is the One you serve, who hears you and is close to you as He always has been. Lift high your prayers always to the One who is with you, God Almighty, maker of Heaven and Earth.

Greetings , we angels will help you lift – for we are here with St. Michael who will help you lift up your prayers, who will pray with you. Do not let your heart be troubled, ask in faith for what you are thinking, are hoping for. What your heart truly desires is oneness with the Most High in all circumstance. This is already done beloved. For you are already One with God. He has never left you, and never will. You are His beloved child and you are created with His understanding and love; Unconditional Love. Take a few breaths now and intend to just open your heart , open your heart to God; say to yourself, ” I am one with the Highest”  and ” I am one with the Highest Possible Outcome.” Pray first before all endeavors and we will help you open your hearts and lift up your prayer. Ask God in sincerity and faith for what it is you are asking Him for- For help with your loved ones? Health? Abundance? Physical Needs? Understanding? Lift them all up, if needed, then ask ‘How can I serve?” – “How can I serve you?” “How can I serve others with what you have blessed me with?” Give thanks Beloved, for you are blessed. To you much is given and to others, much will be also. Trust in God, in His Hands, In His Works. Trust in the Most High, and His Son, Jesus Christ who loves you. We angels will help you lift these prayers to Heaven, deliver them to God, and send you guidance if needed. We angels love you and so it is.

Allow you heart to open , as we lift you, we angels with St. Michael and the ‘Angeles’ surround you now, surround your heart, your loved ones and your home. The angels , Archangels are here to protect you, to open your heart and mind to the Oneness of the Love of God. Sit back in a conformable and relaxed position. Take a few relaxing deep breaths and listen for any guidance you receive. This will come in the form of insight, inner knowing, clear hearing, and audible voice, an idea in the form of an epiphany, a thought, a knowing, visions, a feeling- a loving feeling especially – that is how you know the angels are with you. The angels will always wish you peace, and never want you to feel anything other than love and peace. Your guardian angels are here with you also. They love you and always will. They are here to help you with your calling, your invitation, your guidance, your life purpose, higher understanding, wisdom, intellect, ideas, thoughts. They will even be with you in your dreams. When you are alone, there are many with you- for you are never alone. God loves you and so does the ‘Angeles’ who are sent here to love you. This is sent to you for a knowing to trust when you are feeling doubt, or in any circumstance of the ego. Trust in us now . The angels open your heart to love, feel God’s warm embrace as we open your heart further. He is with you, loving you every step of the way, and will always be there. and so it is beloved. We bless you  in this moment, we will lift your heart anytime you ask. Lift up your heart when you pray, knowing that God’s love is always available to you. Now and always. and so it is amen, amen, amen. 

The Angeles with St. Michael and the Angel Team

Insight on this Global Shift – with the ‘Angeles’ – and on the Love of God

angel holding light center

You are helping this world shift. Positive thinking, love, generosity, gentleness, kindness, all from the Holy Spirit of God, placed within you. Uplift your hearts to the Most High daily. For you are blessed! Open your heart now and ask for God to send you His love. He will never deny this request. Not ever! Open you hearts to His Goodness. Here you will find communion- Spiritual Communion  with God. Love is always available to you, even when it does not seem so. Love is always available to you. It is love you are seeking when scared, when lonely-when you are joy filled, these feelings do not exist! Peace is the outcome when you focus on love in any situation. Peaceful outcome is what you came here for beloved. You came to help at this time. You came to show your love in a physical way. With words spoken, hands of healing, loving acts of kindness, wisdom through the Gospels shared-use these as these are necessary through this time you are experiencing. This is a time of shifting , of ascension, of uplifting , of peace. Global shift is occurring now, and will occur more rapidly. Stay focused on what is important. Especially now, for you are manifesting more rapidly than ever before. This world is a peaceful place, it is the ego of illusion that will tempt you to think otherwise.

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A Message of Peace about this Global Shift- with the Angels


The angels are saying that this will be a powerful 2016 coming up. There is a lot of cleansing that is happening now; many are going through “cleansings” which will leave you feeling peacefully uplifted. This is nothing to fear, for all are going through the same thing, but this is being noted as you are releasing old unwanted negativity -which is an illusion, created by the ego- for a higher way of understanding. All are protected and loved. This will create a healthy balance, as you have asked spiritually. Continue with love as always, as love will help you shift. Positive thought will help most shift into a higher outcome. Know that you are loved now and always . Shift with love, lift with love, be with love, for you are love, created with love and love is what will remain. Be bold in asking for what it is you wish for beloved ones. Ask yourself , if this is “from love or is this from fear?” before you act. Act without hesitation when you receive guidance and know that God answers all prayers without hesitation and with love and compassion always.

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Lift Into Greater Love- with Archangel Chamuel and a guided meditation with the “Angeles”

Archangel Chamuel

Greetings ! This is Archangel Chamuel. I bring good tidings from Heaven! Your spirit is bright young ones! I say young as you are still learning in spiritual harmony. We angels love to lift your spirit and we shall uplift yours now as you read this ! There are many angels in the universe, and in Heaven, who serve the Most High God the Father as you have spoken His name. We angels do not wish to step on any toes with love, for love comes in many forms. We angels just wish to help you in ‘love’-for ‘in love’ you shall be if you follow this universal law. Just sit back and relax and allow us to work on your light body, cleansing it off, and helping you to be cleansed. We angels love to help you in all matters, for this we were created, is to help with earth, man, and to serve God Himself. “Love one another” is the universal law, forgive one another is another universal thought we would like to impart to you. Love is everything. It, (love itself), is created with love. It is the universal language in the universe, in Heaven and on Earth. Love is what we were created with. The angels wish to help you understand this very meaning. Love is what you were fashioned with. Love is how you will succeed in life here on the earth plane, and what you will return to when you come home in the next. Love is how we see you. Love is how we wish for you to understand to see each other. Love is helping you right now, lift higher into a relaxed state of being, it is how the Heavens were made, the Earth. The skies, the water, the mountains around you, the volcanoes. The Earth is fashioned with love and all of its inhabitants as well. We angels wish to impart on you your loving ways are noticed , both in Heaven and on Earth. Whatever you shall forgive, will be forgiven in Heaven. Whatever you shall love, will be uplifted within your presence. Love is what uplifts. Peace is the outcome. Peace is how you shall live when you listen to our words. Love is not an emotion, but a presence unto itself. Love is stronger than any human emotion. Love is stronger than the universe itself. Love is stronger than any human can possibly see with their human eyes. Love can help you fashion your life, co-create with God the Father who loves you unconditionally. No human can love like the Heavenly Father can. We angels lift you now, in harmony with us, with our light and our love , helping you to lift your hearts now and always.

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