Positive Vibrations

Guardian angels

Positivity is helpful in any circumstance- this is well known by many. This is a time on Earth where your positivity will help the world shift into a healthier vibrational frequency. This is different than gamma rays – positive vibration will increase your well being, your health, your friends, your family affairs. Positive thinking is more than just thoughts. It is a way of thinking that helps everyone around you. Positive thoughts has its own vibration in itself. Positive thinking will help raise the vibrational frequency of others around you- just by staying positive- you automatically attract positive outcomes to every situation. Think of a situation , lift any concerns to God first, pray always- then say” I am one with the highest possible solution for this situation” In this way, you are helping the situation by announcing out loud a positive outcome is inevitable. In this day and age- you are manifesting at a faster rate than ever before – and are helping those around you just by thinking positively. Prayer helps of course, and is more powerful than positive thoughts or affirmations. Pray first for the highest possible outcome for any given situation. Lift any concern to Heaven- ask for St. Michael to guide you in releasing any worry or fear based thought to help focus on the highest possible outcome. And think to yourself. “I am not one with the highest possible outcome always. The highest possible outcome is what will manifest now and always for all concerned.” Affirm this loudly if you like. Affirm often and as much as you like. Prayer is what helps you connect with God the Father, Christ His Son – and knowing this is so is what will help you affirm positively.

Giving positive vibrations is easy- it is what you given when you love, when there is peace, when you have a loving moment of course. Focus on the Most High for a moment or two. Lift up your heart to God and ask God to help you shift your thinking – to guide your thoughts more positively. This will help with any situation rest assured, and asking God for His guidance is recommended for health and in any circumstance. There is never a need for concern and do not let your heart worry or be troubled – for you are blessed. We lift you , cleansing you of any worry or negativity, helping you to lift your thoughts higher, to a natural state of love  and peace. This will feel high vibrational to those who are sensitive. Just breathe and ask St. Michael to be with you, clearing away any thoughts of worry, err in thinking, or and effects from any fear based thoughts- for they are simply illusion. Focus on the love that surrounds you daily. Focus on the peace of others rather than the opposite. You will soon begin to notice that the positive outcomes are with you always. Just breathe and ask the angels to help you release form any fear based thoughts now and always. We lift you. And so it is , amen, amen, amen.

~The Angeles with the Angel Team ~

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