A Channeled Message from the Archangels 


Blessed be God forever! Blessed to all who hear. This is the Archangels and we are here beloved to lift your heart now and help you grow on this day. Grow in peace, in love and in joy. Peaceful blessings are upon you beloved. We are here to help you shift your awareness to God Himself who loves you beloved. May peace be with you always, and may you remember that we are always here to help you with this. We say to you this beloved, ask for what you need from God . For God can see why you are coming to Him and knows who He is going to use. He knows the exact and precise moment beloved, of His answers, for they go before Him. He sends out His answers beloved and they return to Him tenfold. Shift your awareness then beloved, to the Highest. God is overseeing your life, your loved ones, your families. He has gifted these to you beloved- each family member, each friend are all gifts from God. Give thanks for those you love everyday. Give thanks to God beloved in every day, thanking Him eternally for all He has done. You are blessed, you are one with God’s Holy and Perfect Love and Peace, and you are wanted, you are cared for. You, beloved, are a sweet libation and may your words be made of love and honey. 

Let us give thanks to God always. 

Trust in your heart, and know that God does hear you. Know this beloved as Truth. Pray with faith and ask for God’s love now to help you make decisions, make choices. Pray with faith about your life, your future endeavors. Pray beloved to God and allow God to handle everything. 

Shift your focus now beloved to your heart. Here, we will help you focus on God’s Divine and Eternal Love. Ask for God to pour His love to you. Ask for God to help you in all ways. Shift your awareness to Heaven. We will give to you a Heavenly passageway, of Peace, of Love and of Joy. We will lift your heart to the vibration of love and joy and peace. We will help shift your heart beloved, anytime you wish. Ask the Archangels who love you the most to please help you shift your awareness to this Heavenly Passageway of Peace anytime you wish to feel peace beloved. Ask for us and we will be with you -in great number. We are always happy you asked. May the peace of God be with you. and so it is, amen, amen, amen. 

The Archangels 

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