Episode 13 -John 14:23-29 "My Peace Be With You" Lifting Our Hearts to Jesus! Podcast

Jesus Loves us! He is with us and will always hear us, be with us, love us, and invites us all to receive Him fully in the Eucharist, His own Body and Blood that is available in every Catholic Mass! If you haven’t received the Eucharist, register! And make haste to register, in your local Catholic Parish for the Sacramental Prep Classes that are available for all family members! For ALL belong to Jesus! This I have received in the Holy Spirit, and in Jesus’ Name, amen! May God BLESS all and their families, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!
  1. Episode 13 -John 14:23-29 "My Peace Be With You"
  2. Episode 12- John 8:1-11 – "Neither Do I Condemn You"
  3. Episode 11 -Luke 6:39-45 “A Good Tree”
  4. Luke 6:27-38 "Do To Others As You Would Have Them Do To You"
  5. Luke 2:22-38 "The Presentation in the Temple"

Episode 43- Luke 2:41-51 "The Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary" The LIVE Bible Study in the Holy Spirit

REJOICE for Jesus came for everyone! As we celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we read from the Luke 2:41-51 "The Finding of Jesus in the Temple." How wonderful it is to adore the Savior, who came for everyone in the world! Let's all make haste to act on His Holy and Living Word and May God Bless you and your family! A Holy Invitation is in every Podcast to receive the Body and blood of our Lord, the Heavenly Banquet know as the Eucharist! Jesus welcomes all to receive Him! In Jesus' Name, amen.
  1. Episode 43- Luke 2:41-51 "The Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary"
  2. Episode 42- Matthew 1:16,18-21, 24a -The Solemnity of St. Joseph
  3. Episode 41 -Matthew 5:43-48 "Love Your Enemies"
  4. Episode 40- Mark 10:13-16 "Let the Children Come to Me"
  5. Episode 39 Mk 9:2-13 "The Transfiguration of the Lord"

The Solemnity of The Ascension of the Lord- Matthew 28:16-20 “Make Disciples of All Nations” Holy Family Daily Gospel Reflection

JESUS CAME FOR EVERYONE! Let's Adore the Lord and Praise His Name in every moment as we all lift our hearts to Jesus, and invite the Lord to guide our hearts and minds in His Holy Presence! Jesus came for all in the world! Jesus loves as we open His Gospel, read His Living Word with our family and share with all in our family and all we meet! As we act on the Living Word of the Lord, the Living Word of the Lord shapes us, nourishes us, and prepares every heart to hear, and strengthens us to act! Jesus invites all to receive Him in the Body and Blood of His Eucharist! To register and receive the very Body and Blood of our Lord, contact your local Catholic Parish and sign up for the Sacramental Prep Classes – and bring the family! The Glorious Call of the Lord is for all! ALL are welcome to register to receive the Sacraments of Jesus, for He gave His Body for everyone to partake in! Welcome one, welcome all and come to Mass! This I have received in the Holy Spirit, for all who read! In Jesus Name! May God Bless you and your family!Holy Mary, Mother ofGod, Pray for us!St.Joseph, pray for us! All Holy Angels and Saints in Heaven, pray for us!
  1. The Solemnity of The Ascension of the Lord- Matthew 28:16-20 “Make Disciples of All Nations”
  2. The Memorial of Our Lady of Fatima- Luke 11: 27-28 "Blessed Are Those"
  3. Friday of the 5th Week of Easter- John 15: 12 -17 "Love One Another As I Love You"
  4. Thursday of the 5th Week of Easter- John 15: 9-11 "Remain in My Love"
  5. Wednesday of the Fifth Week of Easter – John 15: 1-8 "Remain In Me"

Episode 14- Intentions for Parents, Divine Mercy, Holy Spirit to Guide, Healing For all Asking Sacred Heart Healing and Prayer Podcast

May all Glory be to God! Let's pray the Sacred Heart Prayer together! Rejoice in the Lord! For the Graces of Our Lord are for everyone! Jesus welcomes all to receive His Eucharist which is HIs Body and His Blood that was given as Jesus laid His Life down for us all. You can register to receive the Lord in the Eucharistic Celebration, that is transubstantiated in every Catholic Mass daily, by contacting your local Catholic Parish and registering for the sacramental Prep Classes available for all family members! ALL can receive the Eucharist which is the actual Body and Blood that gives life for our bodies! In Jesus' Name, Amen.
  1. Episode 14- Intentions for Parents, Divine Mercy, Holy Spirit to Guide, Healing For all Asking
  2. Episode 13 -Prayers For Metanoia, For All To Receive the Eucharist, For All Dads
  3. Episode 12 -For Living Water, Graduates, Conversion of Russia, Asking For the Holy Spirit
  4. Episode11- Conversion For Russia/Ukraine, For all To Receive their Sacraments, and Attend Mass Faithfully
  5. Episode 10- Asking for the Love of God to Pour Through All, For the Holy Spirit, and for the Graces of the Lord

Holy Family Bible Study Liturgy
A Bible Liturgy for the whole family! All families welcome!

Episode 15- For Turkey/Syria, Conversion of Sinners, Those That Are Dying Divine Mercy Family Chaplet Podcast

Jesus loves for all to come before him, to reconcile every heart to the Lord, spend time in His Presence, and as we use the Divine Mercy Chaplet, let's all pray for those who may not love, may not praise and may not adore the Glorious Lord Jesus Christ! Praying for Healing Ukraine and Conversion for Russia, offering the Chaplet as Penance as Mother Mary asked of us all! May God Bless all Divine Mercy Apostles and our families! In Jesus' Name, amen.
  1. Episode 15- For Turkey/Syria, Conversion of Sinners, Those That Are Dying
  2. Episode 14-For All Families, Conversion of Every Nation, Plunging All in the Wounds of Our Lord
  3. Episode 13-For Those Who May Not Love the Lord, Holy Souls, Overturning of Roe vs Wade
  4. Episode 12- For All Passing, Healing Ukraine, Conversion for Russia, Our Families
  5. Episode 11-For Conversion Ukraine-Russia, All Children, For All to Receive the Lord

Holy Week – Sorrowful Mysteries – For Penance, Conversion of Heart and Mind, and Healing Holy Family Rosary Podcast

Offering our Rosaries for Penance and Peace in every Nation this Lent. Praying for Coversion of Russia, Turkey,Syria,Ukraine- Mother Mary Pray for us! Praying for every country who may not love, praise, adore , believe, hope, trust and immerse themselves in the Lord! Special Intention as we lift our Rosary which is a Spiritual Sword over all of us, for every country. Praying for all to turn to Jesus, for that is what Mother Mary prays for the most! This episode also features the Seven Dolors of Mary alng with the Litany to Our Lady of Seven Sorrows throughout Lent. Jesus, we trust in you! Oh Blood and water which gushed forth from the heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us I trust in you! May God bless every family and all children in the world! You are on ur Rosary! May God BLESS you and your family! In Jesus' Name, amen!
  1. Holy Week – Sorrowful Mysteries – For Penance, Conversion of Heart and Mind, and Healing
  2. Sorrowful Mysteries- For Conversion of Sinners, Holy Souls, For Graces and Mercy
  3. Eastertide Glorious Mysteries- For Moms, Graduates, Overturning of Roe vs Wade, Conversion of Russia
  4. Sorrowful Mysteries- For Ukraine/Russia, Children/Families, All Displaced by War
  5. Sorrowful Mysteries -Conversion for Ukraine and Russia, Healing Illness, Strength in the Holy Spirit


Readings from November 14, 2021

A Loving Message from the Healing Angels of the Lord in the Holy Spirit:
“In truth, you can ask for healing anytime you wish, and lift this beloved into God’s Hands. Asking God is always welcomed! Ask the Lord to lift your heart in His Presence and lift your hearts to Jesus who loves you!  We are always praying over you and your family!  Lift all concerns, and in every area of your life, give thanks to the Lord for He is Good !   We will lift you in an Angel Embrace always! As you are asking for healing, God is listening!  Place every detail of healing into the Lord’s Sacred Heart, and as you do, place all those in your family, those asking for healing around you and all in the world into the Sacred Heart of the Lord.  Jesus loves as all come to Him! He welcomes all to Him! 
As I ask in the Holy Spirit, this has been given to me from the healing angels:
“Bless be the Lord! And Holy is HIs Name! His Presence is the Healing you seek in every matter! Seek the Lord fully we say, for as the Lord is with  you always, He is always listening! Shift every area of your own heart, your healing, your lives in His Presence by asking the Lord to shift every are of you life in His Holy Spirit! We will always lift your heart as you ask, to assist as we have been sent by God to do so! Jesus is with  you! This is our message; Come to the Lord, and seek Him fully! For the Lord loves as  you do! For Holy is His Name!  For as it is written: 
Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart; and you will find rest for yourselves. For my yoke is easy, and my burden light.
In the Gospel of Matthew 11: 28-30. Jesus is with you! The Lord loves all in the world!
He loves those who seek Him, He welcomes all to Him, He will always welcome all in the world, for all belong to the Lord! The Lord is listening and He Loves all!
Come to the Heavenly Banquet of the Lord! The Holy Sacraments of the Lord that are offered in the Catholic Church are always offered for all, as you seek the lord, He is well pleased! Jesus loves all in the world! This is His message for all as you lift your hearts into His onw Heart, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, He is welcoming you, and you and all you love, and all in the world, are already there! Trust in the Lord with all  of your heart and seek Him fully in every detail and place all in your own family into His Heart, for He is with you! 
May the Love of God and His Son Jesus, who are one in the Holy Spirit, shine in us all, lifting our hearts to the Lord in the Highest, as we serve one another in His  Holy Presence!

Thank you for listening and sharing the Podcasts! It is always my prayer that more hearts know and love Jesus, for He loves all and is Lord of all in the world ! No donation is required ever, for all Glory goes to God always! Jesus welcomes all to Him now and always! The angels are in constant prayer over us all before the Heavenly Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit!
Prayer is always welcomed for al in the world, and all who listen to the Podcasts! Let’s pray for each other before God!

angels in Heaven

The angels remind all that Jesus is always with you and so is God the Father, in Love and in His Goodness. And there is nothing higher than that of God the Heavenly Father, His Son Jesus the Christ, and that of His Holy Spirit.
“Ask God and Jesus to be with you or whomever you are asking on behalf of. There is always healing and as you ask for the Divine Heavenly Father, and His Son in the Holy Spirit, this is Divine Healing and God Loves as you ask for Him beloved for all matters! We are here and we love you! And so it is, we are the healing angels of God whom God sends for you now!” And so it is, amen, amen, amen.” 

(all Glory goes to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for all healing)



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  1. Thank you ! You are the blessing and give us hope !!! I feel like you are my long lost fun inspiring childhood friend. Hugs and love


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