Love is Healing 

Guardian angel 3

Spiritual Healing is a little like emotional healing, but spiritual healing happens on a soul level, in addition to helping the emotions or mental body uplift. Love is always the answer in healing. Loving yourself, loving a loved one, forgiveness where needed, all can lift the spirit. The angels encourage forgiveness, for forgiveness is an act of love. It is with God’s mercy that all have been forgiven, and this is why Jesus has spoken these words ” Forgive one another as the Heaven Father forgives you”- for with mercy, there is love. With gratitude, there is love. Love spoken expands. Truth spoken expands. Love in truth, is all there is, and peace is knowing this. When the angels assist with a spiritual healing, St. Michael will sever cords of discord- replacing it with the pure loving loving light of God, because love is what heals. Divine love is different, in the sense that Divine Love is holy and perfect- and loves you more than you know. The Holy Spirit will help you love like no other. Jesus is the Holy Living Word, who sent the Holy Spirit  when he went to Heaven. He asked God to send the Holy Spirit to everyone- who helps us understand the love the Father has for us. In that , there is healing. Where there is Love, Holy Love- there is no suffering  there is no pain.

Feel this love now- allow yourself to sit in a relaxed position, asking God to send His love to your heart. Open your heart to Him as you ask and ask God to love you. This is something that is normal and God does every day. Ask Him to fill the areas that need forgiveness with His Love, the areas in your heart that need to forgive others, the areas in your mind that need to love yourself. Ask God to help you love, unconditionally- as He loves you- as the Father loves the Son- so also  He loves you. That is Truth and this will expand in your heart, and glow brighter this day. Every time you read this , you can ask God again and again to help you love. I promise you, God within your heart will respond with a resounding yes! God is omnipresent and is in your heart daily- and is within the heart of others. Love Is what heals , love is what magnifies love, love is all there is. You can ask God now for His love, now and always. And so it is beloved- we thank you for allowing us to lift you- and so it is , amen amen , amen 

The Healing Angels with the Angel Team 

Uplifting with the Angels 

St. Michael

You can uplift with the angels anytime you feel  upset, moody, sad, unhappy or fatigued by asking the angels to help you uplift. St. Michael the Archangel is happy to help you do this. Simply sit in a comfortable and relaxed position, and invite in your angels and St. Michael, St. Raphael if healing is needed, to surround you and your loved ones in your home, or wherever you are siting ( if in an office). Ask the angels to help you uplift to your natural state of joy, love and peace. Breathe deeply as St. Michael will help you remove anything you may have absorbed from others, any negativity, any thoughts or emotions that have been in err. Just stay focused on releasing all of it to St. Michael the Archangel until you feel the negativity is all gone. He will remove all of it with his Sacred Vacuum Tube and replace it with the Pure Light of God. If healing is needed, ask St. Raphael to be with you now. Ask him to surround you with his bright green emerald healing light, and feel this light permeate every cell. This will help balance your system and chakras automatically, leaving you feeling refreshed. envision your elf with perfect health of body if needed. It doesn’t matter how long you have been feeling ill, focus on perfect health of body now and do this often beloved. Ask St. Raphael to be with you in this moment, helping you obtain perfect health of body.  Listen for any guidance steps you receive , for it is important you follow these as soon as you receive them if needed. Thank the angels , the Archangels for this uplifting and know you are blessed and loved unconditionally. In Jesus Name and So it is. 

The Archangels with the Healing Angels and your own Guardian Angels

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