Soul Mates and Twin Flames


The soul mate angels and the romance angels would like to share a message on the topic of soul mates and twin flames:

Greetings! There are many soul mates incarnated together at this time in history . This is because this happens to be a time in History when soul mates can work together for the greater good as one family. There are many soul mates within one’s life. One can be a spouse, a parent ( or both!), a sibling, a friend ( or two!),  a roommate, or even someone you have known for a short time who has helped your life in miraculous ways. This is how you know they are your soul group, your soul family. For all soul mates have come to bring peace and to help the world, fulfill their life purpose, and help others do the same. If you would like to be surrounded with soul mates, focus on or ask the angels to help bring you  together. There are many that would love to share a good friendship with their soul mates and soul family. A soul mate is easy to get along with and has the similar interests , such as healing the earth, healing people, healing animals, counsel, green environment, fair trade, humanity, love, joy , peace. Continue reading “Soul Mates and Twin Flames”

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