Soul Mates and Twin Flames 


The soul mate angels and the romance angels would like to share a message on the topic of soul mates and twin flames:

Greetings! There are many soul mates incarnated together at this time in history . This is because this happens to be a time in History when soul mates can work together for the greater good as one family. There are many soul mates within one’s life. One can be a spouse, a parent ( or both!), a sibling, a friend ( or two!),  a roommate, or even someone you have known for a short time who has helped your life in miraculous ways. This is how you know they are your soul group, your soul family. For all soul mates have come to bring peace and to help the world, fulfill their life purpose, and help others do the same. If you would like to be surrounded with soul mates, focus on or ask the angels to help bring you  together. There are many that would love to share a good friendship with their soul mates and soul family. A soul mate is easy to get along with and has the similar interests , such as healing the earth, healing people, healing animals, counsel, green environment, fair trade, humanity, love, joy , peace.
A soul mate is uplifting and has high vibrational energy around them. Some have vibrant personalities that you are attracted to or have similar qualities yourself.  A soul mate is someone who has incarnated with you many times, and has played different roles in your lives together. All soul mates love each other on a soul level unconditionally. The love is strong, as it is with a twin flame. 

A Twin flame is of your soul group, but has the same harmonious light and high vibration as you do. They are your twin energetically , and many twin flames ( although not all ) are more and more incarnating together. This would be a perfect union. This will always remain throughout eternity. There are many soul mates, but only one Twin Flame. Listen to your heart dear one, listen for the Twin Flame energy of the other. They are near. Even if they haven’t incarnated at the same time as you have, they will be right there with you, as a guide in the higher realms , in Heaven, watching over you and loving you, like the angels. 

If you feel your twin flame has indeed incarnated with you, and if you are single, and would like to meet your twin flame, ask the angels to help you with arranging a meeting between you and your twin flame. It would be best if the two of you were single for this exercise. Some , have married their twin flame and are deeply in love. Some have married soul mates, from their soul family. These relationships are wonderful and bring a lot of love , fun and have similar interests. It is if the two twin flames are twins- for that is what you appear to be when together ( or apart ). Not all twin flames have incarnated together. There have been many twin flames that have incarnated throughout history, however there are more than now there ever has been in the past.  Now, is a special time when more and more people are coming to help the Earth uplift and change for the highest good.

Whatever you situation , know that soul mates and twin flames are loving, and understand each other significantly more than others seem to.

If you feel guided ~ See your self now surrounded with your soul mates – maybe you may work together on a specific life purpose, meet during classes and seminars, become the best of friends and coach each other through life. If you are single, or in a healthy relationship, perhaps you can meet those of your spiritual family while serving in a church setting, a ministry, a vocation. The angels are not limited and can arrange to surround you with soul mates however the reason. Ask the angels if you feel guided, to help you reconnect with those of your spiritual family who have incarnated in the present time with you.

Whether in a relationship or single, you can always ask to speak the guardian angels of your (future or current) soul mate spouse simply by intending it. You can write your soul mate’s angels (and yours) a letter about either helping you and your future spouse arrange a meeting, or if in a relationship about a current situation you may wish their help about. Soul mate angels are always willing to help resolve situations within your current relationship if necessary. or help you plan a future event with your spouse, and so forth. Ask in writing a letter , or you can think it~ when you intend on speaking to the angels, I assure you, they can hear your thoughts and also hear your words if spoken. This is not limited to a relationship with a spouse, but can also be done with a parent or sibling or friend. The angels are always happy to help in this area. 🙂 ! There are Archangels (there are several) but in particular Archangel Raguel and Archangel Chamuel who can help in this area as well. Both Archangels help to connect soul mate relationships, Archangel Chamuel helps you find what you are seeking, and Archangel Raguel, helping with soul mate relationships with the soul mate angels- bringing order, peace, forgiveness, calm and harmony to situations; and helping to heal misunderstandings. The Romance angels are like cherubs, helping you to find the right romantic partner (soul mate ) you are seeking and arranging for the two of you to meet or helping a current relationship rekindle their love. You need only ask. Pay attention to insight you may receive by asking, either as an “inner knowing” , a peaceful feeling or message or song, a butterfly or hummingbird (which is a sign that the angels are with you), a vision or an angel voice (which is unmistakable with their loving high vibration) or insight in a dream.

Additionally , you can also pray to the Heavenly Father about a current relationship, if one needs mending (God can speak to the your hearts like no one else can) asking for a peaceful resolve, or if single, asking God to help you find a Godsend (soul mate or Twin Flame) spouse, for a long term relationship that you both will enjoy:)

The Angel Realm- Soul mate angels  and Romance angels

In Jesus Name, Namaste and Angel Blessings !

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