Insight and an Angel Light Exercise with the Chakras

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Insight and an Angel Light Exercise with the Chakras:

An angel team of angels and archangels offered a guided meditation that helps to increase clarity and focus. This can be for beginners or advanced and is great for everyone, to assist in receiving your own intuitive guidance from the angels and archangels . For they have offered an ” angel light exercise” for everyone. This can help you increase awareness of the messages being delivered to you through insight.

The Holy Spirit is unlimited in the way He can speak to you. God is truly not limited. However this exercise provides clarity and focus, insight and healing. This can also be done to increase wellness, help you feel your best and helps you recognize your own listening abilities to Heavenly Guidance. Which is with you every day.

The Angels always like to pray first and give thanks to God for all things (even chakra cleansing!).  You can even ask for guidance from the Angels or  your Highest Self ( the spirit self who is in Heaven , with God and Jesus) for clarity of answer for something that is going on in your life and as you are doing this cleanse, notice the feelings, insight or “knowing” ~or if you see visions, there may be a vision with the answer, or colors can often help you if you have been feeling moody or depressed. The main thing is that you are cleansing for clarity for insight and daily routine.

First, sit in a comfortable and relaxed position and ask the angel team to surround you that works with clearing chakras. There will be many so you should feel uplifted for this guided angel of light exercise. then ask the angel team working with chakras to help cleanse and balance each chakra by focusing on one chakra  at a time. each chakra will be a  different color and each one has a different purpose. This first chakra is located at the base of your spine . this is called chakra 1 and the color is red. Focus on the base of your spine and ask the angel team to help you clear this chakra by focusing on a bright red color. wait until you feel the chakra glowing bright red before you move on to  the next chakra. The 2nd chakra is orange and this chakra is located beneath you belly button, focus on this chakra becoming bright orange . then move to the next chakra which is chakra 3 , and is located beneath the sternum and is the color yellow. wait until you feel the chakra grow bright yellow before moving to chakra 4 which is located adjacent to your heart and is the color emerald green. wait until the is  chakra grows bright emerald green.This chakra should feel “open” when it is cleansed . this is the chakra that connects you to Heaven and to the angels . this is the chakra in which the Holy Spirit sends his message for claircognizance , meaning “inner knowing” if this chakra is clear, you will feel uplifted in your heart. then move to chakra 5, which is located in the indentation of your throat. this chakras is a bright blue . wait until you feel this chakra growing a bright blue this is the chakra of speaking your truth and also speaking truthfully . Honesty and kind words are important and when this chakra feels bright blue you can move to chakra 6 , which is located between your eyebrows. when this chakra is open you will feel a sensation in your forehead, (that is the opening of the mind’s eye) this chakra helps you develop clairvoyance, which is clear seeing and is the seat of intuition. this opening provides for clear insight to higher understanding . This chakra is bright purple or indigo. Wait until you feel this chakra grow bright purple before moving on to the clairaudient chakras. These chakras are small and are located at the end of each eyebrow facing toward the outside of your head . These chakras are bright violet and are important because they provide clear hearing for the angel realm. When these are open, you will feel a soft energy at your temples. The angels know how to cleanse each one so do not feel as if you are doing something wrong. They are happy to help. Then move on to the 7th chakra .This chakra is known as the crown chakra and is located at the top of your head and is the color white or ultra violet light. Just wait until you feel this chakra is brilliant white. You will feel an angelic tingle when this chakra is open . This is the chakra that connects you to your soul. This is the seat of Divine connection, which connects you to the Highest self , which is always one with God. Use this cleanse daily until you feel each chakras clear. this is important for all angel intuitives and light workers and everyone who would like to focus on their higher self  for assistance in life purpose, clarity , focus, higher intention, highest outcome possible. These chakras should be cleansed and brightened daily , as you would do regular exercise . These chakras help you to feel your best and connects to each organ and endocrine, nervous system , bones and cells. This is why holistic healing is so important . By cleansing these chakras , you will feel uplifted and asking the angels to help will help you feel closer to Heaven, which is what we all pray for…”on Earth as it is in Heaven” . By asking the angels to help you , you are sure to uplift even if you cannot imagine the colors exact , the angels  will know how much light to send to cleanse each one and will help the color frequency for beginners. This will help you to focus and eventually , you will begin to see with clear insight. Practice this daily and use this often to connect with the angels. You should feel uplifted after each chakra and if you didnt , dont worry , just ask the angels to help you to feel uplifted, I assure you, they know what they are doing. 

Many are asking to connect with the angels and how to hear your angels and this is a good start in opening your chakras to be able to communicate with the angels. As always , to connect with the angels, you need only intend it by thinking  ” I wish to connect with the angel realm” or by asking ” Will my angels please surround me with their love” and rest assured, they will certainly do just that, for it is the Father’s will that the angels connect with us because they are always with us. This is a grace from God and should only be done with love and gratitude. The angels do not want to be praised , if you hear the angels voices, they always want you to only praise the Heavenly Father and you need only thank them in gratitude for helping. For the angels are always happy to surround you with their love anytime and always.

With love from the Angel Team who work with Chakra Cleansing

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