World Angel Healing Exercise Registration

World Angel Channeled Healing Exercise In the Holy Spirit
Angel Zoom Registration Information below

Welcome ALL! Whether you are a healer, are asking for healing for yourself or another, or for any reason – register below !
Held LIVE  Every Saturday at 10am
Channeled in the Holy Spirit from the Healing Angels with the Guardian
Angels of All Who Register, The Archangels: St. Michael, St. Raphael, St. Gabriel, and more! With One Million Peaceful Protection Angels

ANNOUNCEMENT ***There will not be a LIVE Zoom Meeting for the World Angel Healing Channeled Exercise on the morning of Saturday June 5th I apologize for any inconvenience!  However! Sign up thereafter or before below!
There are previously recorded World Angel Healing Exercises on this very page you can listen to anytime! Scroll down below to find and partake in the previously recorded World Angel Healing Exercises in the Holy Spirit.
Thank you! 

Thank you and May God Bless all healing in His Mighty Presence and May God Stretch His Mighty Hand over every area you are asking, as you place all healing in the Sacred Heart of the Lord in the Holy Spirit!
In Jesus Name!*****

Join the Angels Every Saturday Morning at 10am MDT
(Mountain Time Zone USA) 

For A World Healing Channeled Angel Exercise
led by Angel Channel- Yvette Celes
 Register for the LIVE angel channeled World Healing Exercise below! Held LIVE by donation, or listen to the archives (below) for free!

As Yvette Celes channels the angels and Archangels in the Holy Spirit
in this loving and Heavenly Peace-filled , high vibrational World Healing Angel Exercise; the angels and Archangels will guide all who listen
in an Angel Channeled World Healing Exercise!

REGISTER each week for the LIVE World Angel Healing Channeled Exercise LIVE  on Zoom (Audio Angel Zoom Meeting)  by donation every Saturday Morning  below! 

“In truth, you can ask for healing anytime you wish, and lift this beloved into God’s Hands. Asking God is always welcomed! In this meeting, we will lift you in an Angel Embrace; lift your light body; clear from burden, any worry or concern; and as you are asking for healing, God is listening! As you are willing beloved, ask Jesus and God Himself, to heal every area of your situation, or that on behalf of another. For as you do beloved, God Hears you always and He Loves you! Jesus also welcomes you to Him, for He is One in the Father and in the Holy Spirit! Jesus is with you and will always understand what is needed to heal every situation and knows why you are asking. You are very loved beloved, lift all matters now into God’s Hands! God is listening and He loves you beloved, and all you are asking on behalf of. You are holy beloved. And we are here. We love you. and so it is, amen, amen, amen.” ~channeled from the Healing Angels in the Holy Spirit

***NEW !***
**NEW ** Channeled Divine Healing Exercise with Jesus 
Channeled from the Healing Angels also available!
See below 🙂
Listen here to the 
Divine Healing with Jesus-
channeled from the Healing Angels 




Held by donation of any size! You can register for any upcoming Saturday, and as you are able, you can donate below!
To register for the World Angel Channeled Healing Exercise
each week simply donate below! Held LIVE by donation of any kind!
World Angel Channeled  Healing Exercise, donate below!
With each weekly donation of any size, you will be auto directed to a current Zoom Link Registration Page, or you can register “first “- by using the Zoom Link below for a “I’d rather to donate after the World Angel Healing Exercise” or “I am not able to donate at this time” option- which are both perfectly okay! (See Zoom Link Below) 

Join the Angel Zoom Meeting channeled from the Healing Angels; with St. Gabriel and St. Michael and the Peaceful Protections angels and Heavenly Host, with the Guardian Angels of all who register LIVE
weekly every Saturday morning at 10 am MST!
Held weekly by donation of any kind

Donate Button****Registration Instructions****
After donating, Pay Pal will auto direct you to the current
Zoom Registration Page for the World Healing Exercise. This may take a few seconds to re-direct. If you are not auto-directed within two minutes to a Zoom Registration Page, please DO email Yvette at:
(Include your name in your email and let Yvette know you had donated, but were not re-directed by Pay pal to the Registration page for the upcoming world Angel Healing Channeled Exercise- Yvette will be happy to email you the Zoom Link)
All Donations will be for the upkeep of the World Healing Angel Channeled Exercises and a small portion of each donation will be donated to a world wide food charity, guided by the angels,  that will assist in feeding the families who are in need of such assistance 

If you prefer to donate after the LIVE World Angel Healing Exercise or if you are not able to donate at this time use this link to register in advance for this
Angel Zoom meeting here:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

I humbly thank you for your interest! It is an honor and may all healing Glorify God in the Highest, and His Son Jesus in the Holy Spirit!

Angels in Heaven
Donate Button

*The angels are not limited by time, space and/or the laws of physics, and can be with everyone simultaneously. The angels honor the Will of God -and God always Wills for Healing. For as it is written, ‘For God, all things are possible’ in the book of  Matthew 19:26. “Lift all matters into God’s Hands for Healing, asking for the Most High, Father, Son, Holy Spirit  who loves you and is with you and He always will be to lift all worry first and lift every concern into His Hands. This can include finances,healing  of body, mind,or emotion, a situation,  or on   behalf of a loved one or another person you are asking on behalf of. Healing will always occur as you are willing to lift this into God’s Hands. God is the True Healer with His Son Jesus and in the Holy Spirit of God, you are blessed, loved, Eternally held and God is listening!   Lift everyone  beloved  into God’s Hands for God Loves as  you come to Him in faith. We are the healing angels and archangels-we love you and so it is!
angels in Heaven

The angels remind all that Jesus is always with you and so is God the Father, in Love and in His Goodness. And there is nothing higher than that of God the Heavenly Father, His Son Jesus the Christ, and that of His Holy Spirit. “Ask God and Jesus to be with you or whomever you are asking on behalf of. There is always healing and as you ask for the Divine Heavenly Father, and His Son in the Holy Spirit, this is Divine Healing and God Loves as you ask for Him beloved for all matters! We are here and we love you! And so it is, we are the healing angels of God whom God sends for you now!” And so it is, amen, amen, amen.” 

(all Glory goes to God for any healing)



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  1. Thank you ! You are the blessing and give us hope !!! I feel like you are my long lost fun inspiring childhood friend. Hugs and love


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